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Yamaha XVS 950: motorcycle characteristics, owner reviews, photos

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Yamaha XVS 950: motorcycle characteristics, owner reviews, photos
Yamaha XVS 950: motorcycle characteristics, owner reviews, photos

Yamaha XVS 950 is not a little-known cruiser model, which was first introduced to the attention of motorists in 2009. She came to replace her predecessor, known as 1100 Drag Star.

This is a powerful, spectacular motorcycle, and now we should talk about its technical characteristics and other interesting features.

Model in brief

Yamaha XVS 950 is positioned by manufacturers as a model designed for entry-level and intermediate drivers.

The bike has full size dimensions, and this makes it look like the XV1900 - the older version. This fact provides him with an advantage, since the owner does not have the impression that he owns some small volume, cheap tool.

yamaha xvs 950 belt

Dimensions and weights

They should be discussed before talking about the technical characteristics of the Yamaha XVS 950. So, these features can be distinguished in the following list:

  • Wheelbase: 168.5cm
  • Height over saddle: 67.5cm
  • Length:243.5 cm.
  • Height: 108cm
  • Width: 100cm
  • Clearance: 14.5 cm.
  • Fuel tank capacity: 17 liters.
  • Curb weight: 278 kilograms.

Even judging by the photos, it looks like the Yamaha XVS 950 is a classic heavy bike. Both in appearance and size.


The Yamaha XVS 950 Midnight Star is equipped with a V-shaped 2-cylinder engine equipped with an air-cooled system. Its volume is 942 cubic meters. cm, and the power is 54 liters. With. Maximum performance from 3000 to 6000 rpm.

This is a really worthy unit. In the era of Japanese cruisers, most of which are simply “refined”, the famous concern was not afraid to create a real “air vent” motor.

And the lack of liquid cooling is not the only outstanding quality of the engine. Fans note such an important “click” of cooling metal for a true motorcyclist, heard at those moments when, after riding, you put your “iron horse” in the box. They say that even the smell from the engine is different, not like the smell of water-cooled units.

yamaha xvs 950 midnight star

Ride pattern

Yamaha XVS 950 Midnight Star owners expect impressive torque and smooth performance from a nearly liter V-twin. Literally so that the asph alt "spins".

However, a 21st century fuel injected engine that meets modern emissions regulations andhas a converter and other additional parts, does not pull as it could.

So at low speeds, the Yamaha XVS 950 behaves somewhat sluggishly, even boringly, as experienced motorcyclists assure. But from the middle it starts to accelerate with dignity. Comparable to much larger cruisers.

Up to the mark of 140 km/h on the speedometer, this vehicle is dynamically picking up speed. But then, of course, playfulness weakens. However, all indicators are quite enough for dynamic city driving and overtaking on the highway.

yamaha xvs 950


It's fair to say that the Yamaha XVS 950 has a very successful one. The handling of the motorcycle was not spoiled even by budget suspension components and a stretched low silhouette.

Features of this model are not very modern, deeply hidden in the system mono-shock absorber, as well as a fork with feathers of 41 mm diameter, inflated with metal overlays. But, nevertheless, the motorcycle copes with potholes and pits easily. Suspension works decently.

Also, talking about the characteristics of the Yamaha XVS 950, we must say that this motorcycle has excellent geometry. So it's nice to take turns on it. In them, he flies very easily and controlled. The angle of inclination is only limited by the low footrests.

Brake system

The Yamaha XVS 950 is not very powerful. Most motorcyclists complain - it feels like the cruiser was cheated in this regard. The developers have installed weak hydraulic brakes on this 250-kilogram machine.driven.

It is recommended to immediately change the front caliper. You can leave the rear one, but use it exclusively in intensive acceleration mode.

Noe judging objectively, the brakes are standard for motorcycles in this class. It's just that the vast majority of Yamaha connoisseurs expect more.

Yamaha XVS 950, unlike many of its competitors, does not tend to roll over and does not break. This gives the rider the feeling of riding a heavy classic rather than a cruiser.

yamaha xvs 950 reviews

City and travel

This "iron horse" is suitable for some purposes, and for others. So, for example, in conditions of dense urban traffic, this motorcycle feels confident, like any other vehicle of this class. There are no problems even in the presence of many kilometers of traffic jams during rush hour. Consumption in the city is approximately 7 liters of 95 gasoline.

For long-distance trips, the cruiser is also ideal. Riding it on the track is a real pleasure, especially if it is tuned with everything you need.

He is not even embarrassed by the presence of a passenger of average weight (about 60 kg) and solid luggage to boot. It rides dynamically, and overtakes smartly. Consumption in this mode is approximately 5.5 liters.

For this bike, the optimal cruising speed for the track is 120-140 km/h. But only if with glass. Without it, the wind starts to annoy faster. Other straining factors appear at a speed of 150 km / h. Meaningvibrations on footpegs and handlebars.

yamaha xvs 950 specifications

Overall impressions

In the reviews left about the Yamaha XVS 950, you can find a variety of impressions. Summarizing, it is worth highlighting the most common positive comments:

  • The motorcycle is reliable, breakdowns are rare even on models with impressive mileage.
  • Funds for consumables and operation are not required much, so the option is quite budgetary.
  • The Yamaha XVS 950 belt gives excellent dynamics at speeds that are the main speeds for this motorcycle, as well as a smooth start. Nurtured for a long time, and requires almost no maintenance.
  • The bike has a nice bassy exhaust. For connoisseurs, this is important.
  • Low center of gravity for easy steering.
  • Installed alloy wheels are much more practical than spokes. And the individual drawing pleases the eye.
  • There is a lot of supposedly “chrome” in appearance. Most of it is plastic, but the bike is lighter and easier to care for. More trouble with chrome.
  • Decent equipment - visor, wardrobe trunks, passenger back … everything is available in the basic version. But many recommend installing arcs. It is practical and safe.
  • The transmissions are quite long, including the first one. This takes some time to get used to. And when driving around the city, in the mode of acceleration and deceleration, you need to correctly select the gear in order to maintain smooth dynamics. Switching is accompanied by the characteristic sound of "Yamaha", and the neutral is "caught" easily in anydirection.
  • The brakes, though weak, and there is no ABS, but motorcyclists have found a way out. You can block the wheels by sending the Yamaha into a slide.

And, of course, no one ignores the appearance of this motorcycle in their reviews. Connoisseurs describe it like this: modern trends in style, strung on a traditional cruiser basis.

Yamaha XVS 950

However, there are also disadvantages. There are not very many of them, but motorcycle owners note with attention:

  • Injector does not like low-quality gasoline. The engine starts to “sneeze”, and the motorcycle starts to ride badly. So saving on fuel is not recommended.
  • There is no emergency gang. There are only turn signals. There is also no usual blinker.
  • Missing sensor showing fuel gauge sensor. There is only a light that flashes when there are 3 liters left in the tank.
  • Setting mirrors is very incomprehensible. We have to remove them for the winter so that the device does not take up much space in the garage. But in the spring they are difficult to adjust after that.
  • The footrests are comfortable, but low. Many motorcyclists complain that they cling to everything.
  • The fit is also comfortable. But if you do not notice a pothole or bump on the road, then it will immediately be noticeable on your back. Plus air resistance at speed. So the installation of the driver's back suggests itself.
yamaha xvs 950 specifications


Prices for the Yamaha XVS 950 start at about 300,000 rubles. For this amount you can buybike in good condition.

But there are also new models, mothballed. They are, of course, much more expensive. A new Yamaha in perfect condition without a run, released about 2 years ago, will cost 950,000 rubles.

What about consumables? Here are selected examples with approximate costs:

  • Transparent, quickly removable visor – 9-10 thousand rubles.
  • Add. deflectors for batwing - 3-4 thousand rubles.
  • Branded high visor with fasteners - 22-23 thousand rubles.
  • Diode turn signals - 7-8 thousand rubles.
  • LED brake light - 11-12 thousand rubles.
  • Tire pressure sensor with display - 20-21 thousand rubles.
  • Inertial boost - 22-23 thousand rubles.
  • Beverage holder - 5-6 thousand rubles.
  • Transforming backrest with a folding trunk - 16-17 thousand rubles.

The important fact is that you can actually find a lot in large motorcycle centers. But some owners prefer to order parts from the USA or Japan. It's already more convenient for someone.

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