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Nissan Leaf is a bright representative of the cars of the future

Nissan Leaf is a bright representative of the cars of the future
Nissan Leaf is a bright representative of the cars of the future

Nissan Leaf is the world's first mass-produced, comfortable and affordable electric car. He returned to the market in 2012. The designers have provided many improvements to the Nissan Leaf. The price has increased slightly due to modifications to the electric vehicle.

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Mass production of the Nissan Leaf began in December 2010. The car with electric drive and without harmful emissions met with a flurry of criticism. Despite this, the electric car has received many awards, including European Car of the Year 2011, as well as World Car of the Year.

Advantages of the Nissan Leaf: complete rejection of any type of fuel, good handling, large capacity, original design, no harmful emissions.

Disadvantages: lack of developed infrastructure for this type of car (gas stations, service centers) low mileage per charge, unusual design, high cost.

The interior design of the car is non-standard, but designed so that the owner will get used to it pretty quickly. All the necessary information and various indicators are located at the driver's fingertips.

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The electric car is equipped with devices that show the state of battery charge, power consumption, and allow you to know about the remaining distance for which the charge is enough. This will help you learn how to drive economically. To increase the driving distance, you can turn off the climate control.

Nissan Leaf is a very spacious car that can accommodate five people. Salon can hardly be called budget or compromise. The interior is made using only recycled materials, which will appeal to environmentalists.

The most interesting gadget of an electric car is the iPhone app. With it, you can monitor the current battery level, charging time, and turn the climate control on or off. By connecting to the car with a smartphone, you can control more of its functions and even receive notifications on the phone about the charging status.

The new Nissan model, like its predecessor, refused to use any type of fuel. Instead of pistons and cylinders, a power plant is located under the hood, which is an 80-kilowatt electric motor (110 horsepower).

Leaf mileage on a single charge, according to the manufacturer, is 160 km, but in practice the charge is enough for 110-120 km. Mileage directly depends on the driving style of the driver and the road surface. In addition, it must be remembered that the air conditioner, heater and switched on electrical appliances consume a lot of charge. The maximum speed of an electric car is 140 km/h, but such driving will quickly drain the batteries.

Importanttechnical characteristic of the Nissan Leaf is the speed of recharging electric batteries. This procedure will take 7 to 10 hours using a 220 volt electrical outlet. From 0 to 80% of the car battery can be dialed in half an hour.

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Those who are thinking about purchasing a Leaf electric car should think about a “home gas station”, the cost of equipment for which will cost $ 2,000 in the US and about 100 thousand rubles in Russia. You can use a regular outlet, but the speed of refueling will take up to 15 hours.

Nissan Leaf is a very quiet car. All you will hear is the friction of the tires on the road surface and the flow of ram air.

A large number of changes in the configuration of the electric car affected its cost. The most significant reason that holds back the popularity of these cars is precisely the price. In the US, the Leaf electric car sells for $35,200 for the base model, and the SL modification for $37,250.

In Japan, Leaf is much cheaper for customers - from 28 thousand. In Europe, an electric car from Nissan is sold from the mark of 27 thousand euros. In Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries, it is difficult to estimate the cost of an electric car, since it is a rare guest here.

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