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Cleaning nozzles - an event that will help to avoid additional costs

Cleaning nozzles - an event that will help to avoid additional costs
Cleaning nozzles - an event that will help to avoid additional costs

In the event that you feel a decrease in power while driving a car, when you press the pedal you feel jerks and dips, there is unstable idling and increased fuel consumption, and the car has become unstable, then it is quite possible that the cause this is the coking of the nozzles. This term is understood as clogging of the nozzle channels through which fuel must flow through solid resinous deposits.

If the injector becomes dirty, then the spray of fuel from it is disturbed, which leads to a deterioration in its mixing with air. This leads to a decrease in the performance of the entire fuel system of the car. A rational solution in this situation is to clean the nozzles. This procedure will restore the former coherence of the functioning of all machine systems without significant financial costs.

Nozzle cleaning
Nozzle cleaning

Today, nozzles are cleaned in several ways:

  • flushing with fuel additives;
  • manual rinsing with special liquids;
  • flushingusing special liquids on the stand;
  • ultrasonic nozzle cleaning.

It is worth noting that only the first 2 methods are feasible in the "field" conditions. The remaining 2 methods should be implemented by the hands of professionals in car services.

The most effective (and at the same time affordable) method is to clean the nozzles with your own hands using special liquids. This procedure requires the following components:

  • washing liquid;
  • button;
  • 2 wires of the same length;
  • duct tape;
  • tool;
  • battery;
  • 5 mm silicone tube.

Today, there are many types of washing liquids, however, they practically do not differ from each other. In this case, it is preferable to purchase 2 cans of 0.25 liters over 1 can of 0.5 liters. This is due to the large pressure drop in the large canister as it empties.

do-it-yourself nozzle cleaning
do-it-yourself nozzle cleaning

2 hours before cleaning the injectors, leave the car alone. Such a measure will help prevent fuel spillage during major work, because after a downtime, the pressure in the fuel system of the machine is minimal. Before you start cleaning the injectors, you must remove them from the car. To do this, you need to dismantle the fuel rail. After that, you can remove each of the nozzles. In addition, before starting cleaning, several preparatory steps must be carried out:

  1. Ensurereliable connection between the nozzle and the cartridge using a silicone tube.
  2. Apply current to the injector. To do this, a button is installed in the gap of any of the wires using a twist. It is needed so that the current can be pulsed. One end of each of the wires is connected to the battery, and the other to the injector. When the button is pressed, the current begins to flow to the nozzle. To stop feeding, you just need to release the button.
Ultrasonic nozzle cleaning
Ultrasonic nozzle cleaning

Before flushing, the nozzles must be cleaned from the outside. After that, it is advisable to remove all rubber parts, since the flushing liquid contributes to their swelling and deformation. The washing itself is carried out in several stages:

  1. Pressing the spray can.
  2. Pressing the button.
  3. Cleaning the nozzles with washing liquid. It is carried out until the spray becomes uniform.
  4. Re-flush to flush out remaining deposits.

This completes the flushing of the injectors.

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