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Mitasu engine oil: reviews

Mitasu engine oil: reviews
Mitasu engine oil: reviews

Little is known about the Japanese company MITASU. An unpromoted Japanese-made brand that can only be found in specialized stores. What is known about him? Mitasu engine oil has long been disturbing users of the World Wide Web with conflicting reviews about it. Some praise the Japanese brand, while others write that they will never buy it again in their lives. You can read reviews about Mitasu oil, information about its technical characteristics, as well as the pros and cons of its use in this article.

Company History

The history of the company is not so many years old, and little is known about it. The company with the Japanese name, which means "fulfillment of obligations", was originally intended for the domestic market. Over time, it has become a global network, but oils and lubricants are still produced in the Land of the Rising Sun. In 2001, a branch of Mitasu Corporation appeared in Japan. HisThe goal of MITASU OIL was to produce high-tech lubricants that can compete with other brands. In 2010, Mitasu branches appeared in Russia, and in 2011 the company opened its branches in Korea and America.

Mitasu oil

Initially, Japanese manufacturers were aimed at their compatriots: there were not so many engine oils for cars made in Japan. Over time, developing more and more new additive packages, the company's employees managed to achieve an ideal price-quality ratio for most well-known car brands.

Mitasu manufactures not only engine oils, but also gear lubricants and gas fuels. Positioning itself as “exceeding expectations”, the company quickly carved out a niche in the lubricants market. The company's loud statements were not unfounded: Mitasu oils are API approved and meet the latest quality standards.

Mitasu oil reviews

Types of oils

On shop windows you can find Mitasu motor oil both on a synthetic and semi-synthetic basis. From semi-synthetics, 10W-40 can be distinguished, which is designed for gasoline engines based on high-quality base oils. Basically, the company's range is made up of fully synthetic oils. They retain their performance longer, but at the same time more expensive in price. For those who want the car engine to retain its qualities for as long as possible, it is recommended to choose syntheticoils.

Among the fully synthetic motor oils in the Mitasu line, the following series stand out:

Mitasu engine oil
  1. Mitasu Gold: 100% synthetic based oils. Meets API requirements. Among this series of oils there are liquids with a viscosity suitable for various temperature conditions. All lubricants are resource-saving and prolong engine life. The most popular oils are Gold 5W-30 and 10W-30. They are all-weather and provide protection for machine parts for 25 thousand kilometers.
  2. Mitasu Special product: Designed specifically for the requirements of a number of manufacturers. They include a specialized oil for racing and sports cars (Mitasu Racing Oil 10W-60), a lubricant for diesel engines (Mitasu Special 5W-30). These oils are all-season and are made on a fully synthetic basis. In their production, all the latest requirements are taken into account, so Mitasu oils are used in many leading automotive companies (Audi, Skoda, BMW, Porsche).
  3. Mitasu Platinum: High quality base oils and a special additive package result in extended drain intervals. That is why all the packages of this series are stamped Long Life.
  4. Mitasu Motor Oil: this series is distinguished by a package of additives with detergent and dispersion properties. They effectively clean the engine and protect it from breakdowns.
  5. Mitasu Moli-Trimer: Made with the latest technology of the same name. The structural molybdenum included in the base helps to fill in irregularities at the structural level,creating a film that effectively protects the engine from wear.


Different series of Mitasu oils differ in technical characteristics. Each oil is designed for a specific purpose. But they also have common qualities:

  • Resource-saving properties: Japanese oils protect the engine from wear and thus contribute to its long-term operation without breakdowns.
  • Oxidation Resistant: Special additives protect the engine from acidic particles formed during combustion. Thus, it does not become more viscous and retains its protective properties.
  • Fuel Protection: Helps save oil and last longer.
  • Fuel economy;
  • Environmental friendly: all Mitasu oils meet the latest emission standards;
  • Wear protection: a special thin film that forms during engine operation protects engine parts from wear;
  • Deposit Protection: A special detergent additive package protects the engine from harmful particles.
mitasu oil 5w30

Mitasu engine oil: reviews

On the Internet you can find a lot of conflicting reviews about Japanese oil. Some claim that they have been using only it for a long time, while others do not advise him to buy. What is the reason for such different opinions?

Although Mitasu Oil's slogan is "Exceed Expectations", not all car engines run on it withoutcomplaints. Sometimes, pouring Mitasu oil, motorists note a high degree of waste and a forced replacement for 6-8 thousand kilometers. In other cases, buyers are satisfied with the motor lubricant and note its high quality.

Mitasu oil 5w30 reviews

Oil "Mitasu 5w30": reviews

The most purchased is Japanese brand oil with a viscosity of 5w30. All-weather fully synthetic lubricant has long won the hearts of motorists. An engine running on such oil starts even in severe frosts, and does not overheat in the heat. Customers note that the operation of the machine becomes quieter and softer, and the extended drain interval allows for less frequent fluid changes. High protection against fumes extends the life of the machine. In addition, Mitasu 5w30 oil has an original set of additives that meet the standards of the American Petroleum Institute.

Pros and cons of oil

Like any product, Mitasu Oil oils have their strengths and weaknesses. The advantages of this brand include excellent technical characteristics. In addition, it meets the requirements of the largest automotive concerns: Toyota, Mazda, BMV, Chevrolet, Ford and others. The extended replacement interval Long life does not require an urgent purchase of a new package. All grades of Mitasu oils pass API approvals and meet the latest standards. But this company also has negative sides.

Mitasu engine oil reviews

The lack of company history confuses many potential buyers. CompanyMitasu is little known in Russia, and it was founded quite recently. The second negative is the price of the product. Although it is not so high, competition in the lubricants market makes itself felt. Other things being equal, motorists prefer oil at the same price, but of a well-known brand.


Summing up, we can say that Mitasu engine oils meet high Japanese quality standards and will serve you well, protecting your car engine from various negative factors.

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