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"Dodge Journey": owner reviews, characteristics and photos

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"Dodge Journey": owner reviews, characteristics and photos
"Dodge Journey": owner reviews, characteristics and photos

Chrysler Auto Concern does not tire of proving that it not only knows how to design new models, but also improve old ones. Looking at the restyled minivan, you can be sure of this. On the Russian market, the brand new Dodge Journey, reviews of which are mostly positive, can be bought for a little less than 2 million rubles. The amount is solid, and fully justified by high technical performance. What makes the brand special?

First steps

Reviews about "Dodge Journey" diesel 2, 0

For the first time the world saw the "Dodge Journey", reviews of which instantly scattered around the planet, in 2008. From the "podium" of the Frankfurt Motor Show, he began his ascent on the path of popularity. The planned pilot project for American residents instantly became in demand among citizens of other states. Contrary to expectations, despite the congestion of the market with crossovers of other brands, Dodge Journey immediately found its customers. The successful combination of comfort and power did the trick.

Modernization "epic"

Luxurious salon "Dodge Journey"

In 2011, the design idea decided to take a step further, developing the idea of ​​comfortable crossovers, updating the first version of the Dodge Journey, reviews of which instantly made themselves felt. The foreign car received an updated version of the suspension, a six-cylinder engine pleasing 48 hp, which has become more aggressive compared to the previous "brother". From the first minutes of its appearance on the market, car enthusiasts liked the softness of the interior: updated materials that are pleasant to the touch began to be used.

Basic Features

Everyone is good "Dodge Journey" diesel

A car is assembled within the walls of a Mexican factory in Toluca. The basic version includes the ESC dynamic stabilization structure. Especially about the Dodge Journey, the reviews are positive from those who appreciate traction control systems. In this car, it works at any speed. Excellent directional stability on the roadway in the rain and on a clear day cannot but please true connoisseurs of comfortable driving conditions. Special advantages of the machine:

  • the machine is endowed with an anti-rollover mechanism;
  • brake system implemented with anti-lock properties.

The car performed well in different weather conditions.

Outwardly changed the lights as part of the restyling, put LED. The exhaust tips are double chromed and the rims are replaced with 19-inch options.

Stylish image

Brutal car front bumper

Someone calls it a minivan. The manufacturer claims that this is a crossover. But no one doubts that this is a compact and at the same time roomy car with a presentable appearance. It remains relevant today. Beneath the interesting visuals are some good technical benefits.

  1. The radiator grille, which has a chrome-plated cross, a characteristic symbolism for fashionable dudes, testifies to the American origin.
  2. Elaborate optics fit harmoniously into the high nose, despite the aggressive lines.
  3. The body has an elongated shape in the spirit of station wagons and looks interesting in combination with elements.
  4. Confidence is caused by a powerful wheelbase, and, in general, according to the reviews of the owners of the Dodge Journey, it looks solid.

Mexican craftsmen managed to assemble a high-quality moving vehicle, pleasing the driver with ease of control and comfort for passengers, equipping the cabin with very worthy materials. Plastic and close-fitting chairs are not satisfactory. The car is a combination of American assembly with high accurate performance and "convenience" of the salon.

Universality of the model

Comfort and power - the perfect combination

The developers have tried to make the machine a universal plan. It copes well with the nuances of urban infrastructure and performs well on country roads. The solid status by which it is confused with the station wagon is confirmed by the design based on the Chrysler platform for the "D"segment. Squat, two-volume transport is designed for a confident user. The style was especially liked by car owners. What do motorists say about different versions?

Is there a place for negativity?

Reviews about "Dodge Journey"

Reading the forums, you can see that the Dodge Journey diesel reviews have a negative "color". The manufacturer wholeheartedly wanted to give an economical option, but in the case of the German assembly, the purchase is not recommended. The problem lies in the calculation of the company's engineers for the European quality of diesel fuel. In Russian conditions, the equipment does not cope with the proposed diesel fuel. It has too much soot in it. The procedure for burning the filter suggests itself, but the “treatment” of such a plan does not help. The filter has to be replaced along with the catalyst. The disadvantage for many is that the oil is only suitable for Castol, not ATF. Will the manufacturer smooth out this nuance in other modifications?

Motorists' opinion about Dodge Journey 2.0

Dodge Journey diesel 2.0 reviews are different. Some people like the “suitcase” (as its owners affectionately call it). This version is referred to as a reliable companion for road trips. Behind the wheel there is a feeling as if you are in a full-fledged jeep. The "stuffing" of the multimedia system is rich, easy to use. Built-in climate control. At the same time, the dashboard is not overloaded and looks decent. A car with 140 “horses” with a robotic gearbox and front-wheel drive perfectly showed the inherent design idea in reality. Reseeding from formats such as Pajero 4, transport owners do not regretchoice due to the purchase of a good variation at a reasonable price. What else does the concern offer?

Auto Secrets 2013 release

The network has excellent reviews about the Dodge Journey diesel

Generation SUV with automatic front-wheel drive has power values ​​of 170 hp. About "Dodge-Journey" 2.4 reviews are mainly characterized by a "+" sign. The top-end equipment will cost the owner 40 thousand dollars, approximately, the base one is $ 25 (1600 rubles). Automatic and anti-skid are one of their advantages. Drivers are satisfied with the exterior design, which harmoniously combines the features of an SUV and a high station wagon. Pleasantly pleased with the salon, with high-quality plastic, it was a real breakthrough, because before only a lazy journalist did not pour mud on the interior of the Crysler. In this brand, everything is fitted, spacious, ergonomic. Has proven to be excellent soundproofing. The "steel horse" is obedient. How does the 2.7L version perform?

Rejecting doubts

Image "Dodge Journey" 2.7 reviews

If you want to save even more money, you can buy a car of an earlier format - 2008. About "Dodge Jorney 2.7" reviews are distinguished by a rating of "8" on a ten-point scale for driving performance, and this is what is valued in the first place. The front-wheel drive gasoline car runs on an automatic transmission, with an SUV body type. Designers with exterior magic got into the top ten - all buyers liked it.

There are also disadvantages. Sometimes the expansion tank of the internal combustion engine cracks: a defect often forms onfactory stamping, but the problem is solved by replacing the tank. Often the front dimensions and license plate lights burn out.

As a preventive maintenance on all models, it is recommended to change oils and filter devices on time. In general, the brand does not have any particular reproaches against the developers. It is convenient to maneuver on it, at speeds up to 130 km / h, the behavior can be considered impeccable, with high directional stability. Gasoline consumption in the city will approximately be about 10-12 liters per hundred kilometers. A beautiful and original car perfectly withstands heavy loads and delivers maximum comfort in driving and driving. Another positive point is that it is not of interest to intruders and, according to statistics, it is rarely stolen.

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