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Real "boy" cars - top cool cheap cars

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Real "boy" cars - top cool cheap cars
Real "boy" cars - top cool cheap cars

Every cool guy should have a car, but which one should you choose? If you are an energetic young man, then you need to know one hundred percent the models of "boy" cars. Many models from various manufacturers fall into this category, and you will find out which ones in this article.

Cool cars

Let's look at the concept of "boy cars". Probably, any guy dreams of a fast, brutal and charismatic car. According to all the canons, it must be a sports car, but more often than not, young people simply do not have enough money to buy a powerful car from the latest model years, so their eyes are more often drawn to cars of the 2000s. Cars, well known to us from the movie "Fast and the Furious".

Indeed, the cars of those years have a low cost and lend themselves well to improvements. Over the years, a huge amount of tuning parts has accumulated, so you can make your car individual, unlike others. Here is a small top "boy" cars from this era.


Let's start looking at "boy" cars using the German car industry as an example. The undisputed leaders are such manufacturers as Mercedes, BMW and Audi. Yes, they are not a standard of reliability and quality, but they certainly have a very formidable appearance. Especially proven "BMW" in the bodies of the E30 and E36. The newer "BMW E36" has a more modern, smooth exterior shape, and looks worse against the backdrop of the E30 body, as the legendary E30 looks very aggressive, brutal and bold.

Sharp lines hint at its sporty character, separate headlights and vertically arranged "nostrils" and rush forward. Its design, with certain external modifications, is still relevant today, in no way inferior to modern cars. Another undoubted advantage of the BMW is rear-wheel drive, the presence of which will especially appeal to drift lovers.

Image"BMW E30" - a legend

With "Audi" things are not as obvious as we would like. Their designs were not particularly popular at the time, with the exception of one model. "Audi TT" - a cult sports car of the two thousandths - was nicknamed "turtle" for its design, had amazing speed characteristics, was equipped with a V-shaped six-cylinder engine (3.2 liters, 250 horsepower). This engine accelerated the car to 100 kilometers per hour in just 6.5 seconds, so it can be safely called one of the most "kid" cars.

Image "Audi TT" - turtle

The most popular Mercedes was the 202 C-class body. Almost the same thing can be said about him as about the BMW E30. It has a wonderful appearance, is equipped with powerful engines and has a rear-wheel drive - everything you need for complete happiness.


Let's move on to Japanese cars. These famous, truly "kid" cars are well known to us from all racing films. They are widely loved among young people for their ease of tuning, for a long resource of components and assemblies, as well as for their stunning appearance. There is a huge variety of body kits, bumpers, sills, spoilers and other exterior details, their variety is so great that you simply cannot find two identical cars. Everyone tries to completely individualize their car.

True legends

So, what kind of "kid" cars can we single out among the Japanese car industry? In fact, it is difficult to absolutely accurately single out any leaders among them, because all the cars are good, but they were designed for completely different purposes. Take one of the most popular models of each car brand.

The Mitsubishi Lancer is an insanely daring car with rally roots. It has four-wheel drive and a powerful engine that can withstand high loads. The most popular "Lancer" is the seventh generation of this machine. If you want a really sporty and fast car, then the EVO version is for you.

"Subaru Impreza" -a really "boyish" car, it has a very unusual, on the one hand, kind appearance, but inside it is a real beast. Four-wheel drive, a six-speed gearbox and real rally makings make this a beast of a car.

Image"Subaru Impreza"

"Toyota Mark 2" is one of the most popular cars used for drifting. It has a wonderful appearance, due to the long base and frameless side windows it is a real delight. The most charged version has JZ engines in its arsenal, well known among Japanese car lovers.

Image"Toyota Mark 2"

That's the end of a small rating of youth cars. Photos of "boy" cars are presented in this article.

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