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Battery "Titan": reviews of motorists
Battery "Titan": reviews of motorists

Today, increased requirements are put forward for car batteries. The battery must ensure stable operation of the electrical system in all conditions. The number of devices that consume current in a car can be quite large. Also, unfavorable climatic conditions in the central and northern regions of our country in winter, the poor quality of roads require the purchase of reliable, durable and efficient batteries.

One of the high-quality, popular devices is the "Titan" battery. Reviews, the main characteristics of these products must be considered before buying.

Manufacturer information

The product of domestic production is the battery "Titan". Reviews of experts and buyers speak of the high quality of the equipment presented. The production of JSCB "Titan" is carried out by "TUBOR Trading House". Popular today among domestic buyers, battery models are produced in cooperation with a well-known in everythingworld manufacturer EXIDE.

Titan battery review

Due to an in-depth analysis of the features of battery operation in the Russian climate, several series of batteries have seen the light. They are able to withstand even high loads. It is a reliable product that is able to work even in adverse conditions.

The presented products have been manufactured since 2001 at a plant located in the Nizhny Novgorod region. A special approach to production allows us to supply products to the market that meet all international standards and requirements of vehicle manufacturers.


Titan batteries, reviewed by experts, are famous for their quality. When creating the presented batteries, new developments are used, which are used in their technological cycles by the world's leading manufacturers of batteries. The domestic manufacturer was the first in the country to start creating products using the Ca/Silver AGM, Sb/Ca technology. Batteries are also produced using the Calcium-Calcium technology.

Battery Titanium 62 reviews

Thanks to new scientific developments, it was possible to create the most durable batteries. The starting current has been increased. To do this, a special substance is applied to the plates. Even in the conditions of the northern winter, you can start the engine without problems.

On sale are TUBOR batteries, which belong to the category of maintenance-free type. This is the most modern type of batteries. It is as safe as possible during operation, withstands the mostunfavourable conditions. Due to the high manufacturability of production cycles, as well as the use of new methods for creating batteries, the products of the domestic brand meet the requirements of Ford, Fiat, Volkswagen, etc.


TUBOR produces six categories of batteries for various vehicles. Their power, scope differ significantly. In our country, almost all varieties of the presented batteries are in demand. Especially high interest among residents of the northern regions is caused by the battery "Titan Arctic". Reviews about this device speak of its high reliability at a fairly reasonable cost.

Euro Silver batteries also proved themselves well. In the manufacture of electrodes, not only calcium, but also silver is added. Innovations have made it possible to create a battery that will provide current to a large number of consumers connected to the on-board network.

Battery Titan Silver reviews

Relatively inexpensive devices are batteries of the "Standard" series. Asia Silver batteries are being created for cars of Japanese, Chinese and Korean brands. For large vehicles and special equipment, models of the MAXX series have been developed. The most budget series is Cobat Energy.

Standard Batteries

One of the most affordable ranges of batteries are "Titan Standard". Customer reviews speak of the decent quality of these batteries. Their cost ranges from 4,000 to 11,500 thousand rubles. The price is affected by the capacity andother operating features of the device. Batteries "Standard" can have a capacity from 50 to 190 Ah. This allows them to be used for both cars and trucks.

Battery Titanium Standard reviews

This is ideal for machines with a small to medium number of power consumers. The battery is resistant to deep discharge. However, the disadvantage is the absence of an indicator in the design. It is provided in more expensive series.

Standard battery is manufactured using hybrid technology (Sb/Ca). This increases the duration of the presented device.

Reviews on the Arctic Silver battery

According to reviews, the Titan Arctic battery is in high demand in our country. This is especially true for the central and northern regions. In the manufacture of plates of this battery series, the Calcium-Calcium technology is used, as well as silver alloying.

Battery Titan Arctic reviews

The contact area of ​​the plates with the electrolyte has been increased. This helps to increase the resistance of the device to deep discharge, and also improves the starting characteristics even in severe frost. The quality of the presented device was confirmed during the expedition to the north.

Arctic battery capacity can range from 55 to 100 Ah. The cost of the presented batteries is acceptable. It ranges from 5000 to 8200 rubles. It is also worth noting that the devices of this line are as resistant as possible to vibrations that appear onpoor quality roads. They have a fire protection system.

Advantages of the Arctic Silver battery

Considering reviews of Titan Arctic batteries for 62, 55, 75 Ah and other varieties, a lot of advantages of the presented products should be noted. The residents of our country were able to appreciate them.

Battery Titan Arctic 62 reviews

This type of battery has a long shelf life. They can be used at temperatures up to -80 ºС. When creating this type of batteries, the Nord Drive technology is used. This ensures high stability of the electrical system.

Also noteworthy are the reviews about the Titan Arctic batteries at 62, 100, 75 Ah, which indicate an easy start of the engine in severe frost. Another advantage is the manufacture of a durable housing made of special plastic. It is not affected by low temperatures, resistant to shock.

Euro Silver battery reviews

Batteries "Titan Euro Silver", reviews of which are provided by experts and buyers, are characterized by increased starting current. This improves the battery's ability to start in all weather conditions. The power of devices in this series ranges from 56 to 110 Ah. At the same time, you can purchase the presented type of batteries at a price of 4500 to 8100 rubles.

Battery Titanium Euro Silver reviews

The presented battery type is suitable for cars with a large number of electrical consumers. Special device systemplugs to prevent fire or electrolyte leakage.

The presented type of battery is resistant to deep discharges. It can be stored for a long time without requiring recharging. This type of battery is suitable for modern car brands. It is a reliable, durable product.

Reviews of the budget series

The most budget series is Cobat Energy. At a fairly affordable price, these batteries are distinguished by high performance. According to reviews of Titan batteries (62.75 Ah), these are high-quality, durable devices.

On sale are batteries with a capacity of 55-200 Ah. Their cost varies between 3,500-13,000 rubles. Since these are economy class models, they do not have a charge indicator. This may cause some inconvenience.

However, the presented type of batteries is in demand. These are reliable devices that can be used in vehicles with a small number of electrical devices.

Special Series

TUBOR has developed special battery ranges for certain types of vehicles. These include the MAXX and Asia Silver lines. The first variety is suitable for large vehicles, and the second for Asian-made cars. They are high performance.

According to reviews, the Titan Silver Asia battery is a quality product for cars made in Japan, China and Korea. They are manufactured to special standards. This series includes batteries with a capacity of47 to 100 Ah. At the same time, the cost varies from 4100 to 7300 rubles.

The MAXX series is more resistant to high vibrations than other types of batteries. The case is made of durable plastic, which is resistant to temperature changes. This line includes batteries with a capacity of 140-225 Ah worth 10,500-15,200 thousand rubles.

Having considered the features of Titanium batteries, reviews of experts and consumers, we can conclude that these batteries are of decent quality.

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