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Contract engine: how to understand what it is? Definition, characteristics, features of work, comparison, pros and cons

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Contract engine: how to understand what it is? Definition, characteristics, features of work, comparison, pros and cons
Contract engine: how to understand what it is? Definition, characteristics, features of work, comparison, pros and cons

If your power unit is out of order, then you are likely to think about overhauling it. However, when you arrive at the service station and diagnose your car, you will know the answer. If it is positive, then you will pay cash and finally repair your engine and drive happily ever after.

However, if the answer is no, then you will only be offered to change your motor to another one. And then immediately the question is: how to understand - "contract engine"? It's simple: this is a motor that acts as an alternative to a new, original one. It is usually not expensive, and is more effective than an old and used power unit.

Engines: sale of contract

What is this?

How to understand: "contract engine"? These are just such motors that were removed from cars located outside the Russian Federation. Most often from Japan. After all, it is there that the power units are the most reliable, with a resource of more than four hundred thousand kilometers.run. In general, an excellent indicator. But those motors that were bought or removed from the cars of European countries rarely reach the Russian Federation, or are not bought at all.

Why is it called that

How to understand - "contract engine"? It is called such because the companies that import such power units to the Russian Federation have contracts with auction owners, as well as other very important people and legal entities. They also help suppliers and give some engines for free. This is how people selling contract engines work. When you make such a deal, be sure to analyze the motor itself. So to speak, weigh all the pros and cons. Specify the details of the transaction, find out if there are documents for the power unit. How to understand - "contract engine"? The most important thing is that he has technical papers.

Cons of a contract engine

Power unit contract

Yes, although it has a lot of advantages, it also has a lot of disadvantages. Still, this is a power unit that has already been used by anyone, which may have been operated incorrectly, or too bad oil was poured into it. And also another owner "fed" his car with low-quality gasoline, because of which the engine could have serious problems in the future.

Therefore, buying such a motor, one cannot be sure that tomorrow it will not break. Periodically, you need to call in the service station and check, diagnose the contract engine.Indeed, in it, as it became clear above in the material of the article, hidden problems are possible that need to be solved. It is not uncommon for cases when, after a thousand rolled runs, all components of a contract engine break down completely, and it becomes impossible to drive. "Contract engine of the first configuration" - how to understand? This is a motor that is the freshest and youngest. His mileage is very low.


As it became clear, the risk of engine failure is very high. Yes, this happens extremely rarely, and usually during the warranty replacement period. However, if you are still unlucky - do not despair.

Still, buying such an engine is very risky, and, of course, sometimes it's not worth that kind of money. But still, if you caught fire with such a desire, you don’t need to regret it very much later. What was - something has passed.

old engine

Another disadvantage of contract internal combustion engines is that they are not suitable options. Still, there are a lot of them. After all, each is unique in its own way, and also made for different cars. Therefore, in order to find your power unit and be satisfied, you need to try. Especially if your car is older than 91. But for newer models, years like 2010-2015, it is very easy to replace the engine.

How to understand - "a contract engine for a car"? This is a motor that was taken from another car and sold to a client for little money.


It is worth noting that in addition to the time to search for your internal combustion engine, you will need to allocate time for re-registration, replacement of the motor incar and so on. And it takes a lot of time.

Where to buy a contract engine?

Contract engine

Such transactions should only be made with trusted suppliers who have their own contracts with other people, and who are sure to do this in a completely legal and legal way. Otherwise, you can become an accomplice in his case and also fall under the article. You do not need this, and therefore buy contract engines from trusted people.

Better to do this: find a real, official store that has a license to sell such parts. In this case, if you were sold a really faulty engine, which is also wanted, you can find the last one, provide a purchase receipt, punish the offender and avoid many conflicts yourself. And problems with the law are fraught with very bad consequences.

It is worth emphasizing right away that the company that gives you such an engine for money must definitely give official and original technical documents for it. The concept of "contract engine" simply means the same ordinary engine as the others, but it was brought from other countries. If you are a resident of the city, just search the Internet for a store of similar engines, and find yours.

In Krasnoyarsk there is an "Affordable Service" company, which provides services for the sale of such motors to all people. They have a lot of spare parts, engines with documents, there are no problems with the law. According to reviews - the perfect store. In general, the residents of the city of Krasnoyarsk shouldshop there. In this case, there will definitely be no problems with the power unit and with the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

It is worth emphasizing that in a good store there is a consultant who will definitely help you with choosing a good contract engine model.

New contract engine

All stores must work directly with overseas auctions and have links that help suppliers.

For a small additional fee, you will be offered to have your motor in a specialized service station, and may be given a discount.

It is worth emphasizing that in specialized official centers for the sale of contract engines, when buying one, you must be issued a guarantee. At best, it should be a year, but there are situations when a warranty card is issued for a month, two or three. It's perfectly normal.

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