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Which is better, "Dnepr" or "Ural": a review of motorcycles, features and reviews

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Which is better, "Dnepr" or "Ural": a review of motorcycles, features and reviews
Which is better, "Dnepr" or "Ural": a review of motorcycles, features and reviews

Heavy motorcycles "Ural" and "Dnepr" at one time made a noise. These were very powerful and modern models at that time. It was such a confrontation that today resembles an “arms race” between Mercedes and BMW, of course, the question of which is better, Dnepr or Ural, does not sound so loud, but the meaning is clear. Today we will consider two of these legendary motorcycles. Finally, we will find the answer to the question of which motorcycle is better, Ural or Dnepr. Let's get started.

History of Dnipro

The first motorcycle under the Dnepr brand was released back in 1950. The last one from the Chopper series rolled off the assembly line in 1992. In 2000, they tried to revive production, a special modification of the motorcycle was created, which was supposed to be exported, but in the end, less than three dozen of these models were produced, which were later transferred to the motorized regiment of Ukraine, and the project was curtailed. Now the plant is being converted into a business center, the equipment is rented to a scrap metal collection point, it can be said that an attempt at another revival will not take place with a probability of almost one hundred percent.

which motorcycle is better ural or dnepr
which motorcycle is better ural or dnepr

Characteristics of Dnipro

Motorcycle modifications have changed over the years. In the first models, the engine had a power equal to 22 “horses”, and the most powerful model over the years of production produced 36 horsepower. The motorcycles had an internal combustion engine with two cylinders of an opposed type (four-stroke).

Motorcycle motorcycles consumed 7-10 liters of fuel per hundred kilometers, depending on the speed of movement and driving style. The maximum speed, which was declared in the passport, was 105 km / h. The length of the motorcycle is 2.43 meters, its width together with the passenger sidecar is 1.5 meters, the height of the vehicle from the road surface is 1.1 meters.

History of "Ural"

This is the only heavy motorcycle that was assembled on the territory of modern Russia (Sverdlovsk region, the city of Irbit). Production began in 1940 (motorcycles were produced that copied heavy similar models from BMW). Later, their own models appeared. Currently, the plant exists, functions, it produces modern models of heavy motorcycles, the main market for the sale of this equipment is the United States.

which engine is better ural or dnepr
which engine is better ural or dnepr

Ural characteristics

The classic Ural had an internal combustion engine with twoopposed-type cylinders (four-stroke engine). Power was 41 horsepower. This engine consumed about 8-10 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers. The maximum speed of the motorcycle is 150 km / h, according to various data, which are based on feedback from motorists.

The first Ural models were 2.13 meters long, the width of a motorcycle with a sidecar was 1.59 meters, and the height from the road was one meter. More modern models are slightly larger, but these additions are minimal.

If we talk today about what is better, "Dnepr" or "Ural", then the model from the city of Irbit will be the best, because the Ukrainian competitor simply does not exist anymore. This makes me a little sad, but it's a fact. Now let's start comparing the old models of these motorcycles. So, Dnepr or Ural? Which one is better?


In many ways, the design of these motorcycles was very similar, but there were differences. The main one is the design of the crankshaft. At the Urals, it was composite (assembled by pressing), non-separable, with roller bearings of the lower head of the connecting rod. Such a system had advantages:

  • Durability of the unit even with some malfunctions of the lubrication system.
  • Relatively undemanding to oil pressure.

But not everything went smoothly, there were also disadvantages:

Relatively low strength (there are cases of turning the crankshaft in the pressing areas)

Such a crankshaft cannot be repaired (in theory, you can press it out, sort it out and assemble it again, but this is very laborious and costly, in practicenobody does that). At "Dnepr" the crankshaft was solid, with plain bearings of the lower heads of the connecting rods. The rods themselves are collapsible. Strengths of such a system:

  • The bushings have a long service life, they are able to take on increased loads, as they have an increased contact area with the shaft.
  • Crankshaft repairable.

But there are also disadvantages:

If there is a break in the supply of pressurized lubrication, the liners will die extremely quickly

At the "Ural" both aluminum liners with a sleeve and cast iron were used. On the Dnepr, they were made of aluminum with a sleeve filled into it (this option cannot be pressed out, you can only cut it out). The aluminum inserts have excellent heat dissipation capability, meaning they provide better cooling for the entire system.

In such a comparison, there is no unequivocal answer to the question of which is better, Dnepr or Ural. Everywhere there are nuances, their pros and cons. In practice, it is easier with the Ural crankshaft.

Heavy motorcycles of the USSR
Heavy motorcycles of the USSR


Why is the Dnepr motorcycle better than the Ural? Objectively, the gearbox. The most reliable of this unit was the Dnepr motorcycle of the MT-804 modification. The gearbox had a clear gear shift, and was also distinguished by a special smoothness. On some versions of the Ural, the gearbox is the owner's nightmare.

Dneprovsky boxes had a reverse gear and an automatic clutch release when shifting gears. Reverse on these motorcycles is activated by a special manual lever. Helocated on the right side of the driver's leg. It was possible to turn on the reverse speed only from the neutral gear. Some craftsmen reworked the reverse gear into fifth, according to the reviews.

"Urals" with the presence of a reverse gear also existed, but very often when trying to turn on the reverse gear, the neutral was "caught". The box had two special bolts to adjust this moment, but it didn't do much good.

In general, the gearboxes on these two bikes are interchangeable, but they are slightly different in length. So, what is better, "Dnepr" or "Ural", in terms of checkpoints, we found out. Victory for Dnipro.

than the Dnepr motorcycle is better than the Urals
than the Dnepr motorcycle is better than the Urals


Which engine is better - "Ural" or "Dnepr"? Over the years of production of both motorcycles, engines have changed, improved, but no modification of any of these motorcycles can be called extremely reliable and trouble-free.

Of course, there were such instances that could not break for decades, but here, rather, a matter of luck, and not a pattern. Let's say that it is easier and cheaper to find spare parts and components for the Ural motor in our time, so it is he who wins in this matter.

which is better ural or dnieper reviews
which is better ural or dnieper reviews


Both motorcycles look brutal and similar. The difference in appearance lies in the seat. Dnepr has a classic double. "Ural" is equipped with a pair of single seats. This is a matter of taste and habit of each person. Here it is impossible to objectively determine which option is better and more practical.

dnieper or uralwhich is better
dnieper or uralwhich is better

Which is better, Ural or Dnepr: reviews

There is something special here. Motorcycle enthusiasts are divided into camps. Some love Ural, others are crazy about Dnepr. But we tried to choose some objective grains from a mountain of emotions and tried to find out which is better, Dnepr or Ural. Owner reviews are positive and negative for both participants in this duel.

Opinions say that the Ural is faster, but the Dnepr is a more powerful motorcycle. The owners of both of these competitors say that any device can be brought to a state close to excellent, the only thing is that for this you will need a lot of money and time. Of course, everything is relative, no need to think that spare parts cost a lot of money. No, but sometimes it's cheaper to buy a motorcycle than to repair it after a while. This opinion is not taken from the sky, it is derived from real reviews.

If you have the time and desire, and are willing to spend some money, then you can safely buy any of these motorcycles. And it's better, if you believe the reviews, to buy the one to which the soul lies, to understand this, you need to ride on each of the motorcycles behind the wheel.

what is better dnieper or ural owners reviews
what is better dnieper or ural owners reviews

Summing up

The dispute between Dnipro and Ural is forever. You need to understand that we are talking about a rather old technique, which is already pretty battered by life or the previous owner. In many ways, this dispute about which is better will be decided by the state of specific specimens. But no oneforbids you, for example, to buy a faster Ural and install a reliable box from the Dnepr on it, or come up with some kind of your own similar option.

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