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Engine ZMZ-4063: characteristics and description

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Engine ZMZ-4063: characteristics and description
Engine ZMZ-4063: characteristics and description

The ZMZ-4063 engine is the power plant of ZAO Zavolzhsky Motor Plant, which is designed for installation on vehicles manufactured by GAZ and UAZ. The motor received particular popularity and distribution on the Gazelle.


The motor is part of the ZMZ-406 engine line. In addition to the main motor, there are three more modifications, including 4063. The well-known domestic Volgovsky motor marked 402 became the basis for the ZMZ-4063 (carburetor). But if you install two power units side by side, they will not be similar. In fact, it has become a new engine, after significant improvements.

Engine ZMZ 4063

A new cast-iron block has been installed on the ZMZ-4063. When repairing, it is possible to install standard size sleeves. The 8-valve head became 16 V. It already has two camshafts. Also a big plus was the presence of hydraulic lifters, which freed the owners from constant valve adjustment.

The second plus was that there is no timing belt. The plant still uses a more reliable chain. The recommended replacement interval is 100 thousand km, but the node runs differently, soit is recommended to monitor its condition.


Unlike ZMZ-402, the volume and fuel consumption was reduced on the new engine. Thanks to the new design, the motor received the Euro-2 environmental standard. It should be understood that this power plant was only for the Gazelle. ZMZ-4063 was not installed on Volga cars.

Engine ZMZ 4063

Let's consider the main technical characteristics of the engine:





Motor Series




Power system



2.3 liters (2286 cc)


4-cylinder 16-valve

Cylinder diameter


Power characteristics

110 l. s.

Motor resource

250 thousand km

The injection version of the engine received an electronic engine control unit - Mikas 7.1. ZMZ-4063, since the engine is carbureted, they did not supply the ECU.


All engines of the ZMZ-406 series are serviced in the same way. service interval according tomanufacturer's data is 15,000 km. However, for vehicles that operate on natural gas, the maintenance period has been reduced to 12,000 km. At the same time, professional drivers recommend reducing maintenance by another third in order to increase the resource of the power unit. Thus, for cars running on gasoline, the service will take place every 12 thousand km, and for operation on gas - 9000-10000 km.

Carburetor ZMZ 4063


Like all power units, ZMZ-4063 has a number of design flaws. So, some problems came up on almost all machines. Consider what the driver of the motor (carburetor) will have to face 406:

  • Engine knocking. Until this time, it is impossible to determine the nature and cause. Some motorists say that these are camshafts, others - crankshaft liners. Probably just have to accept and move on.
  • Floating idle. The first thing to do is to check the idle speed control. If this does not help, then it is worth dismantling and washing the carburetor. Burnt valves can also be the cause.
  • Timing jamming. Here the problem lies in the hydraulic tensioner. Take it apart and replace the part. Of course, no one can guarantee that after a few kilometers it will not jam again.
  • Overheating. One of the most common thermostat related problems. Recently, these parts have become especially jammed, everything is connected with the quality of their production. It is also recommended to check the coolant level.fluid in the system.
Timing chain replacement
  • Motor stalls. The reason is that armored wires are constantly breaking.
  • Traction dips. In this case, the fault is hidden in the ignition coil. A replacement will help resolve the issue.
  • Increased oil consumption. This means that there is increased wear on the valve stem seals or piston rings. It is recommended to replace worn parts.
  • Triple. There are a lot of reasons for the appearance of this phenomenon, and therefore you will have to look for a malfunction in different systems.


Since there is no ECU, we can't talk about chip tuning at all. This means that in order to increase power, it is necessary to dig directly into the mechanics of the engine. So, first of all, we change the valves. They will fit perfectly with 21083, but you will have to sharpen holes for them. Replace both camshafts.

Next, we throw out the complete connecting rod and piston group and install a light crankshaft, as well as forged pistons. Particular attention should be paid to the choice of connecting rods, they must also be forged. So, the output is a solid increase, as much as 200 liters. s.

Repair cylinder head ZMZ 4063

For those who are not enough 200 "horses", it is proposed to install a turbine. We buy a Garrett 28 turbo, piping and intercooler. We hang all this inside the engine compartment on our seats. For the turbine, you will need an injection head, which will cost a penny. We install sports nozzles immediately so as not to disassemble again.

As a result, the exitget 350-400 liters. With. It is worth considering that the resource of such a motor will be at best 100 thousand km. After using all the lotions, the motor is usually not repairable, except to regrind the block, and install everything else new, and even then not always. As practice shows, usually after such operation there are also cracks in the cylinder block.


The ZMZ-4063 engine is a domestic high-quality engine that has been serving faithfully for many years. Maintenance is carried out with ease and without much worries. Of course, there are design flaws that have been eliminated in the injection version. There is an opportunity to modify the power unit cheaply and with your own hands.

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