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Ford Excursion: history, specifications, owner reviews

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Ford Excursion: history, specifications, owner reviews
Ford Excursion: history, specifications, owner reviews

Back in 1999, the Ford Excursion entered the car market. It was presented at the Texas Auto Show and then went into series production. The off-road vehicle was created on the basis of the powerful Ford F 250 truck. The designers did not invent a new complex development, making everything simple: a single supporting frame, springs, cast axles with automatic transmission, the ability to turn on a lower gear in full drive. Everything perfect is simple, this truck was created with such thoughts.

road giant

Model history

For the first time, the production of such a model was thought about in the mid-90s, when huge SUVs became popular, striking in their capabilities. A few years later, the American company Ford introduced the Ford Excursion limousine truck to the public.

Six months before the release of the car, the concern's managers prepared the consumer with excellent advertising, so many motorists were waiting for this model. At the showroom, attention was focused only on the Excursion SUV.

Expectations were not in vain - the audience was pleasantly shocked by the size andbuild quality. The presence under the hood of just an engine with a volume of more than 5 liters impressed even the most experienced motorists.

The famous SUV

Judging by the amount of feedback on the Ford Excursion, the SUV is currently popular among lovers of huge cars. Even though the Jeep ceased production in 2005, interest in it has not subsided so far.

Let's get to know the American monster better.


Let's start our review, as usual, with the appearance. A tank is what comes to mind when describing the size of an SUV. Dimensions and body shape indicate that the model was created specifically for real men who value quality, reliability and power.

The large front bumper creates the effect of massiveness and aggressiveness. Strict classic head optics does not stand out against the background of the overall design, but only restrains the aggressive mood of the car.

Model 2016

Huge ground clearance and durable rubber wheels will easily overcome any impassability. The body length of almost 6 meters makes this "Jeep" a limousine class.

The side mirrors are equipped with LEDs that signal the presence of interference from the side, because due to the high height, the driver simply may not notice those who are driving nearby. The width is one of the largest among such machines - 3.5 meters.

Off-road interior

Judging by the appearance of the car, we can safely say that there is plenty of space inside. The trunk impresses with itscapacity - almost 1500 liters, and if you fold the rear row of seats, the free space will increase by 3 times.

The dashboard of the Ford Excursion is nothing special. Leather upholstery with small wooden inserts looks solid and strict, and does not particularly attract the attention of passengers and the driver.

Front Panel

The head unit is traditionally located in the center of the front console, and a little lower are the climate and air conditioning control buttons. The wooden armrest has two niches for glasses or small bottles.

The two-spoke steering wheel features a shift lever transmission, which is a traditional feature of American cars. The instrument panel includes: speedometer, tachometer, fuel and temperature gauges.

The SUV has nine seats, but the back row is usually folded, which increases the volume of the trunk.


The technical specifications of the Ford Excursion are nothing special. The model line uses huge diesel and gasoline engines. As such engines, V-shaped 8- and 10-cylinder engines are used. The smallest of them is a 5.4-liter unit that produces 255 horsepower. The second V-shaped 6.8 liter petrol engine has 10 cylinders and 310 horsepower.

Diesel installations as well as gasoline - two modifications. The first is a V8 with a whopping 7.3 liters and 250 horsepower. The second engine, the youngest inthe entire line, has a capacity of 325 horsepower and a volume of 6 liters.

Due to the use of such powerful power units, the mass of the car exceeds 4 tons.

Ford Excursion

As a transmission, automatic transmissions with 4 and 5 steps are used. The transmission transmits torque to the front axle or both in the car.

Owner Reviews

The owners of the American "monster" celebrate the unlimited possibilities off the track. Although there are downsides, in particular, the simply unthinkable fuel consumption of the Ford Excursion - almost 30 liters in a combined cycle. Therefore, if you are still going to buy this car, get ready to refuel often, the engine's appetite is excellent. A significant drawback is that in the future it will be difficult for Ford to sell on the secondary market.

It is impossible not to note the breathtaking and expressive appearance of tuning Ford Excursion. The fantasies of enthusiasts have no limits. Not only the exterior is changing, but the technical equipment. The suspension is being finalized, the shock absorbers are being strengthened, the head optics are changing and much more, it all depends on the desire of the owner.

Expedition option

Car price

Due to the fact that the model is no longer produced, the SUV can only be found in the secondary market. The problem will be the fact that Ford was only shipped to the United States of America, Canada and Europe. This exotic vehicle can be found in the CIS countries for about 4,500,000 rubles in the basic version.

Ford Excursion is not the most popular SUV in Russia, because the fuel consumption of a car can reach 40 liters. Given the cost of gasoline, the owner of this car may go broke. Therefore, before acquiring such a giant, think about whether you can support it.

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