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How to pump the brakes on the Gazelle with your own hands?

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How to pump the brakes on the Gazelle with your own hands?
How to pump the brakes on the Gazelle with your own hands?

Each of us knows how important its braking system is for a car. Failure to do so can have disastrous consequences. Therefore, each owner must monitor the condition of the brake system and troubleshoot in time. Among the frequent problems that drivers face is a soft brake pedal. At the same time, the car slows down slightly, and the pedal itself rests almost on the floor.

All this indicates the presence of air in the system. Because of it, the fluid cannot exert the necessary pressure on the working cylinders. The pads do not compress the brake disc and drum well. How to solve this problem? Enough to pump the brakes. Today we will look at how to do this using the Gazelle commercial vehicle as an example.

Tools and materials

From the factory, this car uses fourth-class RosDot brake fluid. It is not recommended to mix it with any others.Therefore, before pumping the brakes on the Gazelle, we purchase fluid from this particular manufacturer and precisely the fourth class.

how to bleed the brakes

What else do we need? Bleeding the brakes involves loosening the fitting. Therefore, we need a key on "10". You should also prepare some kind of container (bottle or jar) and a hose through which the old liquid will flow into it.

The presence of a pit or overpass is optional, but desirable. The clearance of the machine is sufficient to reach the fittings on a simple, flat area.

Getting Started

How to bleed the brakes on the Gazelle? First, open the hood and unscrew the cap of the expansion tank, which is located above the master brake cylinder. We need to add liquid to the maximum level. Since the neck is very inconvenient, you can use any watering can as an adapter.

The next step is to close the cover and get to the rear right wheel. Finding the fitting is pretty easy. It is located at the top rear of the brake drum. But you don't need to unlock it just yet. A hose is just put on the fitting. Next, we need to pressurize the system. How to do it? The help of a second person is needed, who, on command, will press the pedal 4-5 times, and then keep it on the floor. At this point, we unscrew the fitting half a turn and monitor the condition of the liquid. It will usually be filled with bubbles.

like brakes on a gazelle

The moment he leavesliquid, the assistant behind the wheel will feel the pedal go to the floor. When the liquid has stopped flowing, you need to tighten the fitting. After that, the assistant should again press the pedal several times and keep it on the floor. Next, the fitting is unscrewed. There should be less air in the system. If the bubbles do not go away after the second time, the procedure must be repeated again.

How to pump the brakes on the Gazelle further? After the air on one wheel is completely eliminated, go to the rear left. How to pump the brakes on the Gazelle on this wheel? The operation is identical and is performed in the same way. Next, move on to the front right wheel. And the last in the work will be the front left, since it is closest to the main cylinder.

how to pump on a gazelle

What to look out for?

Before you bleed the brakes on the Gazelle Business, you need to find out what level of fluid is in the reservoir at the moment. You need to control the level every time, moving from one wheel to another. It is impossible for the liquid to fall below the minimum, otherwise a new portion of air will enter the system.


So, we looked at how to pump the brakes on the Gazelle. As you can see, the work does not require special tools and knowledge. If desired, even a beginner can handle this operation. But you will always need the help of a second person to operate the pedal.

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