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Tuning VW Passat B5, or Restraint is not always a virtue

Tuning VW Passat B5, or Restraint is not always a virtue
Tuning VW Passat B5, or Restraint is not always a virtue

It is human nature to pay attention to bright, unusual and original ways of self-expression. The cardinal transformation of the car is difficult to underestimate, because craftsmen from the "middle peasant" make four-wheeled handsome men. This applies to absolutely any car, the VW Passat B5 is no exception, the tuning of which is in many ways indicative.

vw passat b5 tuning

Why change factory parts?

Everyone wants to be unique, and a vehicle can be the key to success. The main goal is to get attention, to make the car more individual and recognizable. Surprisingly, starting with the front bumper, many cannot stop until victorious. It is important to determine the "problem" areas and begin the systematic transformation of ephemeral ideas into reality. For VW Passat B5, tuning is conditionally divided into three groups.


Car owners will envy thoughtfully selected details. By the way, they can give a second life to machines that have seen life. Most frequently replaced parts:

  • Rims. Shine of metal in the sun, what could be better? The work is guaranteed to ennoble a car of any class and cost.
  • Toning is a budget option,which will bring considerable benefits.
  • The body kit is a pleasure for the we althy, tuning that radically changes the impression of the car. The new bumper and grille are indispensable for the VW Passat B5 (station wagon). Tuning the rest of the components depends on ambitions, wishes and financial capabilities.
  • Optics - LED lights have become a trend thanks to tuning companies. It is the perfect combination of aesthetics and road safety.
  • Spoiler - not only improves the appearance of the car, but also radically changes the aerodynamic properties of the body.
vw passat b5 station wagon tuning

Important! Transformations must be carried out solely for the safety of both the driver and passengers. Neglecting this is fraught with serious consequences.

Salon Interior

The salon can experience a magical transformation under the sensitive hand of a specialist. Here, almost everything can be replaced or improved:

  • The dashboard and steering wheel are the simplest, but no less significant modifications. If funds allow, you can order a branded leather steering wheel.
  • Interior decoration is expensive. The carbon inserts on the VW Passat B5 1.8 T have proven themselves to be excellent. Tuning can be supplemented with wooden or plastic panels.
  • Illumination - most often use diode or neon lamps. Proper arrangement of elements will emphasize all the advantages of the new design.
  • Change seats - not only enliven the interior, but also please the driver and passengers with a sense of comfort.
  • Dashboardpanel - always in sight, steel dials or design solutions will add style.
  • Auto acoustics, amplifiers and subwoofers - the replacement will not be so noticeable to the eye, but there are a lot of new sensations.
vw passat b5 1 8 t tuning

Tuning "stuffing"

Without a responsible approach when replacing factory parts, external beauty will remain “rouge”. To increase the internal power of the VW Passat B5, tuning the engine, chassis and transmission is a must! Let's focus on the suspension, because without it you won't go far:

  1. The first step would be to replace the stock shock absorbers with sporty variations. Quality models can be adjusted by compression and rebound resistance.
  2. Install stiffer suspension springs. This will improve both the overall handling of the car and the stability in sharp corners.
  3. Changing rubber-metal hinges, the owner will receive a surprisingly obedient "horse".

If we talk about the wheelbase, then the situation is stalemate. Low-profile tires will provide good grip on the road, but potholes will seem like heaven's punishment. Dry asph alt favors wider wheels, but rainy weather clearly makes all the work in vain. Be that as it may, tuning the VW Passat B5 will not only emphasize the thoroughbredness of the “German”, but also add power to the electrical veins of the tuned monster.

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