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Makes and models of Czech cars

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Makes and models of Czech cars
Makes and models of Czech cars

If you ask people on the street what they associate with the Czech Republic, many will answer - beautiful, full of romance Prague with Charles Bridge and cobbled narrow streets decorated with flowers. But true connoisseurs of cars (including Czech ones) know that this is Skoda Auto. The automaker produces cars with high technical characteristics, which occupy not the last positions in the ranking of popular vehicles in the world. But there are also other Czech car brands that stand out with some features and have interesting stories of creation and development. Why do most of the inhabitants of our country know only about Skoda?

List of Czech car brands

Skoda Auto is the largest car manufacturer. Models produced by the concern are famous all over the world due to their reliability, durability, good handling and relatively low cost. It is thanks to the ideal price-quality ratio that Skoda has earned its popularity and has been one of the favorites for a long time.stamps in Russia. But Skoda Auto is not the only car brand in the Czech Republic. The country also produces cars under the following brands, less known in our country:

  • Avia;
  • Kaipan;
  • Praga;
  • Tatra.

Skoda - the most popular Czech cars

Czech car

It just so happened that it was Skoda that became a favorite for domestic motorists. The company is the largest in the Czech Republic, created directly on the territory of the republic, and the real pride of the country.

Skoda Auto is the "daughter" of Laurin & Klement, founded in 1895, which, after only 30 years of its existence, has become a giant of mechanical engineering. Since 1930 it was called Akciova Spolecnost pro Automobilovy Prumysl, and during the Second World War it was part of the Nazi automotive company Herman Goring. After the end of the war, it became an independent company called Auto Racing, and only by 1990 returned its former name - Skoda.

Already of good quality, Czech cars of this brand became even better in 1991, when the company was bought out by the VW Group and became the fourth brand in the Volkswagen concern (along with Volkswagen, Seat and Audi). It was after the merger of enterprises and the modernization of production technology that Škoda brand cars became even more popular in the field of mechanical engineering and significantly more famous at the world level.

Skoda produces cars of the following brands:

  1. Superb.
  2. Rapid.
  3. Yeti.
  4. Octavia.
  5. Kodiaq.
  6. Fabia.


Czech car brand

Czech cars of the Avia brand began to be produced in 1967. The most popular were in the CIS countries. These were trucks with an interesting shape, demonstrating the uniqueness of the brand. The name, which is more associated with aircraft, is justified - the company was founded in 1919 as an aviation workshop. After 12 years, it was moved from the suburbs of Prague to Lentany. There, after the end of World War II, the company specialized in assembling Skoda-706R trucks. In addition, buses were created on their basis.

In 1952, the Czech car brand Avia resumed aircraft assembly. Among them were the Soviet "IL-14". But the production was short-lived - after 7 years, production ceased. First, the S5T and V3S trucks manufactured by the Praha automobile plant were transferred to the workshop, and in 1967 an agreement was concluded between Avia and Saviem, according to which the former received the right to assemble the basic models of light delivery vehicles - SG2 and SG4.

Since 2006, the company has been called Avia Ashok Leyland Motors and is part of the Induja holding. Specializes in the production of medium-class trucks with a gross weight of 6 to 12 tons.


Czech passenger car

The company was founded in 1991, but the first model of a Czech passenger car was introduced only in 1997. This is a small company specializing in the production of roadsters (two-seater sports cars without a roof). aimWhen Kaipan was founded, there was a need to expand the Czech car market by adding rare sports cars to it. The first model was produced on the basis of Lotus 7. However, each subsequent model also has similarities with this brand, but Kaipan has a slightly different concept.


Czech cars "Skoda"

The car brand was founded back in 1907. Until 2016, the company specialized in the production of trucks and military equipment. Now Praga has changed direction with the launch of its first passenger car. Yes, not anyhow, but the R1R supercar, the photo of which can be seen above.


Czech car brands: list

This automaker is one of the oldest in the republic (founded in 1850) and second only to Skoda in popularity. Czech Tatra cars are also well known in Russia. In the mid-1980s, the company exported four-wheel drive trucks, and in good volumes. But the frequent change of owners and various kinds of transformations served to reduce the popularity of the Tatra in the Russian market.

The history of the company began with a workshop for the manufacture of carriages, the "father" of which was Ignaz Shustala. After 10 years, the company had branches not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad: Berlin, Vienna, Kyiv, Wroclaw and Chernivtsi. So, in 1882, the workshop turned into a successful factory called Nesseldorfer Wagenbau-Fabriksgesellschaft.

In 1897, the first self-propelled stroller "President" was produced. Many others followedvehicles, including the first truck. Since 1921 the company has been called Tatra. Until 1971, the plant produced both heavy trucks and cars, and then abandoned the second type of vehicles, focusing exclusively on the production of large vehicles. And, it is worth noting, the company has succeeded very well in this direction. Tatra trucks are known worldwide for their reliability, excellent off-road performance and good performance, in particular, the ability to work in harsh climatic conditions.

Today, there are several automobile museums in the Czech Republic, the expositions of which contain rare cars, allowing people to literally touch the history of the creation and development of the automotive industry.

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