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Honda Civic Hybrid: description, specifications, operation and repair manual, reviews
Honda Civic Hybrid: description, specifications, operation and repair manual, reviews

In many countries in Europe and Asia, hybrid cars have been the norm for quite some time. They have a whole host of advantages and are in high demand. As for Russia, there are quite a few such machines, although they exist. In this article, we will look at the Honda Civic Hybrid, which has earned a lot of positive feedback from the owners. We will talk about the construction features, design and technical component.

back view

First appearance

ES9 - 2003 Civic Hybrid. The production of this generation lasted for 2 years. If you omit some details, you might think that this is an ordinary "Civic" sedan. Under the hood is an LDA line engine, paired with an electric motor. Torque - 168 Nm, and power - 98 horsepower. As for the electric motor itself, it accounts for about 13 horses and 50 Nm of torque.moment. This is not as much as modern hybrid cars, but for a vehicle that is 15 years old, it is quite a good indicator.

Integrated Motor Assistant (IMA) is Honda's signature hybrid technology. The entire electrical component comes down to the electric motor and batteries. The system is under the control of the electrical power unit. Actually the essence of IMA is extremely simple - to save fuel. If in a conventional car energy goes nowhere during braking, this is not the case here. During braking, the kinetic energy comes to the electric motor, which works on the principle of a generator and the output is energy for the batteries. The electric motor in the design takes the place of the flywheel, that is, it is installed between the engine and the gearbox.

hybrid honda engine

2006-2010 Model release

In the same year, the 8th generation Honda Civic Hybrid and FD3 were released. The base remained from the same sedan. Therefore, we can talk about the former level of comfort and other characteristics inherent in the 4D model.

The principle of operation of IMA technology has remained the same, but there have been some significant changes for the better. For example, the power of a gasoline power unit was 10 liters. With. more and reached 95 liters. with., and the electric motor began to give out already 20 liters. With. For a 1.3 liter engine 115 liters. With. this is a very good result. Torque - 167 Nm, only 123 comes from the internal combustion engine, the rest is the merit of the electric motor.

The total mass of the electrical installation has decreased by about 5%, this is with an increase in power of 20%. The output from the batteries was30%, with a smaller amount. The amount of energy received by the batteries during braking has also increased by about 10%. The car has become more economical, about 5%. The ICE has also undergone some changes. In particular, the i-VTEC system was installed with three operating modes (calm driving, active driving, idling).

Engine modes

This moment needs a detailed description. Honda Civic Hybrid includes two motors at the time of the start of movement. When the car accelerates to 30 km / h, the internal combustion engine turns off and the Civic turns into a full-fledged electric car. Another situation in which the gasoline power unit turns off is braking. The electric motor starts to work on the principle of a generator and accumulates energy in batteries. At idle, only the electric motor also runs.

saloon civic

The highest fuel consumption is at the moment of sharp acceleration, when the internal combustion engine goes into maximum power, and the electric motor is at maximum output. Another interesting feature is the presence of a separate electric motor for the air conditioner. This innovation was made because in the previous generation the internal combustion engine did not turn off when the air conditioner was active, there is no such drawback in this model. But there were no cardinal changes in the design of the car. Aerodynamics have improved somewhat, which has a positive effect on fuel consumption.

Honda Civic Hybrid: driver reviews

Hybrid models have a whole host of advantages according to consumers. One advantage is that the 8thgeneration, it is always only the maximum configuration. The assembly is exclusively Japanese. Very often, attention is focused on the fact that in urban conditions the engine 1, 4 is no worse than 1, 8. But the consumption is an order of magnitude less, while excellent traction.

Suspension stiffness rather closer to soft. This is especially felt if the car is a little loaded. But the clearance is small, it is only 135 mm. For the city, this is a normal figure, but on a country road you need to be careful not to tear off the bumper or something. Although there are no protrusions on the bottom, there are usually no problems.

saloon and trunk

As far as maintenance goes, a Honda Civic can be compared to a Corolla. True, if you have gone far from a big city, then with a serious electrical failure, it is not always possible to find specialists ready to take on repairs. Otherwise, according to drivers, it is worthy of attention.

Honda Civic hybrid specifications

It is also worth paying attention to the technical component. As noted above, a gasoline power unit is installed on the car. It is an 8-valve, with a capacity of 95 liters. with., works in tandem with a V-belt variator. Honda Civic Hybrid accelerates to hundreds in just 11.5 seconds. Pretty good, considering that the curb weight is about 1.3 tons. As for fuel consumption, in the combined cycle it is about 5 liters. With a tank of 50 liters, it is enough for long trips without refueling.

MacPherson type independent suspension -tested and simple. The rear suspension is multi-link. The car is equipped with front ventilated and rear disc brakes. The effectiveness of this solution has been noticed by many drivers. In general, the Honda Civic has a large margin of safety; it is in good demand in Europe. Comfortable and economical, usually you don't need anything else to drive from work and home.

interior elements

How much does a hybrid car repair cost?

There is a lot of controversy on this topic. But car maintenance is cheap or not, everyone decides for himself. Much depends on the quality of components and the timeliness of the work. Battery repair is not cheap, but it's easier to replace them than to dance with a tambourine in the hope of reanimating the batteries. An electric motor can be made at no significant cost, usually an intelligent auto electrician will cope with this task. Otherwise, the service is no different from a regular gasoline sedan.

Another thing is that the base cost of the car is considered too high. At least the gasoline Civic is much cheaper to buy. Purchasing a hybrid is expedient only from the point of view of preserving the environment. But as noted above, this car is not very common in Russia, so in many dealerships and simple service stations you should not count on a humane price tag. High-quality Honda Civic Hybrid repairs can be performed far from everywhere, so it is better to visit only proven places.

salon in the maximum configuration

Guide tooperation

When buying a new or used car, you need to remember about its maintenance. Use the Honda Civic Hybrid Owner's Manual to select the correct inspection or replacement interval. This book contains all the useful information about this car. Includes assembly or disassembly methods, part numbers, and suitable tools.

In the past, you could buy the owner's manual if you didn't have it in your car, but today there's the Internet, so a simple free download is available. Another important point is to adhere to the scheduled maintenance of the car. For example, spark plugs should be changed every 30,000 kilometers, and the air filter should be inspected every 15,000 kilometers. Therefore, if you service your car yourself, then in the manual you can find the desired node and its detailed description. The Honda Civic Hybrid is a car that needs regular maintenance with quality parts.

Should I buy this car?

This question is asked by many motorists when choosing their first or next car. Unfortunately, it is impossible to give a definite answer to this question. Someone will appreciate the excellent maneuverability, but will remain dissatisfied with the dynamics and so on. In any case, before making such a purchase, you need to weigh everything. "Honda Civic" is a great car with its strengths and weaknesses. It is not considered extremely reliable, but you can’t say bad things about it either. But the price tag for a hybrid model is unreasonably high. Perhaps it is thisfactor affects demand in Russia.

A few facts about the Honda hybrid

The development of hybrid cars depends entirely on electrical progress. On the Civic, all technologies are perfectly manifested. For example, compared to its predecessor, the 8th generation boasts a more compact arrangement of wires in the electric motor winding and an increase in power by 50% and torque by 110%. I would like to say a few words about the Honda chassis. This is a classic American MacPherson type suspension. Rack and pinion steering with power steering on a gasoline Honda and electric power on a hybrid. The electro-hydraulic braking system is quite complex and requires regular maintenance. But the brakes do their job 100%.

A little about the interior of the car

Pay attention to the interior of the car is a must. After all, whether he likes it or not is very important. As for the hybrid, there are no special differences from the Civic 4D. But if you look closer, there is still a difference. For example, the location of the dashboard is different. In the hybrid version, it is two-tiered. Above is the speedometer, fuel flow meter and the remaining fuel in the tank. Below is a tachometer, battery level and IMA. The seats are upholstered in leather, and the steering wheel has media controls and cruise control. There is a USB port in the armrest, which is sometimes very lacking in many cars. The rear seats can be folded down to increase the amount of luggage space. In general, "Civic" fully justifies the titlehatchback C-class.

front view


In this article we reviewed a great Japanese car Honda Civic Hybrid. Reviews of motorists about him are mostly positive, although sometimes there is also negative. But in technical terms, the car is worthy of attention. The interior and exterior are similar to the 4D model, so its fans should appreciate it. You should not expect too much from the car, but it can surprise even an experienced motorist. Excellent dynamics and comfort level. Reliable running and economical engine. Honda spends millions of dollars every year developing the latest safety systems, both active and passive, so you'll feel safe in this car. The car is very decent, but the hybrid model is a little expensive.

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