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Formula Energy tires: reviews
Formula Energy tires: reviews

Italy has long been considered one of the countries that have made a breakthrough in the automotive industry. And one of the main elements of each car, which all drivers know about, is high-quality tires that guarantee safety while driving. Pirelli has established itself well in the tire market for years of producing quality products. At some point, her management decided to establish a new brand with a limited series of tires. As a result, the Formula Energy model saw the light, reviews of which we will consider in this review. However, first, let's pay attention to the official specifications provided by the manufacturer, so that as a result we can make a comparative analysis and make sure that the declared parameters are honest.

Purpose of the model

This model is the only one from the Formula series designed for the summer season. During the development, the creators first of all set the goal of “shod” powerful, sports cars with revving engines and a small mass. This concept fits sedans, roadsters, coupes, and some light crossovers. It is not recommended to install this rubber on SUVs andminibuses, because although it can withstand such loads, they will not allow it to fully develop its capabilities. All tires from this range have high speed indexes, which will definitely appeal to fans of fast driving on good roads.

formula energy reviews

Behavior on different types of road surfaces

According to the results of official testing carried out before the start of sales, tires have a number of features that should be considered when planning a purchase. According to the manufacturer, first of all, the tread design was chosen in such a way that the rubber could feel confident on asph alt or concrete tracks. This approach made it possible to achieve high-speed movement, reduced the rolling resistance level coefficient (we will talk about the benefits of such a step in more detail a little later), and improved the handling of the Formula Energy tire, reviews of which confirm this information.

However, initially the rubber was not positioned as universal. Therefore, you should not expect high performance from it on dirt roads and off-road, since the tread is simply not designed to withstand such adverse conditions. The basis is the speed, which is simply impossible to achieve on a bad track. Therefore, if your main routes pass along country roads, you should refrain from purchasing this model.

formula energy tires reviews


The tread design has been thought through to the smallest detail to give driversfeel the car and drive it without thinking about the quality of the coupling with the road surface. The central rib, cut with small sipes, allows you to maintain directional stability in all conditions, which makes it easier to maneuver at high speeds, and reviews of Formula Energy XL say good responsiveness in all situations.

In order to increase the reliability of contact with the track during sharp maneuvers, the shoulder area of ​​the tread has been extended to the sidewall of the tire. The fact is that under loads during sharp turns at speed, the force is applied unevenly, and the working surface is displaced due to the natural play of the tire on the disk. It is then that the side blocks begin to work in full force, preventing the car from skidding.

This combination of tread elements allows you to control the car in any situation, especially considering the fact that part of the model range is produced with speed indexes Y, allowing movement at speeds up to 300 km/h. Of course, you can’t drive so fast on public roads, but no one has canceled the opportunity to feel real drive on specially equipped autodromes and racing tracks, equipping the car with Formula Energy 20555 tires, reviews of which we will analyze a little later.

formula energy 205 55 reviews

Acoustic noise reduction

If you are used to driving long distances, you know firsthand how annoying constant monotonous sounds can be. One of the sources of such noise can be rubber due to its ownspecifics. One way or another, but as a result of friction with the track surface, it is able to generate a rumble or rustle, the intensity of which depends on the current speed, tread shape, pressure and other factors.

The manufacturer tried to minimize this effect due to a thoughtful pattern and a special composition of the rubber compound, which in combination gave a positive result. According to official statements, internal noise has been reduced to a level of 1 dB, and in theory should not be heard in the car if there is at least simple sound insulation, and reviews of Formula Energy 20555 R16 confirm this fact.

The absence of annoying factors, which include noise, guarantees the driver the opportunity to concentrate on the road and avoid mistakes caused by distraction from the driving process. Thus, even this, at first glance, far from being a key indicator, plays a rather important role.

formula energy 205 55 r16 reviews

Green tire

European countries every day are looking for new ways that could reduce the level of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. That is why the manufacturer achieved two goals at once, which do not go unnoticed by those who are worried about protecting the environment.

Thus, when developing the rubber compound formula, chemists tried to exclude aromatic impurities from the composition as much as possible, which are an integral part of petroleum products and serve as the main source of carcinogenic compounds. The use of natural rubber and synthetic components,the production of which does not lead to the emission of large amounts of harmful gases and heavy metals into the atmosphere, allows us to call this tire one of the most environmentally friendly already at the stage of its movement along the factory conveyor.

But that's not all. As mentioned earlier, the tread designers tried to reduce the level of rolling resistance, and they managed to achieve a figure of as much as 20 percent. In addition to its beneficial effect on noise reduction, this approach allows drivers to save fuel while driving, which reduces emissions of combustion products, and reviews of the Pirelli Formula Energy R14 confirm its high status as an environmentally friendly tire.

pirelli formula energy 205 55 reviews

High wear resistance

In order for the driver not to worry about the reasonableness of monetary investments, the developers did not disregard the issue of durability and service life of their product. That's why they've developed a special rubber compound that's soft enough to keep you on the road in hot summers and cold rainy days, yet doesn't wear off too quickly.

This was made possible thanks to the use of silicic acid, which serves as a kind of link between the individual molecules of other components, but at the same time does not make the rubber more rigid than does not reduce its dynamic characteristics. On the contrary, as the reviews of the Pirelli Formula Energy XL show, this approach actually makes it more tenacious and hardy.

Reliability and durability

The issue of resistance to damage that can occur while driving on rough roads did not stand aside. These include all kinds of punctures, chopping with a disk upon impact and other unpleasant moments that force the driver to get a jack and a spare tire.

In order to minimize the risk of injury, a number of additional protective measures have been taken. Some of them, for example, increasing the strength of the cord, are also associated with high speed conditions for which the rubber is intended. Others have been specifically designed to last longer.

So, one of these measures is to increase the strength of the sidewall. Thanks to this, the driver does not have to worry about breaking a tire when parking tightly near a curb. The same step avoids the occurrence of hernias, in which the rubber definitely needs to be replaced. And the warranty provided indicates that the manufacturer is confident in the quality of his product. However, in reviews of the Pirelli Formula Energy 20555 R16, drivers often do not agree with this and complain about frequent damage to the sidewall, as well as hernias that occur.

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Elaborate drainage system

The developers did not forget that during high-speed traffic it is important to think over a drainage system that will not allow the car to hydroplan when driving on wet surfaces and puddles.

A large number of bothlongitudinal and transverse lamellas. Three grooves located in the central part collect all the moisture, after which it is squeezed out along the transverse slots to the sides, and is removed through the sidewalls outside the working surface. This seemingly simple scheme effectively does its job and allows you to not slow down in the rain, as evidenced by the numerous reviews of Formula Energy in which drivers admire this feature.

Wide size grid

The manufacturer also took care of the possibility of choosing the appropriate size in accordance with the requirements of the developers of your car. So, tires with an inner diameter of 13 to 18 inches are available for purchase in stores. At the same time, you yourself can choose the height of the profile or the width of the working surface, as well as the required speed index. There are more than 80 sizes in total, so you can easily find the right one if your car is of the right class.

pirelli formula energy 205 55 r16 reviews

Positive user reviews

It's time to analyze the reviews of the Pirelli Formula Energy 20555 to understand how true the information provided by the manufacturer about his creation. Among the main advantages most often mentioned by drivers are the following:

  • Softness. Rubber allows you to easily cross some bumps, like tram tracks, and at the same time, the impact is almost not felt.

  • Low noise level. This indicator is especially important for those who do not like extraneous sounds duringmovement.

  • Acceptable cost. You can get European quality at a very reasonable price.

  • Good handling. Rubber is responsive, which guarantees safety when driving.

  • No hydroplaning. You can ride with confidence even during heavy rain.

  • Good wear resistance. With careful use, the rubber can last quite a long time, and the wear will be even.

As you can see, the model has quite a weighty list of positive aspects. However, it also has significant disadvantages.

Negative features of the tire

Among the disadvantages, users in their reviews of Formula Energy often point out a weak sidewall. Although the manufacturer tried to strengthen it, this was not enough, and with strong impacts, the likelihood of a hernia is quite high. Many drivers have also experienced quite a bit of balancing after installation, which indicates uneven tire mass and poor centering.


Rubber Pirelli Formula Energy, reviews of which we have just analyzed, captivates with good dynamic performance and affordable price. However, it is worth remembering that it is only intended for good road surfaces, so think about where you plan to go in advance so that you do not end up in the middle of a field without the possibility of starting due to slip, as the tires are simply not designed for such trips.

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