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Keyless car access, Smart Key system
Keyless car access, Smart Key system

Intelligent control systems for automotive safety devices are available to most drivers today. For example, technological and functional complexes of signaling installations are not so expensive that they can save on them. In addition, you can purchase individual components that regulate access to the machine and its critical mechanisms. These include the smart car key, thanks to which the remote unlocking of the locking mechanism is implemented. In particular, it can be a door, a powertrain lock, an electronically controlled stopper, a luggage compartment or gearbox lock.

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Introduction to car keyless entry

This is a high-tech system for providing a security mechanism with the possibility of remote intelligent control. In normal mode, factory complexes of this type operate according to the program scheme. That is, the lock itself functions in conjunction with the head unit or a special controller. In other words, keyless entry to a car or immobilizer is not just a separate device for contactless entry into a car. This is often a security mechanized complex, as well as a central reception unitkey signal. The simplest standard devices suggest the possibility of locking the electric starter or engine through an electronic system. Some models use more radical solutions - in particular, a scheme can be implemented in which the electrical circuit of the supply to the power unit is disconnected. Accordingly, the key is used to restore the artificially open circuit.

The principle of the immobilizer

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The use of various mechanisms for blocking the functional parts of a car is common in many anti-theft complexes. This is an effective means of preventing attempts to start the movement of the car without the knowledge of the car owner. But keyless entry systems have their own characteristics. The main one is the principle of operation of the Smart Key system key itself, which involves the intelligent functioning of data reading mechanisms. In particular, recognition is provided by modern electromagnetic chips and inductive sensors, information from which is sent via an antenna to the transponder of the control unit. Such a complex key matching algorithm prevents attempts and electronic hacking of the security system. Moreover, the aspect of mechanical anti-theft protection is also important, which is realized not only by stopping the engine function. Typically, experts recommend using at least three barrier areas, including the power unit, door and gearbox.

System functionality

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Almost all keyless kitsaccess as basic functions perform the operations of opening and closing doors, as well as starting and stopping the engine. Another thing is that the parameters of work with different parts of the car can change. For example, to activate the power unit, only a keyless access button is required, which will work at a considerable distance, and the owner will be able to enter the salon only at a distance of 1-2 m after reading the information from the RFID key card. Conversely, reverse actions with blocking of all serviced mechanisms can be carried out automatically after the removal of the user with a programmable key. It is important to consider that after some time, with complete inactivity, the system can also automatically lock the same doors. But this function is initially set parameters - including the timeout. As for the additional option, the system can be combined with car alarms and their individual components, including sensors, central locking, trunk, etc.

System Management

All operations are performed only with the original key, which is included with the system. The standard control algorithm involves the use of an electronic code key. But there are also devices in which the possibility of manually dialing the code is implemented. In this case, the owner does not need to use the remote control buttons - he must insert the key into the appropriate slot, after which the system will automatically read the information by the immobilizer system. If the test is successful, the keyless will work.access with unlocking of all locks covered by the system. There are also devices that are more complicated in the privacy parameter, in which even before electronic reading of information, it may be necessary to pre-set a user code that opens access to the immobilizer system itself.

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Immobilizer vulnerabilities

Unfortunately, even such systems do not guarantee the absolute safety of the car against the actions of intruders. There are several ways to bypass the security complex. First of all, each keyless access kit provides a diagnostic connector through which, using special equipment, the operator can enter the equipment into emergency mode. Further, the same engine can be given any executive command. This bypass method is theoretically possible, but in practice only a highly qualified specialist can perform it. In addition, you can fake an intelligent car key, and the information for this is recorded even at a distance. Special photographic devices are capable of scanning the device, making an electronic impression of it. And this is not to mention the fact that any work on the car in the service center will inevitably require the provision of the same key to employees.

Smart Key System Manufacturers

In this segment, rather attractive offers are developed by car manufacturers themselves. This is the case when standard equipment turns out to be more technologically advanced than individual models. The advanced solutions in this area include devices,implemented in Toyota Verso, WV Touareg and BMW 6 Ser. A less premium, but very solid immobilizer is offered in the Passat B6 model. At the same time, independent manufacturers of electronic systems for cars produce noteworthy devices. Thus, experts highly appreciate the keyless entry alarm in the BP-05 modification from StarLine. The multifunctional development of Smart Start Galaxy, which covers a wide range of security control systems, also receives good reviews. But, when choosing such devices, do not forget about the price tag, which is also not modest.

How much does a keyless entry system cost?

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The most primitive systems of this type from the Chinese market can be purchased for 1.5-2 thousand rubles. These are models with minimal security features and dubious reliability. Even if you plan to purchase an entry-level device without any special technological frills, it is recommended to turn to models with a price tag of at least 3 thousand. By the way, some StarLine kits are also represented in this segment. A more structurally and functionally developed keyless entry with the possibility of automatic diagnostics and compatibility with alarms will cost 5-7 thousand

Pros of keyless entry

Among the primary advantages of the device is a combination of ease of use and a high degree of reliability. Nevertheless, a multifactorial barrier to the actions of an attacker, which affects both the power unit and external locking mechanisms,provides a high degree of security. In addition, the functionality of such devices is also noted. The fact is that keyless entry with an immobilizer is rarely used alone. Most often, the device is introduced into the general complex of security or alarm systems. This means that from the same smart key, the user gets the ability to control other functions, except for protective ones.

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Disadvantages of keyless entry

Of course, the weakest point relates to the vulnerabilities of this technology. But it is important to understand that it is in practice that hacks of intellectual protection are extremely rare. Moreover, the very idea of ​​the same diagnostic nest is due to the need to create an opportunity for the user himself to bypass the system when it is completely blocked. In addition, keyless entry can cause some problems in the implementation of a separate control system. The fact is that the device involves close interaction with the central control unit. This nuance means providing a high load on the local power grid, and can also cause problems with the operation of other electronics.


How is keyless entry installed? Installation operations consist of two stages - the implementation of electrical wiring and the mechanical installation of equipment. As for the first part, power lines are drawn from the cigarette lighter or battery pack to security blocking systems. Next, the mechanical installation of the blockers is already carried out, and whenthe need and installation of special sensors, which will also participate in the process of automated unlocking. In turn, the smart key is connected via a special wireless interface to the central control unit. A separate controller can also be used for this task.


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Keyless access, of course, can only be called conditionally. The difference of this system from the usual key is caused only by the change of the physical principle of operation to the electronic one. The transition to electronic means of control and monitoring of security systems has been going on for a long time and the spread of such devices is a completely logical phenomenon. In addition to the protective properties, the smart key is also valued for its ergonomics when working with locking mechanisms. If conventional alarms are almost entirely based on electronics, without the advantages of physical interlocks, then in this case the advantages of the two concepts are combined. The immobilizer user can count on both the convenience of using the smart key and the mechanical protection of the vehicle's locks.

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