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Knocking in the steering column: causes of malfunction and solutions
Knocking in the steering column: causes of malfunction and solutions

Steering is an important part of any car. The SDA prohibits the operation of mechanical vehicles with various breakdowns of the steering system. It is very important to carry out diagnostics or repairs even with minor signs of malfunction. A knock in the steering column is already a fairly serious sign that indicates defects in the steering. Consider the typical causes of malfunctions and how to eliminate them.

knocking in the steering column

How the steering column works in a car

Among the main parts are the mounting sleeve, casing, upper case. Also in the design there is a housing for mounting steering column switches, an ignition lock housing, a steering shaft, a contact group and fasteners. In some car models, the design also has a cross, brackets for mounting the steering shaft, as well asbearing.

At the heart of any steering column is a shaft located in a casing. Its function is to transfer the rotation of the steering wheel to the mechanism responsible for turning the wheels. Steering shafts are made of high quality steels, which means that they have a fairly long service life.

toyota steering column noise

Knock Causes and Troubleshooting

Before you start looking for possible breakdowns that lead to uncomfortable driving, you need to clearly understand that knocking in the steering column occurs when, for some reason, backlash has formed in the mechanism or the tightness of the connections has been broken.

Among the main causes of breakdowns in the steering mechanism, there are several typical ones. They are the same for most models and brands of modern cars. So, the first reason is an excessively worn or already completely failed bearing in the steering column bracket. Also, the causes of knocking in the steering column are failed or broken needle bearings in the steering shaft cross. And finally, during the operation of the car, the density of fasteners and connections in the bracket and forks of the cross on the shaft weakens.

eliminate noise in steering column

Diagnostic Methods

To understand where the knock in the steering column came from, you can conduct a visual check of each connection - you need to determine the presence of backlash in the mechanisms. Also, during the inspection process, faulty bearings can be identified.

When checking status and searchingsteering gear failures test each connection if it is loose. It will also be useful after that to test the car in motion. If during the ride the knock in the steering column did not annoy, then you can relax. If the driver hears vibrations and knocks, then the problem must be fixed.

Eliminate knocks in the steering column on Toyota

Any technical element of a modern car is limited to a certain service life. How long this period will last depends on the loads that are placed on a particular part. The suspension is under special stress in the car, but the steering column is under no less pressure.

causes of knocking in the steering column

The process of driving a car is accompanied by a constant rotation of the steering wheel, which means that the steering is extremely vulnerable. When the mechanisms are worn out, the driver hears a characteristic knock in the steering column. Toyota is also subject to this problem. It is very important to immediately find the cause and fix the problem - otherwise, the column may simply jam and this will provoke an accident.

What most often fails in the steering columns of Toyota and VAZ cars?

Often the first thing to wear out and fail is the bushing. This detail wears off over time. As a result, backlash and knocks appear in the mechanism. Replacing the bushing is easy.

The second element, which also often fails, is the lower cross. She is subjected to quite severe stress.

All this is also relevantand for VAZ cars, except for classic models. The knock in the VAZ steering column is eliminated by replacing similar parts.

knocking in the steering column

How to replace the steering column bushing on a Toyota

To eliminate knocking in the steering column on the "Toyota", you can replace the bushing. The replacement process itself will not cause any particular difficulties. The first step is to remove the stalk shield - it's simple. To do this, the bolts are unscrewed and then the shield is simply removed from the retaining latches. Then a part of the duct is dismantled.

Now that you have access to the steering column, you must unscrew everything that may interfere with its removal. When it remains only to remove the column, you should mark with a marker the place and position in which you will need to install it after repair. Remove the column carefully, as it has a certain weight. It is recommended to lay the mechanism on something soft - you need to put it with the steering wheel down.

Now you need to start dismantling the bushing, but you won't be able to do it manually. It is necessary to screw two or three self-tapping screws into it, which will serve as a support during the removal process. When the screws are screwed in, but not completely, the steering wheel is covered with something soft, they rest against it with their feet and pull the screws with pliers. After applying force, the bushing will come out.

After dismantling, the shaft must be thoroughly cleaned and treated with a good lubricant. The new bushing is carefully installed in its place. And after that, often the knock goes away. But if the driver can still hear it, then the d-pad needs to be replaced.

How to replace the lower cross

For repair, unscrew the protective cover, which will prevent access to the cross. To remove it, you need to unscrew the three bolts. Before unscrewing the column, block it. This will make it possible to keep the sound signal loop intact. Just like in the case of the sleeve, here you need to make notes with a marker.

So, here it is - the cross. Now you need to disassemble it - you can use a vise and carefully cut it. You can install a new one, but first you need to prepare the seats - they are thoroughly cleaned and grease is applied.

It is also better to prepare the installation sites on the cross - before installing it, remove the covers and treat all places with grease. After pressing, they check and lubricate the cross again - this will save it from moisture.

patriot knock in the steering column

UAZ "Patriot"

On Patriot cars, knocking in the steering column was almost officially recognized as an incurable problem. But the solution still exists. After the research carried out by the owners of the Patriots, it became clear that the main cause of this trouble was the steering cardan in the engine compartment. It consists of two parts, which are interconnected by slots. A through pipe is installed at the bottom.

Problems with this part are due to its location - it is installed under the coolant reservoir and almost next to the exhaust manifold.

Fixing the knocking problem is very simple. Cardan needs to be dismantled and washed. Thencarefully separate the two halves of the part and clean them. Cardan splines are made of plastic - they are deburred and lubricated with silicone grease. You can stop there, but this will not solve the problem completely.

You will need a piece 20 cm long from a rubber hose with a diameter of 18-20 mm. You should also prepare a rag. This piece is hammered in the form of a gag in the lower part of the universal joint - this way you can block the leakage of lubricants. Inside, a fragment of the hose is treated with silicone and put on the problem node. Then the part is mounted in its place.

As a result of these simple actions, knocks in the steering column on the UAZ "Patriot" will pass.

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