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"Saab": country of origin, description, lineup, characteristics, photo

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"Saab": country of origin, description, lineup, characteristics, photo
"Saab": country of origin, description, lineup, characteristics, photo

Saab's country of origin is Sweden, as they were originally produced by Saab Automobile AB. Among the models you can find different types of bodies. Branches until 2012 were located in different countries of the world. In particular, production is located in Mexico. It was opened together with General Motors. After Saab was declared bankrupt in 2012, the Swedish government revoked the license to use the brand.

producing country
producing country

The Saab brand originated back in 1937. Then they opened a small enterprise in Trollhättan. Closer to the sixties, the company became one of the largest in Sweden. And in 1968, she joined the Saab-Scania AB industrial group. Since 1979, she began working with the Italian Fiat.

In 1989, General Motors became the owner of a controlling stake, and in 2000 it completely bought out the company. During the crisis of 2008, General Motors decides to sell the company, and in 2010 the Dutch Speaker takes it under its "wing". However, after futile attempts to correctfinancial situation in autumn 2011, after all, bankruptcy proceedings were launched.

Saab Brand

As far as is known, the country of origin "Saab" produced aircraft until April 1937. A small team of aircraft designers at the end of 1946 created the first car - Saab 92.001. This process was led by Gunnar Ljungstrom. Experienced engineers have created a Swedish-made Saab car with excellent aerodynamic qualities. The car was equipped with a two-piston DKW engine.

In 1949, the Swedish manufacturer Saab began to create large sports cars Saab Standard 92 and Saab 92 DeLuxe. The Saab 93 was released in 1955. Specialists installed tires without tubes and a three-cylinder engine on it. "Saab Sonnet" Swedish production was released in 1956. The outer shell of the two-seat car was assembled from fiberglass. However, the Saab 95 station wagon was the most popular. Fans of the brand first saw her in 1959. The new Saab 96 became a sales favorite of the 1960s. Thanks to this "iron horse", racing driver Eric Carlson received several prizes in the 1960-1962s during the World Rally Championship in England.

saab factory
saab factory

The Saab brand, whose country of manufacture is Sweden, was the first to receive seat belts, beating its competitors. In addition, the company has implemented beams in the doors that can withstand any blow. Also, blown discs were installed in the brake systems. The 99 introduced headlight cleaners and a self-healing bumper for the first time.

After the sale of a controlling stake in General Motors inIn 1997, the Saab 9-3 model was demonstrated in Detroit. We are talking about an improved version of the Saab 9000. At the same time, the Saab 9-5 entered the market. Its development started in 1993. After that, the Saab car, the country of origin of which is Sweden, became the three millionth car.

Swedish Saab 9-4X

Before this event, the organization suffered a lot. The mid-size crossover has been a long wait. At the same time, the Swedish company tried to keep up with its competitors - Porsche and BMW. Under the leadership of General Motors, Saab officially presented the model ready for release in 2008. But the global financial crisis meant that the Saab 9-4X had to meet the needs of the new owner, Speaker Cars. However, Saab, whose country of manufacture is Sweden, is still based on the Cadillac SRX and is produced at the General Motors plant in Mexico.

saab manufacturer country
saab manufacturer country

According to the developers, the dynamic appearance of the car focuses on the aviation spirit. The aircraft wing-style grille, angled rear pillars and aft with a small panoramic window below the large spoiler create a sense of reactivity. In addition, the car was equipped with LED optics, adaptive bi-xenon headlights, 18-20-inch alloy wheels and two twin exhaust pipes.

Saab 9-3 Sport Combi and Sport Sedan

These two models have the property and development at the level of the structure of the aircraft and active appearance. Saab 9-3Sport Sedan" will suit lovers of the classics. There is a hint of sport in its coupe. Slightly tapered headlights and sharp windows indicate the speed and power inherent in aircraft. Salon attracts special attention. It has become more spacious. The manufacturer claims that the car is capable of accelerating up to 250 km / h. Saab 9-3 is presented with different engines - from 122 horsepower with a volume of 1.8 to 255 horsepower with a volume of 2.8 liters.

Its exclusivity lies in the fact that here you can install a new generation engine - BioPower, which runs on a mixture of ethanol and gasoline.

The Saab 9-3 Sport Combi sports wagon remains on an equal footing with its "brother". An excellent luggage compartment makes this model a true friend for a trip to the countryside and outdoor activities.

Saab 9-7X SUV

saab car country manufacturer
saab car country manufacturer

We are talking about the first-born in the Saab SUV class. Swedish engineers and designers approached its creation with full responsibility. Rear and side, the novelty resembles Chevrolet, but the rear seems lighter thanks to the curved window line. A slightly prominent grille, tapered headlights and a protrusion above the bumper give the car a distinctive look.

The creators of the "Saab 9-7X" offer a car with a six-cylinder engine of 4.2 liters with a capacity of 275 "horses" and an eight-cylinder engine with a volume of 5.3 liters and 304 horsepower. All varieties have a four-speed automatic transmission. The Saab 9-7X is rear-wheel drive, but if it gets slippery, the front wheels turn on by themselves.

There is also a minus of thismodels are high fuel consumption. As tests showed, having overcome 100 kilometers, the SUV used up about 16 liters of gasoline.

Saab 9-5 sedan and station wagon

The brand new car was released in September 2009. His presentation took place in Frankfurt. Country manufacturer "Saab 9-5" released it with subtle features and combined with efficiency and safety. It was presented in two types of bodies.

The exterior of the car is quite simple. The unusual shape of the glass once again hints at the “aviation” heritage of Saab. Before 9-5 is made in the style of Aero X. The car seems to radiate animal aggression and purposefulness with its appearance. The roof sloping towards the front emphasizes the decisive character. Behind are two lanterns of an elongated shape. They are interconnected by a chrome line.

"Saab 9-5" was released with different engines of 2.0 and two 2.3 liters each, with a capacity of 150, 185 and 260 horsepower.

Production country "Saab 9-3" Convertible Vector Viggen

car saab country manufacturer
car saab country manufacturer

Viggen is Saab's first fighter aircraft. The presence of this word in the name of the model means a speed variation in the line. Convertible means he is allowed to bask in the sun.

20 liters of fuel are consumed per 100 kilometers. And if you accelerate to 80 km / h or more, then the wind starts to blow into the cabin.

The parking brake handle is quite curious. Manufacturers disguised it as a real estate car. And buttons were placed on the three-spoke steering wheelgearshift.

Saab 9000

Which country is the manufacturer of Saab and did it produce A class cars? Saab 9000 is the first business class model in the history of the manufacturer. It belongs to class E. The engineers developed this car together with the Italian Fiat. The novelty appeared on the market in two bodies.

In May 1984, the car was presented. A year later, its mass production began. In 1987, a three-volume was released. The end of the Saab 9000 era came in the spring of 1998.

The appearance of the car is quite proportional, despite its age. "Saab 9000" is a 5-door liftback and a sedan. It is worth noting that the weight of the car ranges from 1410 to 1475 kg. It all depends on the model itself. The salon is made in retro style. At the same time, it was well thought out and made spacious. The trunk can hold 556 liters, while the liftback can hold between 488 and 883 liters.

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