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Volkswagen Passat Variant. Brief overview, characteristics and reviews

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Volkswagen Passat Variant. Brief overview, characteristics and reviews
Volkswagen Passat Variant. Brief overview, characteristics and reviews

Volkswagen Passat Variant is a station wagon based on the classic Volkswagen Passat sedan. The model is designed primarily for families, and it is worth saying that it is popular. The Variant has retained all the best qualities of the regular Passat: a high level of comfort, a spacious and comfortable interior, a roomy trunk, top-level safety, excellent performance and much more. At the moment, the eighth generation of the model is being produced, and it is about it that we will talk today.


There are absolutely no complaints about the design of the Volkswagen Passat Variant. This is definitely one of the most beautiful station wagons among other cars. The shape of the body is quite streamlined, with many roundings, but at the same time, thanks to separate sharp and straight lines, it is very clearthe "expressiveness" of the body can be traced.

volkswagen passat front view

The front of the station wagon exactly copies the original Passat B8. The front end can be safely called "aggressive" for its design, but this is only a plus for the car. The headlights are small and narrow, with high-quality optics consisting of several lenses. LED daytime running lights are also integrated into the headlights.

The radiator grille of the Volkswagen Passat Variant is not very wide. It has several longitudinal "ribs", is decorated with the Volkswagen logo and has a chrome finish.

The bumper overhang is short, and the shape itself is reminiscent of sports cars. The bumper has a wide air intake with a grille, as well as fog lights located at the edges.

volkswagen passat rear view

Behind the car looks no less interesting. A large tailgate with a windshield wiper and a small, neat spoiler on top immediately catches your eye. It is worth noting that the spoiler has an LED brake light in the middle.

The rear LED headlights also look very impressive. They have an original design and shape, which together makes them look like someone's "squint".

The overhang of the rear bumper is similar to the front, short. The shape of the bumper is fairly simple - it's mostly flattened out, with only a few straight, crisp lines to make it stand out.

Well, in conclusion, it is impossible not to note the panoramic roof of the "VolkswagenPassat Option", very beautiful alloy wheels, chrome roof rails, "smart" mirrors with cameras and various chrome trims that decorate the car externally.


The interior of the car is very spacious and has a high level of comfort. On the back "sofa" 3 people can easily fit, and without any inconvenience. Seats "wagon" - this is clearly said about this car.

The rear sofa has 3 adjustable headrests for more comfort. The back of the middle seat can be lowered, making it easy to use as a wide and very comfortable armrest.

car interior volkswagen passat variant

The front seats deserve special praise. In addition to headrests, lateral and lumbar support, as well as an armrest, the chairs are equipped with many adjustments, settings, ventilation, massage, heating and other useful features.

Volkswagen Passat Variant has high quality finishing materials. The interior upholstery is made either from expensive and high-quality fabric, or from leather, or can be combined. Plastic is also of high quality - it is soft, pleasant to the touch, has an interesting texture under the skin.

The center console is equipped with a large touch screen multimedia system. A little lower under the screen is the climate control unit, air conditioning, heating and other elements.

The dashboard is traditionally made in the style of Volkswagen. It has branded dials, a speedometer,tachometer, various gauges and a color on-board computer display in the middle.

suspension and chassis volkswagen passat variant

The steering column has several degrees of customization and adjustment, and the wheel itself is equipped with buttons for controlling multimedia features, answering a call, climate control and cruise control, etc.

Volkswagen Passat Variant specifications

Now it's time to talk about the characteristics of Variant. We will not fully cover all aspects of the technical plan, but will only consider the engines, gearbox, hodovka and station wagon suspension. Details below.


The first motor has a capacity of 180 hp. With. and a volume of 1.8 liters. The maximum speed of the station wagon is 230 km / h, and acceleration to a hundred is carried out in 8.1 seconds. Fuel consumption in the city is slightly more than 7 liters, and on the highway - 5.

volkswagen passat variant reviews

The second engine of the Volkswagen Passat Variant also has a volume of 2.0 liters and its power is 150 hp. This unit is diesel and equipped with an additional turbine. Acceleration to "hundreds" takes 8.9 seconds, and the maximum speed is 216 km / h. Fuel consumption, traditionally for diesel engines, is small - 5.6 liters in the city and 4.4 - outside.


As for gearboxes, the wagon is equipped with either a 6-speed DSG automatic or a 7-speed DSG automatic - it all depends on the configuration. There are no complaints about the quality of the boxes. They work very clearly, switching is carried out smoothly, without jerks andtwitching. The only thing, as with any DSG box, these need constant care, then they will work much longer.

Chassis and suspension

specifications volkswagen passat variant

As for the suspension here, in general, everything is simple. The front is an independent shock-absorbing suspension with McPherson struts, and the classic independent multi-link is at the back. The type of drive in the car is front, full, alas, is not provided. Ground clearance, that is, clearance, has an average value of 14.5 cm. For ordinary roads, this is, in general, enough, but not enough for rural or unpaved roads.

Car Reviews

Volkswagen Passat Variant reviews show that the model turned out to be very good and interesting. Owners note low consumption, affordable and affordable service, excellent dynamics, comfort, sound insulation, suspension, powerful engine, spacious and incredibly comfortable interior, panoramic roof, design, high level of safety, rich technical equipment and much more.

volkswagen passat variant general view

The main disadvantages include perhaps a not too powerful stove, a DSG box, but with proper care it will only please the owner, and not too high clearance.

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