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Bentley Bentayga - the legendary SUV with a luxurious interior

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Bentley Bentayga - the legendary SUV with a luxurious interior
Bentley Bentayga - the legendary SUV with a luxurious interior

The Bentley Bentayga SUV is Bentley's first truly luxurious, powerful, high-speed executive car. The car was shown to the public in 2015 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The initial version of the Bentley EXP 9 F was presented back in 2012 in Geneva, but the concept car's overly extravagant exterior alerted potential buyers, and the signing of contracts was postponed.

bentley bentayga


The design of the crossover was decided to rework. It took a year and a half to update the car, and only in the spring of 2014 did photos of the Bentley Bentayga appear in magazines. The car got its name from the famous Bentayga rock, located on the island of Gran Canaria, which is part of the famous resort archipelago.

Appearance Bentley Bentayga has become a classic embodiment of the exterior of the bestBentley models. The front end is adorned with a characteristic grille in a traditional style. This elegant body detail is a fine-mesh weave of thin steel elements arranged diagonally. Two of the same small air intakes are integrated into the lower part of the front end. And across the entire width of the front bumper is another such grille as the final touch of design creativity.

The picture of the front of the Bentley Bentayga is complemented by elements of head optics. The headlights are round in shape, the inner sphere of the deflector is shifted upwards, which creates the impression of a complex geometric figure. At some distance from them are turn signals, organically integrated into the front fenders.

SUV bentley bentayga

High style

The new Bentley Bentayga features 22-inch wheels and muscular yet graceful arches. Rectangular coral taillights include large 'B' letters.


The Bentley Bentayga crossover had a two-way interior, at the choice of the buyer, chairs were installed for four people, including the driver, or in another version there were five seats. The interior space allowed up to seven people to comfortably accommodate, but this option was immediately rejected as unnecessary: ​​the Bentley is not a minivan, and there are usually three or four people in the car, no more.

For Bentley Bentayga, the interior of which can be an example of luxury, did not spare expensive materials. Upholsteryarmchairs were offered only from natural kid leather varieties in 15 shades. Such a wide range of colors was primarily aimed at a female audience, customers carefully monitored the matching of body color and interior decoration of the car.

In the cabin of the Bentley Bentayga there is a lot of natural wood of noble varieties. The most expensive wood, rosewood, is used for the interior of a stylish SUV, Karelian birch and some varieties of African mahogany, such as kewazingo and makore, are also in use. Chromed moldings line the interior of the cabin with polished wood panels.

crossover bentley bentayga


Dimensional and weight parameters:

  • car length - 5141mm;
  • height - 1742 mm;
  • width - 1998 mm;
  • wheelbase - 2992 mm;
  • curb weight - 2422 kg;
  • maximum allowable weight - 3250 kg;
  • gas tank capacity - 85 liters;
  • the volume of the luggage sector - 430 cubic meters. dm;
  • fuel consumption in urban mode - 19.4 liters;
  • tires, size - 275/50 R22.


The Bentley Bentayga is fitted with a heavy duty injection engine with the following specifications:

  • type - 12-cylinder, angled;
  • total working volume of combustion chambers - 5998 cubic centimeters;
  • number of valves per cylinder - 4;
  • food -direct injection;
  • power - 600 hp With. when rotating 6000 rpm;
  • torque - 900 Nm at speeds from 1250 to 4500 per minute;
  • speed close to maximum - 310 km/h.

The engine is equipped with a special governor that shuts off half of all cylinders when the car is running empty under normal road conditions in order to save fuel.

Transmission is a ZF eight-speed automatic transmission combined with a Torsen differential.

new bentley bentayga


The basic model is equipped with air suspension, which, depending on the traffic situation, change the ground clearance in the range of 120 millimeters. The option is activated if necessary on all four wheels at once. You can turn off the lifting pneumatic mechanisms with a special switch located on the center console.

  • front suspension - independent, multi-link, with double-acting hydraulic shock absorbers;
  • rear suspension - multi-link, short-stroke pendulum, with hydraulic shock absorbers and swivel beam;
  • brakes - ventilated discs on all wheels, diagonal pressure system, dual circuit.

The undercarriage of the machine is controlled by an efficient mode change system in the following set:

  • standard Bentley options - Sport and Comfort (sport and comfort);
  • special mode - Snow and Grass (snow and wet grass);
  • special mode - Gravel and Dirt (graveland dirt);
  • driving mode - Mud and Trail (slush mass and deep rut);
  • special mode - Sand Dunes (deep sand).
bentley bentayga interior


Currently, Bentley has started serial production of the Bentayga model. One of the cars has already been sent to the English Queen Elizabeth II. 3620 orders were accepted in total for the current year. The cost of the car ranges from 160 to 355 thousand pounds, depending on the configuration. Prospects for car production are good. "Bentayga" will be produced only on order, the car does not need dealers, trade margins and discounts, hangars for storage. The manufacturer only needs to provide a maintenance network.

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