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Car "Lexus" 570: photos, equipment and reviews

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Car "Lexus" 570: photos, equipment and reviews
Car "Lexus" 570: photos, equipment and reviews

The official presentation of a luxury luxury car in the third generation called "Lexus-570" was held in the spring of 2007. This event happened at a car show in New York, and in November the vehicle appeared before the public on the domestic market (Moscow, Millionaire Fair exhibition). The base of the Land Cruiser remained at the heart of the car, with the exception of an increase in overall dimensions, an improvement in the interior and the installation of a power unit with increased power ratings. Consider the features of the SUV and consumer reviews about it.

Auto "Lexus-570"


The Japanese brand at the beginning of 2012 at the Detroit Auto Show demonstrated an updated SUV "Lexus-570". In addition to cosmetic changes in appearance, the unique car received an improved interior package and some additional equipment. At the same time, the technical part remained practically unchanged.

The car in question underwent another wave of restyling in 2015. Those who wish could admire this copy at the competition in Pebble Beach. The third series has significantly changed externally and internally (in terms of interior). Besides,the six-range automatic transmission has given way to an 8-speed analogue.


The new "Lexus-570" looks solid and impressive. It is made in the best traditions of the Japanese brand. The front of the vehicle is adorned with a large, spindle-shaped shield that protects the radiator grille.

In addition, there is aggressive lighting, a sculptural bumper, the stern is equipped with LED "boomerangs". The appearance of the car shows a muscular silhouette with expressive stamped parts and partially square wheel arches. They can accommodate alloy wheels up to 21 inches.

Image "Lexus-570": description

The dimensions of the SUV are impressive with their parameters:

  • Length/width/height – 5, 06/1, 98/1, 86 m.
  • Wheelbase - 2.85 mm.
  • Total weight of the machine is 3300 kg.
  • Clearance - 22.6 cm.


After updating the Lexus-570 car, the photo of which is presented below, came as close as possible to the main features of the brand, which allowed the vehicle to get a modern and aristocratic look. The car has a three-spoke multifunctional steering wheel, a stylish “stuffing” with a 4.2-inch display. In addition, the presentability of the dashboard and the arrangement of instruments on it have been improved.

There is a separate 12.3-inch tablet on the center console. An elegant analog clock was fitted under it, which has become a hallmark of most Lexuses. On the"torpedo" provides a minimum number of buttons responsible for the settings of the air conditioner and audio system. The interior equipment of the car will delight owners with an atmosphere of luxury and comfort. Here, high-end leather and natural wood, not to mention aluminum inserts.

Front seats with a wide profile are equipped with several modes of adjustment, heating and ventilation. Such equipment will provide proper comfort to passengers of any configuration. The rear sofa can easily accommodate three overall people. At the same time, it is possible to adjust the “climate”.

Interior of the car "Lexus-570"

Cargo bay

The luggage compartment of the Lexus 570 is not as large as some users would like. The volume of the cargo compartment is 258 liters. If the third level of seats is folded down, the usable capacity increases to 700 liters. The maximum figure is 1274 liters (with the second and third row of seats folded down). The "reserve" is located outside, under the bottom, a set of tools is placed in a special hidden compartment.

Main Specifications

The heart of the Lexus 570 is an eight-cylinder naturally aspirated petrol engine. They are arranged in a V-shape, fuel injection is of a distributed type, volume is 5.7 liters. The power indicator is 383 horsepower, revs - 5600 rpm, maximum torque - 548 Nm.

The power plant aggregates with an automatic transmission unit for 8 ranges. In addition, with thesethe elements interact with an all-wheel drive system with a symmetrical type differential, which is designed to redistribute traction between the axles (there is a technology responsible for switching modes when driving off-road).

Such parameters enable a massive device, weighing under 3 tons, to dial "hundred" in just 7.2 seconds. The electronic limiter fixes the maximum speed within 220 km/h. Fuel consumption varies from 13 (on the highway) to 18 liters (in the city).

Gearbox "Lexus-570"


Below is a photo of the 2018 Lexus-570. It is a real SUV that is able to cross a ford up to a depth of 0.7 meters, as well as boost the height when the rear wheel is 63 centimeters off. The angle of the longitudinal passability is 23 degrees, and the similar parameters of the exit and exit are 20 and 29 degrees, respectively.

The basic basis of the car in question is a powerful frame made of high-strength steel. The machine is equipped with a body height adjustment system, and also has a hydropneumatic adaptive suspension. In the front, there are paired wishbones, and in the back there is a dependent structure with four elements. As standard, the SUV is equipped with hydraulic power steering, ventilated disc brakes, BAS, ABS, EBD, A-TRC systems.

Complete set of car "Lexus-570"

Complete set "Lexus-570"

In the domestic marketthis SUV can be found in five basic configurations:

  1. "Standard".
  2. Premium.
  3. Luxury.
  4. As well as luxury equipment under the indices 21 and 8S.

The price of the regular format will be at least five million rubles. The optional includes ten airbags, LED optics, front and rear parking sensors, a climate control unit, and a multimedia installation. In addition, the consumer receives a leather interior, nine speakers, a number of special electronic security systems.

The maximum configuration will cost at least 5.9 million rubles. The equipment includes a third row of seats with electric transformation, light-alloy 21-inch wheels, two LCD screens, heating and ventilation of all seats and additional equipment.

Car capacity "Lexus-570"

What are the owners saying?

As users note, the new Lexus-570, the photo of which you see above, is distinguished not only by excellent technical characteristics, but also by excellent equipment, including climate control, leather interior equipment, airbags (already in the basic configuration). The rest of the functions and capabilities of the machine also do not cause any complaints from the owners. The only drawback of an SUV, like most luxury vehicles, is the high price. In general, this crossover is ahead of its competitors in most indicators, including the parameters of dynamics and safety.

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