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"Tonar" - what is it? Models and their characteristics

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"Tonar" - what is it? Models and their characteristics
"Tonar" - what is it? Models and their characteristics

Tonar is a well-known manufacturer of equipment. Over the twenty-year history, he has managed to win a place for himself in the Russian and foreign markets. Significant volumes of production are involved in the manufacture of dump trucks.

Features of technology

The Tonar dump truck is a universal vehicle. It has maneuverability, good handling, high performance in operation. The technical characteristics incorporated into it allow you to move off-road in various weather conditions. They are mainly used for transportation of building materials in bulk, garbage disposal after construction, transportation of soil, in winter - snow.

tonar it

The first model produced by the enterprise was a dump truck on a three-axle rear-loading chassis. It happened in 2002. Since that time, the plant began to offer bodies with two, three or four axles on the chassis. They were trailers and semi-trailers.

Six years later, the range of products has expanded with the introduction of a body with a moving floor. After some time, Tonar tandem road trains appeared. These were trains, including a tractor and two dump trailers attached to it.

Advantages of Tonar technique

Manufacturers sought to create high-quality, reliable and durable vehicles. And I must say, they succeeded. The company's products have a number of advantages:

The body design avoids abrasion of welds. This was achieved due to the fact that the individual elements are welded together with an overlap

The quality of the welds is beyond doubt. They are performed by robots made in Japan and Germany

The body is made of thick material. For the walls take five millimeter metal, for the floor - 7 millimeters

The wide range of models on offer increases their prevalence. The buyer can choose the appropriate option

All products of the company were developed taking into account the climatic and operational conditions of Russia

semi-trailer tonar

Durability of technology is achieved through careful processing of all details. All elements made of steel are treated to resist corrosion, dirt and so on

Technological deficiencies

There are several drawbacks that Tonar products have. These may be problems:

It is quite difficult to carry out repairs on your own. This is due to the complex design of the vehicle

Transportation of large consignments of goods by Tonar will cost more than when using rail transport. Accordingly, the cost of production will also increase

Design Features

Tonar equipment is suitablefor use in conditions of high loads, off-road, bad weather conditions. For this, all bearing nodes have additional reinforcement. But, in order not to increase the total mass of the car, modern original technical solutions are used. They allow you to keep the normal weight at a lower level.

transportation by toners

Twin wheelsets are used. If one of the wheels is damaged, the stability of the machine will not be affected. The wheels have wide tires. This reduces the pressure on the ground. This allows the vehicle to feel confident on thin or off-road roads.


“Tonar” is not only dump trucks. The company produces tipper trailers and semi-trailers.

Most often trailers are represented by models with three axles. They are stable even without a hitch with a tractor. The disadvantage of the design of trailers can be considered rear loading. This reduces the scope of the possible use of technology.

Trading "Tonar" is made of sandwich panels. Its carrying capacity is 320 kilograms. It is equipped with all shelves and racks necessary for sale. The side part rises, giving access to a show-window. It is made of glass.

trading tonar

The carrying capacity of the company's trailers is usually in the range of 11-13 thousand kilograms. An empty trailer weighs approximately 5.4-7.01 thousand kilograms. Its dimensions are:

Length from 6460 to 8644 millimeters

Width 2540-2545 millimeters

Height2700-3162 mm

Much smaller trailers are also available. This trailer "Tonar" passenger. For example, the single-axle model "Tonar-86104". The trailer is completely made of galvanized steel with a thickness of 100 microns. It has good carrying capacity. For every kilogram of its own weight, the trailer can lift up to 2.9 kilograms.

The semi-trailer "Tonar" is most often made on the basis of a two- or three-axle chassis. Its carrying capacity is 31.3-31.5 thousand kilograms. The semi-trailer weighs about 8.5 thousand kilograms.

Technical characteristics of the Tonar-6528 dump truck

One of the most popular models is Tonar-6528. It has side loading. This is done so that a small area is enough for unloading. In addition, this design makes the car more stable, reducing the risk of rollover.

car tonar

The body tilts 44 degrees. Its volume is 16 cubic meters. The dump truck has 10 wheels. Moreover, dual tires are installed on two axles. The middle and rear wheels are used as leading ones. Wheel formula 6x4.

A diesel engine with a volume of 11 liters per hundred kilometers was chosen as the power unit. Fuel is supplied by an electronic system. Installed direct injection system.

Dual-circuit braking system is responsible for driving reliability. It is double-circuit, pneumatic. In addition, an anti-lock braking system is additionally installed.

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