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Reviews of the owners of "Ford Focus 2" (restyling): specifications and photos

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Reviews of the owners of "Ford Focus 2" (restyling): specifications and photos
Reviews of the owners of "Ford Focus 2" (restyling): specifications and photos

Reviews from the owners of the Ford Focus 2, which was restyled in 2008, indicate that the car received a number of innovative products that consumers liked. They determined the consolidation of the car in the leaders of the mid-size "passenger cars". Next, consider the characteristics of the second generation, as well as customer reviews.

Image"Ford Focus 2" (restyling)
Image"Ford Focus 2" (restyling)

General information

Restyling "Ford Focus 2" (reviews from the owners confirm this) significantly influenced the perception of cars in this class. An additional proof of this is the receipt of the “Car of the Year” prize. In addition, this model has received several dozen awards in Europe, and has also proven itself positively in the markets of Asia and America.

The Ford Focus 2 went on sale in 2007 (three- and five-door hatchbacks). A year later, the lineup was replenished with a station wagon, a sedan, a convertible and a sports version marked ST. The main innovations touched the grille and bumper, as well as the mainbody characteristics. As a result, the world saw almost a different car. It is noteworthy that the trend characteristic of the company, known as “kinetic design”, was taken as the basis.


According to the reviews of the owners of "Ford Focus 2", restyling of the interior has led to an improvement in the quality characteristics of materials and the level of comfort. The most noticeable changes are in the trim:

  • soft door panels;
  • improved instrument cluster;
  • reinforced B-pillar.

In addition, the power window buttons and rear-view mirror controls have been updated. The "luxury" modifications provide upholstery made of genuine leather and blue tinted glass.

The redesigned center console, called "Premium", features increased functionality and original design. It is available in standard equipment of expensive models, for budget performance - optionally. The console is equipped with a glove compartment, cup holders, rubber mats, a coin box and a card holder. In the back of it there is a socket, a compartment for things. There is a button to start the car without a key near the gear lever.

Front panel "Ford Focus 2"
Front panel "Ford Focus 2"

Luggage compartment

According to the reviews of the owners, the trunk volume after the restyling of the Ford Focus 2 became the largest in the sedan and station wagon (467 and 465 liters). Similar figures for the hatchback and convertible were 282 and 248 liters, respectively.

Despite not the most capacious cargo compartment, more often than others innow it is hatchbacks that are being purchased. In this, by the way, sports models are also produced. Users note that they are attracted by the original exterior of these cars.

Technological innovations

In the reviews of the owners about the restyling of the "Ford Focus 2" (1.8 l), the introduction of many new features is noted:

  • Easyfuel system that counteracts refueling the vehicle with poor quality fuel;
  • play MP-3 files;
  • voice control;
  • connect to the multimedia system of various gadgets using the SD card slot, USB port, 3.5 mm jack;
  • bluetooth connection;
  • 5-inch navigation system monitor.
Photo "Ford Focus 2"
Photo "Ford Focus 2"


One of the main advantages, judging by the owners' feedback on the restyling of the Ford Focus 2 hatchback, is an uncompromising position in terms of security. The car has an intelligent protection system, six airbags. The standard equipment of the car includes an ESP unit, a traction controller, automatic activation of the rear light elements during emergency braking.

In addition, an optional level of tire pressure control is offered. From its predecessors, the car inherited the ABS system, an improved safety capsule. Such a serious kit allowed the Ford Focus 2 car to get five stars in the EuroNCAP rating. Expensive models have AFS functions,halogen optics, quick windshield heating, xenon lighting elements.

Auto "Ford Focus 2"
Auto "Ford Focus 2"


As evidenced by the reviews of the owners, the restyled "Ford Focus 2" (1.4 l) and versions with other engines significantly improved not only the external parameters of the car. There is an increase in handling comfort, as well as a decrease in the noise level in the cabin. The efficiency and dynamics of a manual transmission is not inferior to versions with automatic transmission.

The innovative "automatic" type Power Shift has been mounted on cars since 2008, it is a unit with a pair of clutches for five modes. This block comes with 110 and 136 horsepower two-liter diesel powertrains.

It should be noted separately that the owners' reviews of the Ford Focus 2 restyling (1.6 l) with an economical engine indicate that the main task of this "engine" is low fuel consumption with excellent dynamics parameters. The engine power was 109 "horses". Structurally, it is distinguished by the presence of a filter element for retaining soot particles. Fuel consumption in this case is only 4.3 liters per 100 km.

Technical characteristics of the car are presented in the table.

Features Sedan Universal 3-door hatchback 5-door hatchback
Number of doors 4 5 3 5
Seats 5 5 5 5
Trunk volume, l 467


282 282

All vehicles can be equipped with the powertrains listed below.

Features 1, 4 Duratec 1, 6 Duratec 1, 8 Duratec 2, 0 Duratec 1, 6 Duratec Ti-VCR 1, 8 Duratorq TDCi
Fuel gasoline gasoline gasoline gasoline gasoline diesel
Engine displacement, see cub. 1 388 1 596 1 798 1 999 1 596 1 798
Transmission manual, 5-speed 5MT or 4AT mechanical, 5-speed. 5MT or 4AT manual, 5-speed

manual, 5-speed

Power, l. s. 80 100 125 145 115 115
Torque Nm 124 150 165 185 155 280
Maximum speed, km/h 164 180 195 195 190 190
Acceleration time to 100km/h, sec. 14, 1 11, 9 10, 3 9, 2 (for "mechanics") and 10, 7 (for "automatic") 10, 8 10, 8
Ford Focus 2 car
Ford Focus 2 car

Owner reviews about restyling "Ford Focus 2": pros and cons

Owners practically do not make claims to the chassis of the car, if you follow the rules of operation. Among the problems with the engine, only a paired flywheel is noted, which breaks faster than the clutch discs. The gearbox functions clearly even after 6-7 years of use. The electrics also do not raise any particular complaints.

Some users point to a thin layer of paintwork. Nevertheless, it suits many, since over the years of operation there have been no corrosion processes and other troubles.

The owners note that it is possible to further reduce fuel consumption if after several thousandkilometers to carry out chip tuning.

Features when choosing a used car

When buying such a car, you should first examine the motor. It must be clean, without traces of pollution and oil streaks. Another trick that you need to pay attention to is suspicious brightness and shine on open body elements, especially if the car has significant mileage. The best option is to read codes through IDS with a focus on checking the integrity of the catalyst, since its replacement is not cheap.

According to the developers, the main task of the Ford Focus 2 restyling was to create a car that combines real updates of the classic version with the addition of completely new elements. The result is an imposing and original body with clear lines that define the dynamism of the car. In the second generation, Ford approached the trends of the Mondeo and other high-speed members of the family.

Tuning "Ford Focus 2"
Tuning "Ford Focus 2"


The developers have achieved a combination of a beautiful exterior with excellent handling. An additional factor that was appreciated by buyers around the world was the optimal ratio of reasonable price and high quality. The car retained its leadership in its segment due to improved environmental performance and economical fuel consumption. For used models, the price ranges from 300 to 700 thousand rubles, depending on the type of body, mileage and condition of the car.

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