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Tuning "Lexus GX460": photo

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Tuning "Lexus GX460": photo
Tuning "Lexus GX460": photo

Tuning the Lexus GX460 is work that allows you to improve the SUV to make it more functional. Such a car will not merge with the total mass of cars, because it will have its own individual character. This article will be devoted to the topic of Lexus restyling.

Tuning accessories

Performing tuning on the Lexus GX460 requires reliable and high-quality accessories. They should be created with the help of professional designers and have a modern look. Only under these conditions can the desired result be achieved: the car will stand out from other cars.

SUV 2015 Lexus GX 460


It is necessary to choose an element made of high quality stainless steel, polished and processed in a special way. This will provide the body kit with the highest anti-corrosion protection, and the gloss of the polished surface will remain for many years.

Installation of the accessory will contribute to the creation of the individual appearance of the vehicle. Also, with its help, you can emphasize the features of the character of the "Lexus"as an off-road vehicle, experience the many benefits this vehicle provides.

In addition to changing the design of the SUV, installing a body kit will also protect the body to some extent, protect it from all sorts of mechanical damage. Therefore, tuning the Lexus GX460 with a body kit can be called a mandatory procedure if the car owner wants to take maximum care of his vehicle.

Engine tuning

Kit elements

There are three elements in the body kit.

  1. Protective piece that mounts to the front bumper.
  2. Protection on the rear bumper.
  3. Thresholds.

If the car owner decides to restyle, tuning the Lexus GX460 body kit will be a great start for further transformations.

Front bumper guards are tubes that are gently curved to mimic the shape of the original bumper and bodywork. In this way, it is possible to successfully close the surface of all body elements, ensuring their protection from external negative factors.

By installing protection in the area of ​​regular places, you can achieve high rigidity of fasteners and a decent level of reliability.

Tuning the Lexus GX460 body kit is a great choice. Such modifications will provide protection in the event of a minor accident and help you move confidently in rough terrain. After installing the body kit, the driver will not be distracted by the sound that is created when the bumper comes into contact with branches, bushes or tall grass when the SUV is moving alongroads outside the city. Also, when tuning the Lexus GX460 with a body kit, you can take care of the paintwork of the car.

Service auto center


The SUV can be made even more spectacular. Considering the issue of restyling, tuning the Lexus GX460 can be done in the form of a “kenguryatnik” installation. What is this element? The design is characterized by the appearance of a pipe, which is bent in the form of a horseshoe. It goes beyond the dimensions of the vehicle and protects the SUV from damage in difficult traffic situations. But the disadvantage of this design is the ability to protect only sections of the central part of the machine. "Kenguryatnik" is unable to save even the edges of the bumper.


The system of accelerated heating of catalysts ensures the smooth operation of the SUV. On a cold start, the exhaust system is also cold, causing the catalysts to not work properly. They need to warm up faster to bring them to operating mode.

The fact that Lexus is magnificent and in its original form can be judged by the photo. Tuning the Lexus GX460, however, is not always aimed at changing the appearance of the car. This implies the installation of additional pumps in the exhaust system. By mixing air into the exhaust gases, you can get a reaction with oxygen to heat up the catalysts.

Problems with the pump and valves require replacement. The pump is located in an inconvenient place where water often enters. Such a system must be dismantled and tuned.

Tuning salon "Lexus"

Secondary air supply system is tested by computer. This way you can study the nature of the current errors.

At the Lexus, the catalyst is a sore point. But all these problems can be eliminated at once, so as not to return to this issue. If factory updates are available, you can immediately upload the appropriate program if the car has not been updated at official dealers.

Tuning "Lexus"

Chip tuning

The Lexus GX460 chip tuning will help improve pedal responsiveness and provide the best off-road capability. The software part of tuning consists in connecting a special adapter, a laptop and a program through the diagnostic connector. No mechanical intervention is required. Everything is done in a diagnostic way through a standard diagnostic block. A special program is recorded, which will take into account the latest factory updates. So it will be possible to eliminate minor flaws reported by Lexus owners. The problematic catalyst heating system, EGR (exhaust protection system) and software speed limit are turned off. The car will go faster, according to its capabilities, as the maximum speed will increase.

At the end of the recording process, turn off the ignition and proceed to mechanical work. It is important to first view the identification of the control unit. It can be seen that the changes were made successfully. After that, it is necessary to start the engine and check the operation of the SUV. With the help of a computerdiagnostics, you can once again make sure that there are no errors. A properly installed and running program does not require additional intervention.

Salon Lexus GX460

Mechanical work

The Lexus engine is equipped with an EGR system and a heat exchanger that feeds exhaust gases back to the engine. Exhaust gases are cooled with antifreeze. These two systems can be removed from the vehicle as they may interfere with engine operation.

The EGR valve is also equipped with a pipe into which exhaust gases enter. All the soot flies from here to the exhaust manifold. By removing these tubes and the heat exchanger, you can redo the entire cooling system. Plugs are put in place of the tubes, using their native gasket. The EGR valve itself is completely removed from the engine. A plug with two threaded studs is installed on the flange. Another stainless steel plug is placed on the exhaust manifold. The plugs are made of 5 mm thick steel, which is cut by a laser. It is permissible to leave the catalyst in order to protect the environment from exhaust. Such a system can function up to ten years.

SUV restyling

About Khann

Ordering a Lexus GX460 tuning from Khann is a great solution. This company transforms luxury cars, giving them a personal touch. Among Russian celebrities, Leonid Agutin and Anzhelika Varum, as well as Marat Basharov, entrusted their Lexuses to them. For them, experts have developed an original SUV design.

Professionals of this company keep track of all fashiontrends in order to always offer its customers the most original tuning news. By ordering the installation of an aerodynamic body kit, you can get not only improved functionality, but also an original design. You will never see another Lexus like this anywhere else.


Car owners perform technical tuning of the Lexus to improve the engine and achieve its maximum performance. External tuning, like a body kit, is a great way to protect the body of an SUV from mechanical damage. This is also possible thanks to the installation of a kenguryatnik.

If a car enthusiast wants to order an original VIP tuning, it is recommended to contact Khann. The specialists of this service are engaged in the installation of an aerodynamic body kit. After performing tuning work of this kind, the SUV acquires an individual look. If a person wants to have a Lexus that no one else has, then it is recommended to contact this particular company.

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