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Trend of the year! metallic color

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Trend of the year! metallic color
Trend of the year! metallic color

Metallic color has long been very popular in many areas of our lives: be it the automotive industry, hair color, fashion coating or nail polish option. In this article, we will explain why metallic will never lose popularity.


Metallic color is used everywhere today. Why is this happening? The thing is that a person subconsciously pays attention to what glitters - since ancient times, when looking for water sources, a person had to focus his vision on brilliant colors, because water is the only natural source that emits sparkle.

Have you ever noticed that in order to focus your attention in a movie or a computer game on a certain object, the object itself usually suddenly emits a sparkle? You subconsciously receive a signal to the brain that the vision should focus on this. Thus, the gloss and metallic color affect the overall human perception.

Shade in fashion

Metallic fashion

The first to use metallic color, of course, were girls. After all, girls love to attract attention! This color gives any thing not onlya beautiful shade, but also very young, which is what some media personalities use. For example, the shiny metallic was used by Michael Jackson as the main color of his shoes, so that during the famous "moon" walk, the audience looked exactly at the feet. Metallic gray is also very often used at fashion shows - new, sometimes too unusual images can be revealed with such a bright color. Popular in the field of fashion in recent years is such a style as futurism. Futurism involves the use of a brilliant gray hue in the interior and elements of clothing, coupled with shiny shoes, you can make an unforgettable impression on the catwalk.

Metallic nails

metallic nails

Women also often use this color in nail polishes. Metallic manicure photos on Instagram get the most likes. Moreover, even the nail colors themselves can be chosen either matte or shiny - it is the second option that provides a bright and fresh look, and a presentable and feminine look can be created with matte nail textures.

Hair color

metallic hair

And, of course, metallic color is very often used in hair dye. Selena Gomez and other popular stars began to use this color as their main color, and after them other girls picked up the trend. A blond color with a metallic tint is called platinum. In fact, it is the addition of metallic color that gives shine to freshly dyed hair.

Older people have gray hair and create their ownan ashy hue. Even though gray hair makes people look older, it also highlights their wisdom and gives the impression that they can be trusted.

Metallic Cars

Metallic machine

When you watch car ads or buy a new car at a car dealership, chances are you see metallic colored cars in front of you. The iron parts themselves inspire quality through this color. Discreet and "gray" metallic is very personable, which proves its popularity on the roads. The Mercedes company generally uses metallic automotive paint as the base coat for its vehicles. A man needs practicality, quality and representativeness from a car. Cars of this color are the most common: go outside and see for yourself. There is no reason to believe that even black is more popular, because black cars have a huge minus - if your car is in the sun in the summer, it heats up very much, and the interior heats up along with the surface, causing inconvenience. Metallic painted cars don't have these problems: gray is the most inexpensive and common color used in paint. Moreover, the wheels, mirrors and headlights of the car are in perfect harmony with such a shade, which cannot be said, for example, about the bright yellow color. Metallic automotive paint is most commonly found in stores.

Other applications

Metallic is also used in other industries. At technical enterprises, for example, all iron products according todefault to this color. Astronauts use it to reflect heat with a spacesuit, another important plus of metallic colors - light and heat from such a surface are reflected best of all. That is why chocolate is pre-wrapped in foil. Solar panels that reflect the heat of the rays are also painted in metallic.

Metallic guitar

This color is used in the stage images of many musicians. In a time when disco was the most popular style, one in two wore shiny rhinestones, light-colored pants, and all sorts of shiny clothes. Musicians often paint their instruments metallic to attract attention and showcase their playing more beautifully. In the blues, this shade on a big black guitar shows the we alth of its owner. Blue, red, gray metallic gives a certain chic to any item. He immediately wants to be touched. This is very similar to the analogy with newspapers and magazines. Newsprint is good, but a glossy magazine is more attractive, and you will most likely want to hold it in your hands.


Metallic will never lose popularity and will always remain one of the main attributes of media people. This color allows you to shine in the crowd, like a disco ball in a nightclub (it, by the way, is mirrored and has a metallic shade). Feel free to use brilliant and shining bright colors to capture the attention of men or show your status.

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