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Car brush for snow with a scraper: reviews

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Car brush for snow with a scraper: reviews
Car brush for snow with a scraper: reviews

Visibility of the car plays an important role in the process of its operation. Not only the quality of the car control, but also the convenience of the driver depends on how transparent the glass is and does not have third-party interference. You can get rid of dirt and dust with the help of ordinary improvised windshield care products, however, snow and ice require a special approach. For such cleaning, a car brush made of special materials is used.

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General information about scraper brushes

Externally, these brushes are practically no different from conventional models for the home. Nevertheless, in the process of use, you can feel the features of the operational properties of such products. First of all, they are distinguished by a combined base with the possibility of using a scraper. Due to its presence, the car brush is able to cope with frozen coatings without deforming the glass surface. It is special plastic materials that achieve the effect of soft mechanical action on foreign particles.

Also, depending on the modification, the brushes can be supplied with additional functionality. For example, in the assortments of many manufacturers you can find modifications with water collectors. With suchequipped with a brush for snow car will provide protection against arbitrary outflow of water. This design feature is especially important during the snowmelt season.

Varieties of models

The most common version is a double tip design with a soft classic brush on one side and a scraper on the other. Such models differ in functionality and ergonomics.

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Telescopic elongated modifications are also common. In fact, this is the same car snow brush, the soft part of which allows you to cope with loose mass, and the hard part effectively removes ice. However, the telescoping device of the carrier base allows the holder to be extended a certain distance. This makes it possible to easily cope with the care of crossovers and SUVs, access to some surfaces of which is difficult for a remote distance.

Another variation of this tool is a single scraper. These are specialized models, the design of which is designed specifically to rid the glass of frost. Scraper kits of this type include gloves made of high-strength and heat-resistant materials.

Reviews about the model FL085 from Fill Inn

This is one of the most functional and ergonomic models in the segment, which is a classic combined design. In this modification, the car brush allows you to use the possibilities of soft cleaning and a hard scraper. According to users, workerssurfaces gently act on the glass without leaving scratches on its base. Mechanical care is achieved thanks to split bristles. At the same time, many point to the ability of the tool to effectively remove snow cover in hard-to-reach places. The elastic structure is both tough and delicate in cleaning.

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Another advantage of this version is the telescopic design. As already noted, such models allow you to adjust the length of the holder in accordance with current needs. The maximum distance to which the snow broom extends in this version is 117 cm. This is enough for convenient maintenance of both passenger cars and SUVs.

Reviews about the KOTO model

In the line of this manufacturer you can find no less interesting modification BWN-005. This brush is designed to clean glass from snow and ice. The tool's owners especially emphasize its ergonomics in terms of physical handling. The scraper and soft brush are made according to standard technologies, however, the rubberized pad on the surface of the handle noticeably distinguishes the design from the total mass of similar products. In addition, the KOTO car brush compares favorably with a modest price tag of only 300 rubles.

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In comparison, multifunctional models that provide essentially the same level of cleaning performance often cost over $1,000

Reviews aboutmodels STELS 55293

Simple in design, but high-quality executed model, which is suitable not only for cleaning glass from snow cover, but also for caring for the surface of the body. The wear-resistant functional part is a combination of a scraper and a brush. According to users of this tool, it is characterized by rigidity and a high degree of reliability. The presence of a special groove that runs along the handle just provides the ability to withstand heavy loads. In addition, many owners speak positively about the very form of the holder. In terms of the convenience of working in hard-to-reach places, this model loses even premium car brushes. Reviews about this model, by the way, emphasize not only the comfort when handling it, but also the stylistically original design, which is also important.

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Often, the presence of functional and effective accessories in the household becomes a greater advantage than the main characteristics of the serviced object. Built-in glass heating systems do not always save during periods of severe frost, besides consuming battery power. In turn, elementary care with the help of a special device allows you to quickly put in order the appearance of glass and metal surfaces of the body. Of course, not every car brush-scraper will cope with this task at the proper level. Therefore, in choosing such an assistant, you should pay attention to several parameters at once. itconcerns both the ergonomics of the handle and the quality of the materials of the brush with a scraper, as well as the availability of additional features in the form of a water squeegee and a telescopic holder.

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