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Volkswagen Golf 3 tuning do it yourself

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Volkswagen Golf 3 tuning do it yourself
Volkswagen Golf 3 tuning do it yourself

German cars occupy one of the leading places in the world market. Nevertheless, tuning the Volkswagen Golf 3 is relevant for some motorists, since there is no limit to perfection. It is quite affordable to upgrade the machine on your own, without investing significant financial resources. But there is another alternative - to work out the vehicle as much as possible in order to obtain an exclusive racing car. Consider the possibility of self-upgrading.

tuning volkswagen golf 3
tuning volkswagen golf 3

Transmission unit

As a rule, owners start tuning Volkswagen Golf 3 with the conversion of the transmission unit. Clutch problems begin after two hundred thousand mileage. If there are no obvious signs of malfunctions, this does not mean that they will pass by. It is advisable to pay attention to the following details:

  • main clutch disc;
  • cart;
  • release bearing;
  • transmission cable.

Alternatively, these parts can be replaced with more modern analogues of the SAHS type. This will achieve the desired effect and save a quarter of the financial resources compared to the original elements.

Native node will cost sever altimes more expensive for the same performance. The main thing is to choose analogues that have the appropriate quality certificates. Additional uniqueness will be added by the exclusive coloring of the element and its finishing in 3D mode. In addition, original stickers and airbrush images will add uniqueness.

Improvement of light elements

Tuning Volkswagen Golf 3 is appropriate in relation to the headlights and lighting elements. The best option would be to install xenon lamps, which are superior in their parameters to "halogens". First, the lamps are not so susceptible to heat. Secondly, electricity consumption is reduced, and the lighting itself covers 25 percent more territory.

To do DIY tuning of Volkswagen Golf 3 in terms of lighting, it is enough to purchase a Hella kit with a pair of special lenses and blocks.

tuning volkswagen golf 3 do it yourself
tuning volkswagen golf 3 do it yourself

Instructions for improving headlights

Following the following recommendations, you can transform the exterior of the car beyond recognition in terms of light elements:

  1. Completely disassemble the headlights, remove the glass with a hair dryer so as not to damage the body.
  2. Separate the reflector from the frame by unscrewing the fixing screws.
  3. Make a groove for the new optics, taking measurements by measuring the dimensions with a caliper.
  4. Perform an approximate fitting to make sure there are no obstacles from other elements.
  5. Set the lenses in the middle position, adjust the light flux taking into account the height of 450 millimeters fromland.
  6. Adjust the position of the hoods in relation to the main parts.
  7. Glue the glass and install them in regular places.
  8. Adjust the light beam.

After that, you can use the updated headlights, enjoying their capabilities and beauty.

Volkswagen Golf 3 Tuning: Engine Upgrade

Given the use of the recommended oil and its timely replacement, the power unit without any modernization will last a decent period. As a refinement, experts advise regularly changing rings and old connecting rod bearings, which will avoid excessive carbon deposits and deterioration in the functionality of the entire unit. In addition, it is necessary to monitor the condition of the oil seals, seals on the distributors and the timing belt tension.

tuning volkswagen golf 3 station wagon
tuning volkswagen golf 3 station wagon

Preventive work to maintain the motor resource at the proper level consists of the following manipulations:

  • after removing the sump, replace all gaskets;
  • check oil pump chain drive for wear;
  • tighten all fixing bolts using torque tool;
  • check all mating parts for leaks.

Tuning Volkswagen Golf 3 (station wagon) proves that the car's diesel engine is quite efficient, picky about fuel quality and consumes about six liters of diesel fuel per hundred kilometers. After the resource is exhausted, the motor turns into scrap metal. Therefore, it is better to simply replace it withnew variant, suitable for general parameters.

Transforming the dashboard

Let's consider how to make colored illumination of the working panel of this car. The procedure consists of several steps:

  • acquisition of six ground-off LEDs and a similar number of resistors (resistance - 850 ohms), as well as five white candela;
  • grinding on the top pair of lens elements to the desired size;
  • inner cone is bored with a drill;
  • fixing space is filled with suitable adhesive;
  • LEDs are placed in cartridges and shield;
  • panel and safety hood are dismantled;
  • marking the control location of the arrows;
  • the rod is carefully detached from the LED, the old paint layer is erased with a sharp object;
  • a blue or other color film is glued with tweezers;
  • assembly assembly in reverse order.

Tuning the Volkswagen Golf 3 (photo above) will eventually lead to something like this.

tuning volkswagen golf 3 photo
tuning volkswagen golf 3 photo


Chip-tuning a car is one of the fastest ways to improve some of its characteristics. This procedure allows you to increase the maneuverability of the car, reduce fuel consumption, improve dynamics. Correct and high-quality firmware adds at least ten percent of the power to the vehicle. At the same time, having the necessary skills and equipment, the operation can be performed independently. With ABSit is reasonable to carry out the procedure if the injection setting, the fuel advance angle and their aggregation will give a tangible effect.

In principle, an engine with sixteen valves and two camshafts can be chipped without hesitation. Motors with lower ratings will cause more trouble than real efficiency.

tuning volkswagen golf 3 91 97
tuning volkswagen golf 3 91 97


Tuning Volkswagen Golf 3 (91/97) will eliminate the weak points of the car, which are not so many. The main alterations are aimed at external equipment through the installation of additional body kits. As for the internal equipment, the transmission unit is most often transformed here. Spare parts for modernization are easy to pick up. There are a lot of enterprises that sell licensed parts for all models of German cars.

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