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UAZ-469 - the legendary Russian SUV

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UAZ-469 - the legendary Russian SUV
UAZ-469 - the legendary Russian SUV

UAZ-469 - the legendary car, affectionately called "UAZ" or "goat", was produced by the Russian car industry for more than 40 years. This is a reliable iron comrade, easily conquering off-road, fords, ditches, ravines, famous for its maintainability, low cost of spare parts.

Over the years of serial production, the UAZ-469 has not changed much. He remained brutal and angular, courageous and charismatic.


Initially, the car was designed to transport both people and various goods on any type of road. The beginning of the design phase was the 1950s. Initially, such a car was created for the Soviet Army. After 8 years, the first prototype of the UAZ-469 was built - the 460th model. The car originally had an external resemblance to an American off-road vehicle - a jeep.

Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant produced the first car in December 1972. And this year began its serial production. Prior to this, the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant produced GAZ-69 cars.

In February 2010, a limited series with the UAZ-315196 index was launched, which is distinguished by increased comfort. Thisthe model has the following differences:

  • disc brakes;
  • power steering;
  • metal roof;
  • metal bumper;
  • front suspension - spring;
  • engine ZMZ 4091 112 hp;
  • split axles, with steering knuckles;
  • tailgate.

In January 2011, the UAZ-469 disappeared from the catalogs of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant, and UAZ-Hunter took its place.

Vehicle specifications

Car length 4025 mm, width 1805, height 2015 mm, weight 1650 kg. Load capacity - 675 kg.

The engine was 2.5 liters, 75 hp. Low engine speeds were advantageous off-road. Some time later, the engine power was increased to 80 horses, and the top speed was increased to 115 km/h.

Frame car. There is a tarpaulin version, and there is a version of the car with a metal roof.

Civilian and military model UAZ

The Ulyanovsk plant produced cars for both the army and just a civilian version of the car.

The military UAZ-469 has an additional side gearbox. They are designed to provide better distribution of torque to the wheels in difficult road conditions such as deep ruts, swampy areas, mud and others.

The second difference is the different gear ratios and the car's better traction in low gear in off-road conditions. With the front-wheel drive connected and in low gear, the military UAZ can drive on any road surface, easily overcoming such road sections,where no car seems to be able to pass.

Since the military version can no longer be bought from the factory, for such purposes people who understand this matter are looking for a UAZ -469 bu. Military bridges are more expensive than civilian ones, but they are more reliable and durable, and you can often find an advertisement for the purchase of just such parts. A person with a civilian version of the car and versed in this topic wants to buy military bridges and put them in place of regular civilian ones.


This car is very easy to modify and convert. People who frequently travel off-road or enjoy fishing, hunting and nature trips know that ride height is very important for a car that conquers off-road. For this, the dimension of the wheels is increased. And in this, UAZ cars have a big advantage over others - this is the size of the arches. The arches of the car are large, and therefore it will not be difficult to put larger wheels on the car. Bridges are reliable and knots are strong. But if you want such "evil" wheels, the arches are easily trimmed, and you need to install special spacers between the frame and the body.

In second place in terms of tuning is the installation of a winch. The best solution would be to install a winch on the front and rear. If the car is stuck in a rut, then the winch will be the best helper. If there is a tree next to the car, then with the help of a special bark protection, the winch cable clings to it, and the car is released from captivity. If there are no trees nearby, then the winch clings to a special anchor that fumbles in the trunk of the car.

AlsoUAZ is equipped with an expeditionary roof rack and a special ladder on the rear door, with which you can easily access the trunk.

Also, many drivers decorate these cars. This does not give a plus in the cross-country ability of the car, but gives a certain individuality and originality to the car. Painting, airbrushing, installing seats from expensive foreign cars. Here you can already roam freely, depending on preferences and taste.


Almost immediately after the start of serial production, a record was set. In August 1974, three standard UAZ-469 vehicles climbed to the glacier on Elbrus to a height of 4200 meters. The cars didn't have winches, they didn't even have chains on their wheels.

June 2, 2010 was set a world record. The "UAZ" accommodated 32 people. According to the requirements, to set a record, the car drove with these people 10 meters. The total weight of the people was almost 2 tons.

Photo UAZ-469

UAZ with iron roof

Look at the photo above. It looks like UAZ-469 with an iron roof. Here you can see the forwarding trunk, kengurin, vetkootboynik and large wheels, power steps, power bumpers and good off-road wheels are also installed.

Tuned UAZ

And here you can see clipped arches. This is a model of a tarpaulin UAZ, with a winch installed in front.

Military UAZ

The UAZ military model is shown in another photo.

Inside view

The military UAZ had this view from the inside.

In conclusion

Today we learned about the legendary SUV UAZ-469. Until now, these machines are valued. First of all, pleases the purchase price. A used UAZ costs real money. Spare parts for these machines are also inexpensive, repairs are simple. There is a saying among the owners of these machines that UAZ can be repaired right in the field, it is so simple. With this iron friend, any roads are open to you. Hurry up!

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