"Nissan Pathfinder": reviews of owners about the car. Advantages and disadvantages of a car
"Nissan Pathfinder": reviews of owners about the car. Advantages and disadvantages of a car

In 1985, the Japanese automaker Nissan launched the Pathfinder mid-size SUV. There have been four generations since that time.

Is the Pathfinder SUV really good? Owner reviews - that's what will help find the answer to this question. And therefore, now not the characteristics of the car will be studied, but the comments of people who have been driving it for more than one year. Based on them, it will be possible to form a correct, objective opinion about the car.

2000 edition: 3.3L automatic transmission

Since the concern has produced a considerable number of models for 33 years, we will focus on those cars that are most popular among motorists.

Here is the first nuance that can be found out from the feedback of the owners: "Pathfinder" of the second generation, of course, is not easy to find in good condition, since this SUV is objectively considered old. But spare parts and consumables for it can be found easily, and at reasonable prices, and this is a plus.

nissan pathfinder new reviewsowners
nissan pathfinder new reviewsowners

And here are other advantages of this car:

  • The car, although old, is a full-fledged SUF SUV with permanent rear-wheel drive and front-wheel drive (at speeds up to 60 km/h).
  • Most of the bumps are "swallowed" by the suspension. The other part is high tires. So the SUV has a smooth ride.
  • The frame of the car is integrated, and thanks to this, rolls in corners are much less than in other cars.
  • 170-horsepower V-shaped "six" pleases with its reliability and nimbleness. Bad gasoline does not like, but accepts.
  • Checkpoint, despite the fact that it is an automatic machine, surprises with its quality.

What about the expense? Here is what the owners say in the reviews: The 2nd generation Pathfinder with this engine consumes 15 liters of 92nd gasoline per 100 "city" kilometers. In winter, consumption increases to 18 liters.

2007 edition: 4.0L automatic transmission

This is already a third generation model. In the reviews of the owners of the Nissan Pathfinder (4 liters), the following advantages were noted:

  • With a 269-horsepower engine, this heavy off-road machine surprisingly rides like a tank. No end of thrust and acceleration.
  • Management is very easy. The steering wheel can be rotated with at least one finger.
  • Very large mirrors, excellent visibility, quality camera. And when the driver turns on "R", the right mirror tilts a little, which is convenient.
  • It does not roll at all in corners - this is thanks to the independent suspension.
  • The interior is very roomy, especially in length. Importantly, it cantransform. The seats unfold into a flat floor with a single movement of the hand.
pathfinder owner reviews with photos
pathfinder owner reviews with photos

But this machine also has disadvantages. Namely:

  • Consumption: in the city 16-20 liters, on the highway at least 12 liters.
  • Paint coating is weak.
  • Plastic in the cabin is unaesthetic. The automatic transmission handle tunnel rattles on bumps and bumps.
  • If you drive along the highway at a speed of more than 130 km/h, the car starts to "prowl".

Also, in the reviews of the owners of the Nissan Pathfinder with mileage, attention is paid to the nuance that you often have to “finish” something in the car. But without it, nothing. New cars need maintenance, and "adults" even more so.

2010 edition: restyling, 2.5 l, automatic transmission

Another model that deserves attention. The reviews of the owners of the Nissan Pathfinder (2.5, diesel) list the following advantages:

  • Harmonious exterior.
  • Informative heated side mirrors.
  • No blind spots.
  • Auto-dimming interior rearview mirror.
  • Quality sound (8 speakers + subwoofer).
  • Good equipment: AUX and USB sockets, illuminated mirror, 3-zone climate control, 12-volt socket, etc.
  • Engine as for 190 hp with., very powerful and dynamic. The car accelerates to 180 km/h.
  • Expense is acceptable. In mixed mode, it takes a little more than 13 liters per 100 km.
pathfinder diesel owner reviews
pathfinder diesel owner reviews

But, like many diesel cars, thismodel has a flaw. In winter, it heats up very badly. And at idle, it’s not that it doesn’t warm up - on the contrary, it cools down. And that's the problem. It takes at least 20 minutes of hard driving to warm up the engine to operating temperature.

2012 edition: 3.0L automatic transmission

The 3-litre model is also popular. People who own it pay attention to such advantages:

  • A brisk 3-litre engine that runs smoothly.
  • Excellent cornering.
  • Comfortable ride on the highway.
  • Good climate control, the work of which does not affect the dynamics of acceleration. In other words: you don't need to turn off the air conditioner to overtake someone.
  • Average consumption - 11-12 liters of diesel per 100 km in the combined cycle.
  • Automatic transmission can be switched to mechanics. There is a sport mode.
  • Spacious and spacious interior, comfortable inside both in summer and during the day.

In general, the 2012 model makes a positive impression on its owners. Everyone assures that having bought the Pathfinder, they managed to get exactly the SUV that they wanted.


It is impossible not to mention the car that was released in 2015. Many people have become owners of the Nissan Pathfinder hybrid in 3 years. In the reviews, the owners notice the following features:

  • Very nice interior. Just like the premium Infiniti QX60.
  • 230-horsepower engine with new Xtronic CVT makes this hybrid surprisingly powerful.
  • Holds the road securely, alsopleases informative steering wheel.
  • With a clearance of 18.2 cm, the suspension has an impressive energy reserve. In general, motorists characterize it as soft and impenetrable.
  • Average fuel consumption is 8.7 liters, and this is one of the main reasons why many have already purchased this model.
  • Ride is impressive. Also, many are pleased with the unusual work of the hybrid. The cabin is incredibly quiet.
nissan pathfinder 4 liter owner reviews
nissan pathfinder 4 liter owner reviews

In general, according to motorists, of all the available hybrids, the Pathfinder model is one of the most worthy options.

2016 Edition: 3.5 CVT

Now you can consider the feedback from the owners of the 4th generation Pathfinder. Here are the features that motorists love:

  • In the cabin, everything is very ergonomic. The location of each button and lever is remembered at a glance.
  • There is a winter package (heated seats and steering wheel) and a summer package (seat ventilation).
  • The front seats are electric, there is a memory for two drivers.
  • The interior is designed so that everyone is comfortable on a long journey.
  • Fifth power door.
  • There is an organizer in the boot floor.
  • Management is very convenient. SUV behaves predictably.
  • Any bumps can be driven safely.
  • Good noise isolation.
  • There is a descent assistance system.
  • ESP can be disabled.
  • Responsive brakes, correct ABS response.
nissanpathfinder owner reviews 2 5 diesel
nissanpathfinder owner reviews 2 5 diesel

Based on all the owner reviews left about the new Pathfinder, we can conclude that this is a comfortable car with impressive potential. It is suitable for confident and calm movement over long distances - including off-road and mountain routes.

2014 edition: 2.5 automatic transmission

This is also the latest generation model, but this Pathfinder consumes diesel. In the reviews of the owners, you can find the following comments about the SUV:

  • On the road, he behaves like a passenger car. The diesel 190-horsepower engine is enough for overtaking with a margin.
  • Doesn't sway at 180 km/h and doesn't "jump" - if desired, the motorist continues to accelerate.
  • You can ride in a car for almost a day without stopping, and at the same time not feel tired and uncomfortable in your back.
  • Consumption at an average speed computer shows satisfactory - 10.6 liters per 100 km (mixed mode). With less dynamic driving, consumption drops to 9.5 liters.
  • The car has excellent cruise control, which is especially helpful on a free highway at night.
  • The 4WD system is great. The locks are distributed and the car moves up the off-road slowly but surely.
nissan pathfinder with mileage owner reviews
nissan pathfinder with mileage owner reviews

The only feature of the diesel model that you need to get used to is the operation of the motor. At first glance, it may seem that there is not enough power. But then, getting used to it, motorists realize how and when to step on the gas, and the problemdisappears.

Common shortcomings of the latest generation

Having studied the reviews of the owners of the new Nissan Pathfinder, we can distinguish the following disadvantages of this SUV:

  • It is not clear the location of the headlights: LED - rear, and halogen - front.
  • Weak navigator, no HDMI input and no map updates.
  • Cigarette lighter sockets are too deep.
  • The mats are too small.
  • When driving fast and dynamically, the consumption is very high.
  • Medium quality plastic skin.
  • A plus of a drive on asph alt becomes a minus on off-road, as pavements go much more confidently precisely on poor pavement. Suspension begins to make disturbing sounds.
  • Diesel models require a heater.
  • Manual transmission versions have a very weak clutch flywheel, pedal failure is also observed.
  • The turning radius is large, it is inconvenient in the city when parking.

And another natural drawback - many argue that the car becomes expensive to maintain after 100,000 kilometers. Therefore, if possible, it is better to purchase a new one or with low mileage.

Nissan Pathfinder 4 liter engine
Nissan Pathfinder 4 liter engine

Common virtues

It is worth finishing the topic by listing the general advantages that are characteristic of most Pathfinder SUVs. In the reviews of owners with photos, the following advantages are most often mentioned:

  • The car is spacious and comfortable. Ideal for travelers or for a large family.
  • Despiteits impressive dimensions, the SUV is very easy to drive.
  • The trunk is big. With such a machine, you can even make a move.
  • Appearance pleases with brutality.
  • Most engines are distinguished by thrust, power and economy.
  • All necessary systems and options are included in the initial package.
  • The units and components of the car are reliable, they go for a very long time. Parts are inexpensive and easy to find.

The most important thing that all the owners of the Pathfinder mention is that this car needs to be monitored, MOT must be done on time and breakdowns should be immediately corrected if they happen. Then the SUV will delight its owner for many more years.