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Utility ATV ZID-200: description, specifications, design features

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Utility ATV ZID-200: description, specifications, design features
Utility ATV ZID-200: description, specifications, design features

Today, consumers have a wide selection of ATVs from various manufacturers, so choosing one is quite difficult. In Russia, the ZID-200 ATV from the Lifan brand has gained wide popularity. It features a simple engine and restrained design.


Many buyers of the ZID-200 ATV are attracted by the low cost. This option is good value for money. After all, despite the low price, the ATV has good characteristics. The ZID-200 ATV model is considered utilitarian and is single-seat. The second name of the ZID-200 model is Tarpan.

quad bike zid 200 red

The ZID-200 ATV is inferior to its peers in design and technical characteristics, however, it is one of the best in terms of cross-country ability. Good cross-country ability is ensured by the wheelbase and 150 mm ground clearance.


The appearance is not particularly attractive, since the model is domestic, when it was created, the manufacturer didthe main focus on specifications and quality.

Good cross-country ability, which was mentioned above, is also due to the presence of a good traction engine and optimal weight. With an average engine, the weight of the ATV will be 270 kilograms. ZID-200 has a two-stroke engine, the engine contains one cylinder. It runs on gasoline fuel, which is supplied through a carburetor.

ATV black

At the ZID-200 ATV, the technical characteristics make it possible to achieve a power of 16 horsepower, while the engine size is 200 cm3. In one block with the engine, a manual gearbox is installed, which is designed for five speeds. Standard control with a mechanical box allows you to feel the gear change. The manufacturer has also provided an air cooling system.

Design Features

At the ZID-200 ATV, there is a pendulum-type suspension in the rear part, and an independent single-lever suspension with shock absorbers in the front. Standard equipment includes standard wheels, a rear-view mirror, direction indicators, rear brake lights and headlights. Fog lights are also provided in the front. The standard set of necessary elements is conveniently located on the steering wheel, which ensures ease of operation.

zid 200 blue

This equipment allows you to move comfortably and safely even on public roads. As an addition, there are mounts for a wardrobe trunk and a towbar. Another ATVhas one comfortable seat. The engine is started using an electric starter.


ZID-200 has very few indicative instruments, including odometer, speedometer and on/off indicators. turn signals and high/low beam. This is definitely a disadvantage as the driver has no way to track the amount of fuel remaining.

Some reviews of the ZID-200 ATV say that the big drawback is the lack of protection for the engine and other elements. After all, this can cause damage on the road, as well as inaccurate driving.

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