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Scania timber carrier: a brief overview of the brand and its models

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Scania timber carrier: a brief overview of the brand and its models
Scania timber carrier: a brief overview of the brand and its models

Today, timber trucks are among the most sought after trucks in the world. This is easily explained by the fact that on the planet there is a high need for the transportation of homogeneous wood or different assortments. In this article, we will consider the Scania timber carrier, a machine that has proven itself in practice. These long lengths optimally combine both high quality components and an adequate price.

Timber truck on the road
Timber truck on the road

General information

Timber trucks "Scania" with a hydraulic manipulator are the brainchild of the trademark of the same name, which was created in Sweden back in 1891 and initially specialized in the production of specialized railway wagon equipment. Somewhat later, the expansion of the output of goods made it possible to start assembling trucks with trailers and semi-trailers. In the modern era, these cars are shipped to various parts of our planet and are very highly rated in the consumer environment due to their good performance and reliability.

Positive and negative qualities

The current timber carrier "Scania" was purchased by a lot of domestic business executives. This happened because the machine has the following undeniable advantages:

  • Excellent adaptation to our climate and off-road driving, which at times is very similar to the Swedish terrain.
  • Very high traction rating, which makes it possible to transport heavy timber.
  • Economy of the engine. The power plant of this timber truck consumes almost half the fuel compared to KamAZ and at the same time develops almost 500 horsepower, while the Russian truck cannot boast of such an indicator.
  • Highest lifting capacity reaching almost 26 tons.
  • A wide range of different settings, performed by the manufacturer at the request of the customer.
Scania with cargo
Scania with cargo

The unequivocal shortcomings of the timber carrier "Scania" can safely be attributed to its rather weighty cost, which is approximately 2.5-3 times higher than the price of equipment of Russian automakers. In addition, Swedish cars in Russia simply cannot show all their capabilities, since in the Scandinavian country itself the movement of road trains up to 25 meters in length is allowed, which is still not allowed in the Russian Federation.

Design details

"Scania" is a timber truck with a manipulator, which allows it to carry out both the transportation of cargo and its loading / unloading in various conditions. Himself bythe manipulator itself is a rather complex mechanism that is driven by a hydraulic system and has several degrees of freedom in order to ensure easy operation of the executing body, capturing materials to be loaded and transported.

Scania at the exhibition
Scania at the exhibition

New Scania timber trucks are able to offer the consumer:

  • Powerplants starting at 230 and ending at 650 horsepower. Moreover, there are even real monsters with a 700 hp engine. s.
  • Reducing fuel consumption through the use of the Scania PDE system, which is the development of engineers from the Swedish company.
  • Twelve-speed transmission equipped with clutch protection.
  • The balance of the loads on the front and rear wheels.
  • An electronic unit that automatically controls, tests and adjusts the suspension and motor system.
  • Selective Catalytic system, which makes the machine very environmentally friendly, because during its operation, nitrogen oxide emissions are neutralized into the environment.
  • Cab equipped according to all requirements of ergonomics and comfort for the driver.

Review of existing models

Each modern timber carrier "Scania" certainly belongs to one of its variants. Consider the main ones.

The most powerful is the R model, which transports goods over long distances. Among these machines are also giants with a power plant for 700 horsepower.forces. However, in general, the power of the engines of these cars ranges from 420 to 500 hp. s.

Scania on loading
Scania on loading

Scania's more compact trucks are located in the P series. Thanks to them, relatively light loads are transported in the city or between settlements.

"Golden mean" between the above two series of timber trucks are models G. These machines, with their relatively small dimensions, are able to move goods both within regions and between states.

Timber truck "Scania 145" is still popular in the consumer environment, even despite the fact that it was created on the basis of the first generations of these trucks. The indisputable advantages of these machines are: reliable design, the possibility of modernization, resistance to high loads of the front and rear axles.

The hardiest car

If we talk about the highest resource of engine performance, then in this regard the absolute leader is the R 500 model, in which the number of engine hours can reach almost a million. The driver's cab of the truck has excellent ergonomics and is fairly high off the ground.

The R 580 is characterized by a combined suspension, which uses leaf springs and four cylinders. The frame of the machine has removable sides, which makes it possible to transport goods without packaging. The truck is also equipped with a telescopic hydraulic manipulator.

Timber truck on the way
Timber truck on the way

Running option

Another highly sought-after Scania vehicle is the G 440, equipped with a heavy-duty engine and an upgraded gearbox that works with significant fuel savings. In addition, the car is very comfortable for the driver: there is a sleeping place, seat heating, a visor that protects from the sun's rays.

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