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Tires "Kama Irbis": reviews, description, features

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Tires "Kama Irbis": reviews, description, features
Tires "Kama Irbis": reviews, description, features

In the segment of budget tires, the domestic brand "Kama" managed to gain some popularity. Tires of this manufacturer are distinguished by an attractive price and high reliability. The tires "Kama Irbis" are in the greatest demand. Feedback on the presented model of automotive rubber is extremely positive. These tires are from 2006.

"Kama" logo
"Kama" logo

For what machines?

The presented tire variations were designed for budget sedans and small subcompacts. This is evidenced by the dimension of the tires. They are made in just 10 sizes, with bore diameters ranging from 13 to 15 inches.

Season of applicability

In reviews of Kama Irbis tires, drivers note its incredible softness. In the manufacture of the compound, the brand's chemists increased the number of elastomers. As a result, tires are able to withstand even the most severe cold snap. These tires are ideal for harsh winters. During a thaw, wear increases significantly. The rubber becomes rolled. exploitpresented tires at elevated temperatures are not recommended in principle.

A few words about design

The tread pattern determines the main performance characteristics of tires. The model was endowed with a classic design.

Tire tread "Kama Irbis"
Tire tread "Kama Irbis"

The central part consists of three stiffening ribs. The rib located in the middle is solid. This solution allows you to maintain the constancy of the profile during high-speed movement. In reviews of the Kama Irbis, drivers claim that the car does not blow to the sides in principle. This is only possible under certain conditions. Firstly, you can not accelerate to values \u200b\u200bthat exceed the speed indices declared by the manufacturer. Secondly, after mounting the tires, it is imperative to carry out balancing.

The rest of the central ribs consist of directional blocks with specific geometry. They form the V-shaped tread design. This solution allows tires to be better cleaned of adhering snow. Bonus - increased overclocking efficiency. The car picks up speed faster. The probability of drifts to the side is reduced to zero.

Shoulder zones consist of massive rectangular blocks. The presented geometry reduces the risk of their deformation during braking and cornering. As a result, these maneuvers are more stable. Security is greatly improved.

Behavior on Ice

The biggest difficulty for motorists is driving on an icy road. In reviews of "Kama Irbis" drivers note thatthe behavior of these tires on ice is almost perfect.

The presented model received 12 rows of spikes arranged with variable pitch relative to each other. This technique eliminates the risk of rutting. As a result, tires are easier to maneuver, drifting to the side is excluded even during sharp turns.

Ride stability was also achieved by changing the shape of the stud head. She became hexagonal. As a result, high-quality and reliable grip is ensured in any driving vectors.

Fight against hydroplaning

In reviews of the Kama-505 Irbis, drivers also note the stability of these tires while moving on wet asph alt. The risk of hydroplaning is eliminated even at higher speeds.

hydroplaning effect
hydroplaning effect

The model itself was equipped with a special drainage system. The increased dimensions of the longitudinal and transverse tubules allow more water to be removed. Each block was equipped with lamellas. These elements accelerate local drainage.

When formulating the rubber compound, the company's engineers increased the amount of silica. With this compound, the quality of grip on wet asph alt has improved. In reviews of the Kama-505 Irbis, drivers claim that the tires practically stick to it.


This model is also distinguished by decent mileage. On average, on the presented rubber, you can easily overcome 50 thousand km. In some reviews about Kama Irbis tires, drivers note that this figure can be easily raised by10–15%.

Increased wear resistance helped carbon compounds introduced into the rubber compound. With their help, it was possible to significantly reduce the rate of abrasive wear of the tread.

The structure of carbon black
The structure of carbon black

The advantage of the model lies in the reinforced frame. The metal cord is connected with polymer threads. The use of nylon allows the best distribution of impact energy. As a result, the risks of deformation of the steel frame are reduced to zero.


In matters of comfort, reviews about "Kama Irbis" are ambiguous. These tires are pretty soft. When driving on a bad roadway, shaking in the cabin is completely eliminated. But it is extremely difficult to deal with increased noise. The hum is high.


In general, drivers give a positive assessment of this tire model. In the course of tests from the magazine "Behind the Wheel", some shortcomings of this rubber were also revealed. The fact is that the presented tires have a large braking distance on dry pavement.

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