Space rings: dimensions, drawing, manufacturing, installation. Are o-rings required? How to choose a spacer ring?

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Space rings: dimensions, drawing, manufacturing, installation. Are o-rings required? How to choose a spacer ring?
Space rings: dimensions, drawing, manufacturing, installation. Are o-rings required? How to choose a spacer ring?

Currently, the auto parts market is literally "replete" with various types of alloy wheels. However, their certain models are created for a specific brand of car: for example, rims for Mercedes or Audi.

If you install castings on other brands, you may encounter such a nuisance as a discrepancy between the disk and the wheel bore. To solve this problem, spacers are used. It is about them that we will discuss in our article.

spacer ring
spacer ring

Do I need spacer rings?

As mentioned above, the modern industry provides the motorist with a huge selection of alloy wheels. However, companies, in order to make a profit, create these parts for certain brands of cars. Well, the cost of rims depends on the class of car. For example, it will be more expensive to put a casting on a BMW than on a Renault.

If you use spacer rings, then the rims are “unified” and these spare parts from other car brands can be installed on the car. Of course, there are other options in which you can install alloy wheels designed for other car brands. True, such a mount will not be entirely strong, which will lead to a dangerous situation on the road.

Mounting part

Installation of spacer rings must be carried out in accordance with the dimensions of the vehicle hub and spacer hole. The ring is put on the hub with the corresponding hole, and on the other side the wheel is installed. The part can be purchased at an auto parts store, or, having a drawing of spacer rings on hand, make them yourself. But this is if you have the necessary skills.

how to choose a spacer ring
how to choose a spacer ring

How to choose an intermediate ring?

As mentioned earlier, the problem of mismatch between the centering hole of the rim and the size of the hub cylinder is quite common. To solve it, centering spacers are used.

Before you install the disc, you need to make sure that the centering hole is larger than the "standard". Thus, the ring will play an important role in the fixed installation of the rim. If the centering hole is smaller than the "standard", then the installation of such a disk will have to be abandoned.

For the right choice of rings, you need to clearly determine the diameter of the disc bore and the diameter of the bore of the vehicle hub. The first number corresponds to the outer dimension of the part, and the second to the inner hole.

If the rings were chosen incorrectly, deviations will occur. With themthe presence of the installation of centering spacer rings becomes pointless, as incorrectly selected parts will not perform their functions.

Production of spacer rings

The production of spacer rings is carried out on an industrial scale. However, there are cases when industrially produced parts were not suitable for operation. If there is no suitable spare part for sale, then it is necessary to take measurements of the centering and spacer holes, create a drawing of the rings and use a lathe to make them yourself.

But for this you need to have professional turning skills and a good machine, since the creation of spacer rings requires turning small parts. When manufacturing parts yourself, you need to choose the right material. The metal from which the spacer is planned to be machined must be softer than the material from which the hub and the disc itself are made.

spacer rings dimensions
spacer rings dimensions

Ring sizes

The dimensions of spacer rings for discs are measured by two indicators. The first is determined by the diameter of the centering hole in the disk, the second - by the diameter of the spacer sleeve of the vehicle hub. Units of measurement are millimeters.

For example, in the marking of the spacer ring "70, 1 mm-66, 1 mm": 70.1 mm - outer diameter of the ring (centering hole diameter), 66.1 mm - inner diameter (diameter of the hub spacer sleeve).

It is important to remember that any discrepancy in size will result in a loose fit of the wheel,the occurrence of knocks and "rattling" and, as a result, the failure of the car's suspension.

Aluminum rings: pros and cons

Aluminum spacer rings have a solid wear resistance resource. After all, the main purpose of this part is a more accurate fixation of the disk on the wheel. She does not experience any special load, since cone-shaped nuts are responsible for fastening.

The only load on the ring occurs when removing and installing the wheel repeatedly. Aluminum, due to its properties, does an excellent job of maintaining dimensions and ensuring a tight fit of the wheel on the hub hub of the vehicle. The only thing that can threaten aluminum rings is the occurrence of corrosion, which can spread to other parts of the car.

In general, aluminum rings are quite reliable and durable. These properties allow them to be used in difficult road conditions and with a high intensity of vehicle operation.

center spacer rings
center spacer rings

Plastic rings: pros and cons

There is a common misconception that plastic spacer rings are quite ineffective. This is explained by the lower rigidity of the material. However, plastic parts can withstand multiple removals and installations of the wheel.

When they wear out, they lose conformity in size and the rings cease to perform their functions. Their advantages include low cost, practicality, as well as the absence of corrosion, which cannot be said about aluminum rings.

Currentlyplastic rings are made from a material that is hard enough to withstand some sort of stress and stay true to size.

How to choose the material for this part?

Before purchasing this part, you should decide on the material of the rings. With frequent wheel changes, vehicle operation in adverse road conditions, as well as with a high intensity of vehicle use, aluminum rings are installed on the car.

Plastic rings are perfect for use in places with high humidity. The main advantages of plastic are resistance to moisture, as well as low cost. In addition, the plastic rings are made of hard plastic, so they should be more than enough for at least 5-6 cycles of removing and installing the wheel.

Despite the fact that the spacer rings are only a "corrective" part, they play an important role in ensuring ride comfort. When choosing them, one should take into account the characteristics of the material from which they are made. In the worst case, the mount will be unreliable, which will lead to problems with the suspension during the operation of the car. The use of unsuitable rings can also lead to dangerous situations on the road.

do you need o-rings?
do you need o-rings?

Consequences of using the wrong rings

As mentioned earlier, sizing must be strictly considered when choosing spacer rings. If the centering hole of the disc is larger than the hub, then this can be eliminated with their help. If vice versa, then the installation of the ringbecomes inappropriate. What happens if you use the wrong size part?

Firstly, the wheel will start beating, that is, it will “jump” up and down on the hub, which will eventually lead to failure of its parts, suspension, and deformation of the cast disk. Secondly, the malfunctions mentioned earlier contribute to the creation of an emergency situation on the road that endangers the life and he alth of the driver and passengers.

If you make them yourself, you should take into account the fact that the metal of manufacture must be softer than the one from which the hub and bearings are made. Then, if the ring is incorrectly installed (and no one is immune from errors), it is the centering element that will be destroyed as a result of the beating. Well, the bearings and the hub will remain "safe and sound." This, in turn, will facilitate the subsequent repair of the vehicle.

Using the wrong rings will not ensure a precise fit. And this has a detrimental effect on the condition of the chassis of the car.

What happens if I use the wrong rims?

Despite the fact that wheel manufacturers try to unify their product as much as possible, there are a number of parts that are created for specific car models. When tuning a vehicle, many motorists look towards "executive" wheels, which greatly improve its appearance.

installation of spacer rings
installation of spacer rings

If the size of the hub and the centering hole of the disc do not match, the wheel will not fit exactly. It also rendersa detrimental effect on the parts of the chassis of the car: suspension, shock absorbers, bearings and hub. The failure of these elements leads to an emergency on the road and costly car repairs.

If for some reason the wheels do not fit the hub, do not despair. You can purchase and install centering rings. Thanks to them, the landing of the wheel will be accurate, and this will protect the suspension parts from destruction. In addition, correctly selected rings are the key to excellent vehicle handling.

It is worth noting that if the diameter of the centering hole of the disk is lower than the diameter of the hub, then you should refuse to buy it. The use of rings in this case is impractical.


Summarizing the above, it should be noted that the centering rings provide an accurate fit of the wheel. Parts are used when replacing factory wheels with alloy wheels. If the sizes of the centering hole located on the disk and the hubs do not match, centering rings are used.

In order to choose them correctly, you must clearly know the dimensions of the hole in the disk and the diameter of the bore of the hub. If the necessary parts are not on sale, you can make them yourself. If the spacer rings (dimensions) do not match, then they will not perform their functions.

spacer ring drawing
spacer ring drawing

More on the material… Spacer rings are made of plastic and aluminium. Plastic parts are cheaper, but less resource-intensive: they are enough for about 5-6wheel replacement. However, the indisputable advantage of plastic is its corrosion resistance.

Aluminum rings are quite reliable, they allow you to install and remove the wheel several dozen times. In addition, the metal part is immune to the intensity of vehicle operation. However, it is affected by corrosion, which can lead to damage to other parts of the car's suspension.