"Renault Logan": owner reviews, advantages and disadvantages

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"Renault Logan": owner reviews, advantages and disadvantages
"Renault Logan": owner reviews, advantages and disadvantages

"Renault Logan" gained fame due to its budget cost and good technical characteristics. It has been repeatedly reissued, while remaining the leader in sales. You can read the reasons for such popularity and feedback from Renault Logan owners in this article.

Renault Logan: history

At the end of the 1990s, the three largest car markets (Europe, Japan and the USA) were overcrowded. Major automakers have decided to turn their attention to emerging markets. In 1998, Renault began developing a reliable vehicle for harsh environments. Its starting budget was $5,000. The Dacia Logan, which was designed literally from scratch (no other models were taken as a basis), went on sale in 2004. It was positioned as a budget car with advanced features and quickly became a top seller. The main buyers of the new model were families: for them, the car was ideal. Large capacity and versatility, together with technical reliability and an attractive price, have made it possibleRenault's new product to win the hearts of many.

auto Renault Logan
auto Renault Logan

In 2009, an updated version of Logan was released. It has been improved body design: it has become smoother, streamlined and modern. But the interior decoration remained the same. The car received a stiffer suspension and lost anti-roll bars. These innovations have increased the aerodynamics, stability and handling of the car. Owner reviews of Renault Logan -2 characterize this car extremely positively.


The developers of Renault Logan had to do the impossible and assemble a car with acceptable technical characteristics, while leaving the price of the car at a budget level. All cars are equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission. You can also meet on sale models with an automatic gearbox.

The range of power units is represented by three different engines. The cheapest option is Renault Logan with a 1.4 liter engine. It was discontinued in 2004 due to insufficient traction. The entire second series of Renault Logan is produced with engines with a capacity of 1.6 liters. The first option (with a power of 82 hp without turbocharging (has a maximum torque of 134 nM. Reviews from the owners of Renault Logan 1, 4 are mostly positive. Due to the low mass of the car itself (less than a ton), the engine power is enough for a dynamic If you like sharper cars, then you better look at Renault Logan with a 1.6 liter engine and power104 l. With. It accelerates the car to 100 km in 10.5 seconds, and the torque is 145 NM. Fuel consumption for both options is about 7 liters per 100 km.

Renault Logan appearance
Renault Logan appearance

The Renault Logan's suspension is of the simplest design. In front, it is an independent spring suspension, and behind is a semi-independent torsion beam. The suspension is simple, but it rarely breaks down and allows you to comfortably overcome small impassability, steadily enter turns. Separately, it is worth noting the high rise of the Logan: the clearance is 155 mm. This road lift is optimal for Russian roads, which are often not in the best condition.


The exterior of the French passenger car at first glance is quite pleasant. No unnecessary details, smooth lines and muted colors. Owner reviews of the new Renault Logan prove this. The new model has got a different grille - with chrome elements. Changed bumpers front and rear. Side mirrors with increased visibility and updated lighting also added "pros" to the passenger car. All "Logans" come with alloy wheels and in extended colors. There are no bright colors among it, but it, like other qualities of the car, is perfectly matched to this budget car.

Renault Logan owner reviews
Renault Logan owner reviews

The design of the interior of the car has changed little. Inside the Logan there is enough space for five people, and 510 liters of cargo is placed in the trunk. At the same time, the dimensions of the car quite allowpark it even on busy streets: the Renault Logan is 4.5 m long and 1.7 m wide. The fabric interior and laconic design are in harmony with the appearance of the car. Inside, the dashboard and knobs are trimmed with high-quality metal-look plastic.


Before buying a new car, people often re-read a lot of information about the advantages and disadvantages of cars. "Renault Logan" 1, 6 reviews of the owners awarded a solid "four". What are the positive and negative qualities of this car? Benefits include:

  1. Reliability. French cars are often criticized for parts that are difficult to repair. These include the engine, suspension and bodywork. But even the first Renault Logan has established itself as a reliable car. Its eight-valve engine travels long distances without complaint, and the suspension is stiff enough to endure all the vicissitudes of Russian roads for a long time. Owner reviews about Renault Logan 1, 6 are also mostly positive. The engine of this car is easy to maintain and can consume any gasoline with an octane rating from 90 to 98. Modern Logan models are fully anti-corrosion treated, practically rust-free.
  2. High ground clearance and stiff suspension. Owners respond especially enthusiastically about these characteristics of the car. The Logan suspension in its energy intensity surpasses even similar parts on more expensive cars. Renault calmly drives through light off-road, and speed bumps on italmost unnoticeable.
  3. Comfort. Despite the fact that the Logan is positioned as a budget car, it is quite comfortable for both the driver and passengers. Comfortable seating and seat adjustment allow everyone to get comfortable. The car has extended legroom - so that even people in heavy winter shoes are comfortable. If you buy a car with air conditioning, you can be sure that it will cope with even the most intense heat. In the summer, inside Logan is quite comfortable. At the same time, the car is comfortable on long trips: it calmly keeps the speed of 110-120 km / h. Engine power is enough to accelerate to 130 km / h, but such "jerks" are best done for short distances.
  4. A large trunk should be singled out as a separate plus. It looks quite small, but inside its volume is an impressive 510 liters. Even large things fit comfortably in it. After a full load, Renault Logan does not sag and remains stable on the road.
Renault Logan reviews
Renault Logan reviews


Reviews from Renault Logan owners also note some shortcomings in this car:

  1. Most of all dissatisfaction is caused by the difficult folding of the back of the rear seat in cases where it is necessary to transport a particularly large load. To do this, you have to unscrew a few bolts and remove the stiffening strips between the seat and the trunk.
  2. Noise isolation at Renault Logan is not the best, so at speeds above 120 km / h, the conversation inside the cabin, most likely, simply will not be heard.
  3. Regardingparts of the car, the most complaints from the owners are the gearbox, which has too free play of the drawstring. Reverse gear sometimes engages with some resistance.

Basically, all the shortcomings in the reviews of Renault Logan owners are related to the budget of this car. To avoid disappointment, you need to clearly understand that the low price of the machine determines the details and equipment. The quality of Renault Logan is at a good average level, but you should not expect any miracles from it.

Renault Logan cost
Renault Logan cost

Expert reviews

Specialists speak of Renault Logan as a simple car with modern equipment and stylish design. Of the problem areas, they note the gearbox and sticking of the gas pedal in cold weather. The rapid wear of the oil seal and pump makes it necessary to replace these parts after 30-40 thousand mileage. Otherwise, this is a reliable car that does not require serious repairs for the first 150-180 thousand km.

Owner Reviews

What do its owners write about Renault Logan? Almost everyone notes the reliability of this machine. It is recommended to take new models with an engine whose power is at least 1.6 liters. For such a car, 1, 4 is still too weak a motor. Basically, all the complaints relate to the appearance and interior of the car, which immediately give out a budget-class car in it. Owner reviews of the Renault Logan with an "automatic" indicate that such a car consumes a lot of gasoline in the city. If you take Logan for city trips, it is better to choosemanual transmission.

Salon Renault Logan reviews
Salon Renault Logan reviews


Renault Logan 2 is available in the following trim levels:

  • "Access";
  • "Asset";
  • "Privilege";
  • "Comfort";
  • Luxury.

As is often the case in basic configurations, the equipment of the car is practically absent. However, it does include light tinted windows, front mudguards, power steering and rear window heating. If you want to get more features, then you might want to look at the advanced trim levels. An on-board computer appears in the Comfort model, and cruise control, air conditioning and an audio system appear in the Active. Reviews of Renault Logan owners suggest that it is best to take a Comfort car. It is this equipment that is optimal: it contains all the components necessary for a comfortable ride and at the same time has an optimal cost. If you want maximum convenience, then you should choose the Privilege or Luxe Privilege option. They (in addition to many nice features) have heated seats, climate control, heated front windows and the ability to adjust almost every element.

As for the security system, driver airbags are available in all trim levels, as is the ABS system. But the front passenger airbag appears only in the “Lux” and “Privilege” trim levels.


The cost of "Renault Logan" depends on the configuration. The most basic price is about 300 thousand rubles. Models"Comfort" are sold at dealers for 400 thousand rubles. And for a car with maximum equipment, you will have to pay 600-700 thousand rubles.

Salon Renault Logan
Salon Renault Logan


The new generation Renault Logan is a powerful and well-balanced budget car that can be a reliable assistant in work and a reliable family car. Owner reviews about the shortcomings of Renault Logan-2 only prove that the French car does not have any significant disadvantages.