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Honda Shadow 750. Description and specifications

Honda Shadow 750. Description and specifications
Honda Shadow 750. Description and specifications

The Honda Shadow 750 motorcycle belongs to the Cruiser family and has been manufactured by Honda since 1983. It has a classic design and its own unique style, which helps to recognize the Shadow from among the many other brands and models. The Shadow 750 is powered by a twin-cylinder V-twin engine, has a low chopper style and high handlebars. The bike is big, hard and noisy. He owes these qualities to Harley Davidson, as he was created in the likeness and image of an incomparable American.

honda shadow 750

The pilot of such a "bird" Honda Shadow 750 sits a little low, in a relaxed position, which gives it some solidity and significance on the road. It should be noted that such a motorcycle is comfortable not only for the biker himself, but also for his passenger. Comfortable saddle and backrest provide good placement on the bike.

The Japanese equipped the Honda Shadow 750 with soft shock absorbers, which will provide a comfortable ride not only on the highway, but also on a “rougher” surface.

Such a bike can reach speeds of one hundred and sixty kilometers per hour, but even at a speed of one hundred kilometers, the motorcyclist will feel powerful wind currents that can literally blow him off the bike.

Honda Shadow model VT750C has an exceptional uniqueness and makesattract the attention of even the most disinterested person in motorcycles.

honda shadow 1100

Spoked wide wheels of the bike, a drop-shaped gas tank with an original speedometer, heated handlebars and snow-white xenon - all this allows not only to turn the eyes of strangers on the motorcycle, but also to the owner of this bike to enjoy the convenience and comfort of such a motorcycle. The Shadow mufflers are positioned to the right and perfectly convey the sound of the engine.

Big size, big volume and torque are the main principles of the owner of the Honda Shadow 750. It is unique on the road. Better than this model is only the Honda Shadow 1100. This is confirmed by many.

The most recent modification of the Shadow 750C was the Honda Shadow Spirit model VT750. The spirit embodies the echoes of the past: smooth lines with a streamlined body, a high handlebar, a classic low seat and, most interestingly, a 21-inch front wheel. Spirit is also distinguished by the fact that it does not have alloy wheels, but spoked ones. This feature saves this motorcycle model from excessive volume. The size of the diameter, the width of the wheel itself is determined by style canons. The front wheel is much narrower than the rear, but larger in diameter. This nuance gives the motorcycle its individuality and originality.

honda shadow spirit

Spirit is drenched in a touch of antiquity and is a classic representative of the Chopper. In modern society, there is a tendency for the popularity of sports bikes, and every time more and more young people acquire sports bikes.motorcycle versions. However, those who like not only the motorcycles themselves and the riveted eyes of others, but also a calm, sometimes aggressive ride through the city streets, will love the Honda Shadow Spirit with all their heart and will be devoted only to this "chopper" bike.

There are a huge number of different brands, models of motorcycles that have different styles, special designs, additional attributes and much more. Whether it's a speedy sportbike, an imposing cruiser or a custom built one, all these bikes have one thing in common - a thirst for freedom and speed.

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