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The legendary BMW 750i

The legendary BMW 750i
The legendary BMW 750i

Car BMW 750i - one of the variations of the BMW E38, was released in June 1994, replacing the E32. The model was produced until 2001, and then it was replaced by the E65.

bmw 750i


Besides the BMW 750i, other variations were produced: 728i, 730i, 735i, 740i and several diesel ones - 725tds, 730d, 740d.

The appearance of the model has changed quite significantly, although the features of the previous body from the E32 are still visible. The car looks more streamlined, the headlights have become a solid block under one glass. The front end and the edge of the trunk are slightly lowered.

Although the skin of the BMW 750i has changed, but the car still looks like its predecessors and is made in the best traditions of the company.



The standard equipment of the BMW 750i includes the M73 engine with a capacity of 326 horsepower and a volume of 5.4 liters. Its maximum acceleration speed is 250 kilometers per hour, and the engine consumes 13.6 liters per hundred kilometers. The vehicle has a long lifespan, but is very susceptible to overheating and water hammer, which occurs when water enters the air intake, which is too low.

The motor is equipped with aluminum cylinders. The vehicle uses an electronic systemautomatic engine control that functions separately from the fuel pedal.

bmw 750i e38


The model is equipped with an adaptive automatic transmission, a feature of which is the automatic change of the gearshift algorithm, depending on the specified driving mode.


The undercarriage is made of aluminum and runs smoothly and smoothly for a long time. There are two levers in front, four in the back. It is recommended to change the stabilizer struts every 35 thousand, silent blocks - every 50 thousand, and the ball joint - every 100 thousand kilometers.

The ground clearance of the car is only twelve centimeters, which is quite a bit. But it is the BMW 750i E38 model that is equipped with air suspension, in which the ground clearance is increased by five centimeters. For other variations, it could only be installed optionally.


The basic package of the model included an extensive list of parts: a dynamic stability system, adjustable damping and body position, ten airbags and even automatic dimming windows.

bmw 750i


At the end of 1998, the BMW 750i was slightly modified. Models of this modification can be identified by narrower turn signals and non-standard taillights. In addition, there is a chrome strip on the roof of the trunk, and lamps are built into the door handles, illuminating not only the car, but also the road below it.

The trunk hydraulic drive began to be included in the standard package, andoptionally - tire pressure monitoring systems and dynamic brake control. During emergency braking, the mechanism automatically increases the pressure in the brake system to the maximum.

You can also choose from three front seats: regular, contoured and "active", which is a massage chair with a hydraulic system located inside the cushion.

The structure of the engine has also changed. The six- and eight-cylinder engines now controlled both camshafts, and the twelve-cylinder engine was fitted with an electrically heated catalytic converter.

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