"Mercedes" E 300 - a representative of the class of mid-size passenger cars of a German company

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"Mercedes" E 300 - a representative of the class of mid-size passenger cars of a German company
"Mercedes" E 300 - a representative of the class of mid-size passenger cars of a German company

The production period of a series of passenger mid-size cars with the designation E-class is one of the longest. In addition, this model line of the German automaker is characterized by high production volumes.

When the E-class cars appeared

This category of mid-size Mercedes cars is one of the best-selling in all the years of the company's existence. The appearance of the E-class is associated with the 170 V model, developed in the pre-war period in the early 40s. Its release continued until 1950, it was from this time that the company began to manufacture cars that provide passengers with high comfort and space. This was especially true for the W120 and W121 models.

The year 1968 became important in the formation of mid-size passenger cars, when the production of the W115 model began. At the same time, the car has already been produced not only in the traditional sedan body, but also in the coupe version. After a planned update in 1973, the demand for the model increased, which allowed the company to develop several modifications with different engines in terms of power and type, as well asdegrees of comfort, including Mercedes E 300 D W115.

The next bright representative of this class was the model W124, released in 1985. Three years later, on its basis, the production of a coupe under the Mercedes index E 124 300 CE began. The car was produced until 1989. The fifth generation of the E-Class is currently being produced.

mercedes e 300
mercedes e 300

Modern E-class

Since 2017, sales of the company's new sedan under the designation "Mercedes" E 300 Luxury have begun in the showrooms of official dealers, including in Russia. The car attracts attention with a dynamic body design, which the company's designers managed to shape with the help of the following solutions:

  • chrome grille with three longitudinal inserts;
  • massive additional air intake;
  • unusually shaped head optics;
  • strong rib punching bonnet;
  • increased tilt windshield;
  • aerodynamic mirrors;
  • front massive stamping;
  • low roofline;
  • stepped aft sedan.

High comfort and safety are guaranteed by the following main systems and equipment:

  • 9 airbags;
  • leather trim;
  • improved sound insulation;
  • multifunction steering wheel;
  • entertainment and information complex;
  • parking package;
  • increased dashboard;
  • automatic light control.

Standardperformance of "Mercedes" E 300 Luxury has rear-wheel drive. An all-wheel drive version of the sedan is available as an option.

mercedes e class 300
mercedes e class 300

Technical parameters

"Mercedes" E 300 Luxury in the basic version has the following technical characteristics:

  • body type (brand) - sedan (W213);
  • number of doors – 4;
  • capacity - 5 people;
  • number of rows of seats – 2;
  • wheelbase - 2.94 m;
  • length - 4.92 m;
  • width – 1.85 m;
  • height – 1.47 m;
  • turning radius - 5.85 m;
  • road clearance - 16.0 cm;
  • weight – 1.66 t;
  • permissible weight - 2, 30 tons;
  • carrying capacity - 0.64 t;
  • permissible weight of the transported trailer (with brakes/without brakes) – 2.10t/0.75t;
  • engine model - M274DE20AL;
  • type - 4-cylinder, supercharged, in-line;
  • number of valves - 16;
  • power - 245, 0 l. p.;
  • compression value – 9, 8;
  • fuel - gasoline AI 95;
  • environmental class - Euro 6;
  • transmission type - automatic, nine-speed;
  • max speed 250 km/h;
  • acceleration time (0-100 km/h) – 6, 17 sec;
  • fuel consumption (city/out of city/combined cycle) - 8, 9/5, 8/6, 9 liters per 100 km;
  • fuel tank size - 66L;
  • boot volume - 540 l;
  • wheel size - 225/55R17.
mercedes e 300 reviews
mercedes e 300 reviews

Along with the basic version of the car,the company also produces a sports version of the sedan, which has higher dynamic performance.

Owner reviews about the car

E-class cars, due to their long production period and a large number of produced copies, have a significant amount of owner feedback on the features of operation. According to reviews of the Mercedes E 300, the following advantages of this class of cars can be distinguished:

  • high comfort;
  • security;
  • rich equipment;
  • custom look;
  • handling;
  • efficient head lighting;
  • powerful power units;
  • general reliability.

Among the shortcomings, domestic owners of cars of this series note:

  • low ground clearance;
  • high maintenance cost;
  • insufficient noise isolation at high speed for a model of this class.
mercedes e 300 124
mercedes e 300 124

Cars "Mercedes" 300 E-class are representatives of medium-sized highly comfortable small cars of the German company, made with sufficient quality.