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Rings stuck in the engine: what to do without disassembling the engine?

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Rings stuck in the engine: what to do without disassembling the engine?
Rings stuck in the engine: what to do without disassembling the engine?

It is often said that the engine is the heart of the car. It really is. The main characteristic that determines the reliability of the engine is the resource. Based on this, it can be judged whether the car as a whole is reliable or not. After all, engine repair is always a complex and expensive operation. Often, car owners are faced with such a phenomenon as the occurrence of rings in the engine. What to do in such a situation, what is the cause of the malfunction? All this and more - later in the article.

Signs of a problem

The occurrence of rings in the engine is directly related to compression. If we talk about gasoline engines, the normal compression ratio will be from 9 to 13 atm. Diesel engines have a slightly different structure. Therefore, compression of 28-35 atm is considered normal for them. At the same time, it should notbe a significant run-up between the cylinders.

diesel rings stuck
diesel rings stuck

Side symptoms

Thus, it is possible to determine that the rings are in the engine (what to do without disassembling the engine, we will consider a little later), by compression. However, there are also third-party signs that speak of this problem:

  • High oil consumption. Ideally, the engine should not consume oil at all. But as often happens (especially on turbocharged engines), the old engine starts to eat from 100 grams of oil for every thousand kilometers. If you need to add about a liter, this already indicates a problem. This oil consumption is abnormal and urgently needs to be done about it. This problem is related to the gap between the cylinder walls and the rings.
  • Characteristic color of smoke. Especially at this point you need to pay attention when buying a used car, as some sellers give false information about oil consumption. If the gases from the exhaust pipe have turned blue, this indicates increased oil consumption. Also, with an increase in speed or under load, the smoke puffs increase noticeably. On a he althy engine, the exhaust should be colorless.
  • Poor cold start. This phenomenon occurs both at sub-zero temperatures and in summer.
  • Decrease engine power. It is difficult for a car to overcome a long climb, to overtake. At the same time, fuel consumption increases. It can increase from normal up to two times.
rings in the engine what to do diesel
rings in the engine what to do diesel

Allthis suggests that the rings in the engine of the "Priora" and other cars are stuck. It is important not to ignore the problem, but to urgently start solving it.


To understand the reasons, you need to remember how the rings work. They are located in the grooves of the engine piston. These grooves are quite wide, which allows the rings to have a certain course. They do not fit close to the piston. In this case, the rings, due to the spreading force, fit snugly against the walls of the cylinder. This allows for high pressure in the combustion chamber at the end of the compression stroke.

Over time, deposits of combustion products clog these grooves. This prevents the rings from moving freely. They get stuck in the grooves and don't fit as tightly against the cylinder walls. Therefore, the pressure necessary for the useful operation of the piston is no longer created in the combustion chamber.

rings in the engine that diesel
rings in the engine that diesel

This also entails a number of other problems that have been described above. These are high oil consumption, fuel consumption, power drop and blue smoke. Why do the rings lie on the engine? Experts identify several factors:

  • Long idle car. The reason for this is not the first launch after a downtime. Yes, during this time, almost all the oil settles in the sump, but the oil pump quickly builds up the required pressure. The reason is different. This is the operation of a car on stagnant oil. If the machine has been standing still for a long time (six months or more), it is recommended to replace the lubricant. It thickens over time and turns into a kind of glue.
  • Car operationfor short distances without preheating. You can warm up the car on the go, but only if the trip is more than five kilometers. Otherwise, deposits will form in the cylinders. It will not have time to completely burn out due to the short operating time of the internal combustion engine.
  • Poor quality oil. You need to beware of fakes and do not buy products at too low a price.

If there are rings in the engine, what to do without disassembling the engine? Next, consider several options for solving the problem.

Partial cleaning

What is the essence of this method? For work, we need a cleaning fluid, which should be driven about two hundred kilometers. In this case, it is impossible to significantly load the engine. This is due to a change in the viscosity of the oil. It becomes thinner after adding the wash mixture.

rings are stuck in the engine what to do diesel
rings are stuck in the engine what to do diesel

Where to buy this liquid? Today it is not difficult to find such funds in automotive stores. It is enough to clarify the parameters of the engine, and then use the flush according to the instructions. It is added through the oil filler neck.

Flaw of method

Immediately note the minus of this method. The deposit here will be cleaned off only from the oil scraper rings, and therefore the method is called partial. However, it is also the simplest. Also note that after flushing, such oil must be drained. Therefore, it is best to do this operation before changing the oil.

Full engine cleaning

If there are rings in the VAZ-2115 engine, what should I do? You can resort tocomplete cleaning of the power unit. This operation is called decoking. This method is more difficult, but effective. How the operation is performed:

  • The engine is warmed up to operating temperature.
  • Unscrew all the candles. If rings are stuck in a diesel engine, what should I do? In this case, the nozzles are unscrewed.
  • The crankshaft is turning. This is necessary in order to set the pistons to the middle position. This allows the flushing fluid to enter all cavities.
  • To fill the liquid, you need to use a syringe. You can use a medical, disposable (preferably about 20 milliliters).
  • The candles are put in place.
  • The time specified in the instructions for the flushing fluid is waiting. Usually it takes no more than a day.
  • To make the mixture evenly distributed, periodically turn the crankshaft in both directions by 10 degrees.
  • Cover the candle rings with a rag.
  • Crank the crankshaft so that the liquid is completely removed.
  • Installed in place of the candle. Next, you need to start the engine and let it idle for a few minutes.
rings stuck in engine what to do
rings stuck in engine what to do

If there are rings in the engine of the boxer, what to do without disassembling the engine? This method does not involve dismantling the engine, and therefore everyone can clean the rings themselves.

Pay attention

For flushing, use specially designed fluids. It is not recommended to use acetone, kerosene and other liquids. In this mannerused by Soviet drivers in the case when the rings lay in the VAZ-2106 engine. What can acetone do with the motor in this case? After flushing, oil is completely washed out from the cylinders. When starting, the engine runs “dry” for a while, which can lead to scoring. Specialized flushing fluids do not harm so much, so they can be used without fear.

Use fuel additives

If the rings are stuck in the engine, what should I do? You can go the other way - to buy an additive in the fuel. Today this method is very popular. This method is simple, but takes more time. The bottom line is simple - a certain amount of flushing is poured into the tank, and then the substance enters the combustion chamber, where it washes away carbon deposits. Among the advantages of this method, reviews note the following points:

  • No need for even partial engine disassembly.
  • You can not leave the engine for a day. Flushing works while driving. This allows you to drive at high speeds (on the contrary, it will even speed up the cleaning of the pistons).
  • No need to change the oil as the flush does not interact with it.
stuck in the engine what to do diesel
stuck in the engine what to do diesel

What should I do if the rings are stuck in the engine thoroughly? You need to understand that this method is not as effective as the previous one. Therefore, it will not be possible to completely remove carbon deposits. If the rings are significantly stuck, a fuel additive will not help to solve this issue.


Now we know why the rings are stuck in the engine andwhat to do with it. But in order not to face such a problem, it is better to know the preventive measures. They are quite simple and clear:

  • It is necessary to monitor the condition of the valve stem seals. Their malfunction will be reported by high oil consumption. You should not hesitate to replace these caps.
  • Fill in only proven oil. It must also meet all tolerances. A quality product should not burn out in the motor. If the engine has begun to eat it up, filling with oil with a higher viscosity will not solve the problem.
  • Serve the engine according to the regulations. Moreover, in our conditions it is recommended to reduce the oil change interval to 10 thousand kilometers. Regular replacement will prevent such situations, since the fresh product has stable additives and does not burn out, leaving carbon deposits.
rings stuck what to do diesel
rings stuck what to do diesel

If the car's mileage is more than three hundred thousand, the rings may already be worn out. This is a natural process, therefore, on old motors, in the event of an oil burn, it is recommended to immediately repair the CPG. But, of course, it’s better to start with valve stem seals (especially if the problem is only oil consumption, and power and other characteristics remain the same).

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