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Review Lexus IS F, LC F, NX F

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Review Lexus IS F, LC F, NX F
Review Lexus IS F, LC F, NX F

The Lexus company produces premium cars for the market of most countries of the world, although initially it was supposed to produce a car only for the domestic consumer. But after the car became recognizable in every corner of the planet, the company found its fans all over the world, including Russia.

Lexus IS F

This model is the top version of the Lexus IS line. For the first time, modification F was built into this particular model. The first generation Lexus IS F was introduced in 2007 in the USA. Its sales started a year after the presentation and continued for five whole years.

Lexus IS F belongs to the class of sports cars, and it looks really sporty. The top modification was equipped with a 5-liter engine with a capacity of 423 horsepower. And the 8-speed automatic transmission had the ability to manually shift. In manual speed mode, switching took just 0.1 seconds. Acceleration of the car to 100 km / h was 4.8 seconds, which for a car in 2009 was one of the best indicators among serial sedans. Lexus IS F speed limit -270 km/h (no limit).

In 2007, Lexus announced the creation of 50 copies of a special version of this car, the cost of which was $68,000 (approximately 4,500,000 rubles).

Lexus IS F had the usual design for all sedans. At the front, the car had a stylish radiator grille with many cells. It had the Lexus logo on it. A wide air intake is built into the bumper, and ellipsoidal fog lights are located on the sides of the bumper. The car does not have any embossed lines, like the same Mercedes, for example. But still, the model looks very sporty. The front optics have a pointed design: the headlight narrows towards the inside.

The main element of the interior is a multimedia screen, on the sides of which there are control buttons. The dashboard has built-in mini-displays showing vehicle speed, gear mode and more. Pedals have a stylish design with many through holes. The latest versions of this car start with a button.

Lexus IS F black

Lexus LC F

The Lexus LC line has been talked about for a long time, but the nuances were not known. The first details about the Lexus LC F began to appear in 2017. The presentation of this car is scheduled for 2019. The car will receive an engine with a capacity of 630 horsepower. The maximum torque will be 640 Nm. This car is classified as a sports car and has a coupe body. The mass of this model will be only 1,800 kilograms with a driver.

Outwardlythe car looks very presentable. The most noticeable element is the huge grille, which houses the license plate and emblem of the Lexus company. The front optics are LED, very reminiscent of the optics of Lamborghini cars.

Since this car is in a coupe body, there is little space inside, respectively: the model is intended only for the driver and one passenger. A large touchscreen display is built into the front panel to control all vehicle functions. To the left of it is a joystick (encoder).

There aren't that many buttons on the center console. All this is compensated by the display and buttons on the steering wheel. The instrument panel is fully electronic. Indications of work of all systems of the car are displayed on the big display. The image from the rear camera is projected onto the dashboard display. The gear lever serves only an aesthetic function.

Between the comfortable leather front seats is an armrest. Inside it is a station for wireless charging of phones, as well as a department for storing every little thing. Speakers from the Harman / Kardon company are built into the doors, reproducing a wonderful and high-quality sound. The display also supports the Apple Car Play function, with which you can manage Apple devices without access to them.

lexus LC F

Lexus NX F Sport

Lexus-NX-F-Sport is a premium compact crossover produced from 2014 to our time. It was produced on the platform of the Toyota Rav-4 car. Issued inall-wheel drive version with a 2-liter gasoline engine and 238 horsepower. Fuel consumption with this modification of the engine is about 10 liters per 100 kilometers. The Lexus NX-F is equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission.

The latest models of cars from Lexus are very similar. For example, a car of any line now has a huge radiator grille. Under the headlights is an LED strip that is responsible for the direction indicators. The interior is very spacious, has premium leather trim. Through the large remote touch screen, the driver can control all the functions of the car.

lexus NX F

Lexus rims

For all models in the Lexus F-Sport range, rims are available in 18", 19" and 20" diameters. The price is directly dependent on the diameter. For 19-inch alloy wheels, you will have to pay about 70 thousand rubles, and for 20-inch alloy wheels - already 80 thousand rubles for a set of four wheels.

F-Sport rims


F line cars are Lexus premium cars. The prefix F denotes an improved version of the model. The most popular models are Lexus LX, FX, LC and RX. Thanks to its attractive appearance, the car has fans. But not everyone can afford tuj, because the prices for it bite very much.

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