Tires Matador MP 92 Sibir Snow: reviews and features

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Tires Matador MP 92 Sibir Snow: reviews and features
Tires Matador MP 92 Sibir Snow: reviews and features

Among all tire manufacturers, it is worth highlighting the European brand Matador. The rubber of this company is of good quality and affordable price. Tires of the enterprise are 10-20% cheaper than analogues from more famous brands. All models of the company are in strong demand. This statement fully applies to tires Matador MP 92 Sibir Snow. Reviews of the presented tires are mostly positive.

For which cars

Crossover on a winter road
Crossover on a winter road

The presented model is the flagship of the company. Tires are produced in 103 sizes with fit diameters from 13 to 20 inches. The main scope of application is vehicles with all-wheel drive. In reviews of the Matador MP 92 Sibir Snow, owners indicate that these tires are capable of very high speeds. For example, some sizes retain their performance up to 240 km/h.

Season of applicability

This type of tire is designed exclusively for winter use. The chemists of the concern managed to create the maximumsoft compound. The rubber compound can withstand even extreme cold weather. At elevated temperatures, things are a little different. The fact is that from heating the rubber roll increases. Thus, the rate of abrasive wear increases. This was also confirmed in the reviews of the Matador MP 92 Sibir Snow. Drivers strongly advise against using tires at temperatures above +5 degrees Celsius.

A few words about development

Tire testing equipment
Tire testing equipment

During the design of the presented tire, the company used modern technological solutions from the German Continental. First, the brand's engineers created a digital model. According to it, a physical prototype of tires was made, which was later tested at a special stand and the company's test site. Only after making all the necessary adjustments, the rubber was put into mass production.

About tread design

Many running characteristics of tires are directly related to the tread pattern. In the case of these tires, the brand has departed from the accepted canons. The fact is that this model was equipped with an asymmetric design. For winter, the directional, symmetrical arrangement of blocks is more characteristic.

Tire tread Matador MP 92 Sibir Snow
Tire tread Matador MP 92 Sibir Snow

The central functional area is represented by three stiffening ribs. They consist of large blocks of complex geometric shape. Thanks to this solution, it was possible to significantly increase the stability of the profile during high-speed movement. In reviews of the Matador MP 92 Sibir Snow, the owners claim that the tires hold the road perfectly. There is no need to correct the trajectory in any way. Moreover, the increased rigidity of the central part of the tires allows you to increase the speed of the response of the wheels to steering commands. According to this parameter, the specified model is no worse than some sports rubber samples. Naturally, the stability of rectilinear motion is observed only in cases where the manufacturer has not forgotten to enter the balancing stand and strictly observes all the speed limits declared by the brand.

The shoulder blocks bear the main load during braking and cornering. Especially to increase the stability of the presented maneuvers, these elements were made more massive. In customer reviews of the Matador MP 92 Sibir Snow, it is stated that the indicated tire model helps to take driving safety to a new level. The braking distance is short. Even during sharp maneuvers, the car does not blow away.

Behavior on Ice

This model is friction. The absence of spikes somewhat reduces the reliability of movement on ice. The probability of drifts increases significantly.

Behavior in the snow

When driving on a snowy road, these tires perform at their best. The fact is that the cutting edges of each block are located at a special angle. This helps to better remove snow from the contact patch. Slip is excluded.

Wet asph alt

Driving on a wet road is fraught with the effect of hydroplaning. The water barrier between the asph alt pavement and the tire reduces the contact area, resulting incontrol is lost. To offset the negative effect, manufacturers have proposed a set of measures.

hydroplaning effect
hydroplaning effect

During the development of the tire, they endowed it with a developed drainage system. It is represented by a combination of longitudinal and transverse channels. The increased size of the elements helps to quickly remove excess fluid from the contact patch.

The proportion of silicic acid was also increased in the composition of the compound. This connection helps to increase the reliability of traction. In reviews of the tires Matador MP 92 Sibir Snow, the owners claim that the tires literally stick to the road.

Each tread block was equipped with several wave-like sipes. Elements increase the rate of local drainage. They also increase the number of cutting edges in the contact patch. As a result, the reliability of the ride increases significantly.


These tires were designed specifically for cars with all-wheel drive. In reviews of the Matador MP 92 Sibir Snow SUV, owners also note high mileage rates. The fact is that tires retain their performance properties up to 50 thousand kilometers.

The reinforced carcass helped to increase the mileage. The metal threads of the cord are connected to each other by nylon. The polymer is highly elastic, which improves the quality of distribution and damping of excess impact energy. The risk of hernias and bumps is minimal even when driving on a bad road.

In reviews of the Matador MP 92 Sibir Snow, buyers note a low tread wear rate. This process is positiveinfluenced by carbon black introduced into the composition of the rubber compound. Abrasive wear is slow.

The structure of carbon black
The structure of carbon black

Optimized contact patch eliminates the pronounced focus of wear on one or another part of the tire. Rubber wears evenly.


In reviews of the Matador MP 92 Sibir Snow, drivers noted decent comfort indicators. Tires are soft. This allows the rubber to independently dampen the excess impact energy that occurs when driving over bumps. Shaking in the cabin is excluded.

At the same time, the model perfectly dampens the sound wave arising from the friction of the wheel on the asph alt road. So, the presented tires are ahead of the studded counterparts at times. The rumble in the cabin is excluded.