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Snowmobile "Taiga Attack": description with photo, specifications and owner reviews

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Snowmobile "Taiga Attack": description with photo, specifications and owner reviews
Snowmobile "Taiga Attack": description with photo, specifications and owner reviews

The snowmobile "Taiga Attack" is a domestic technique that is relevant and tested over the years. The car cannot be called stuffed with innovative technologies. It is designed for the mass user, has a democratic price, simple design and popularity. Among the advantages of the all-terrain vehicle are a high level of cross-country ability, good maintainability, ease of maintenance in the field.

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History of Creation

The Taiga Attack snowmobile is produced by the domestic enterprise Russian Mechanics, which created a car based on early modifications with decent technical parameters. Along with the characteristics, the model received an affordable price and a high level of reliability.

The history of the company began more than 50 years ago. Initially, the company worked as a production company "Rybinsk Motors". After gaining independence, all-terrain vehicles appeared in the company's catalog, which are direct followers of the famous Buran. The first modifications were equipped with a design with a pair of tracks. Now theyalso commercially available, they are reliable and resistant to harsh operating conditions. Layouts with one central track have great indicators of dynamics and maneuverability.

General Description

It is worth noting that the Taiga Attack-2 snowmobile just refers to versions with one movable element 0.5 meters wide. This series was named Wide Track, which is distinguished by a high level of cross-country ability, maneuverability, and speed. At the same time, the equipment is not without the functionality of utilitarian options that guarantee the comfort typical of tourist models.

The cost of the considered all-terrain vehicle starts from 400 thousand rubles. The specified unit stands out favorably even among other foreign analogues. The designers also paid due attention to the design, the exterior was quite modern and not as cumbersome as some of its predecessors.

snowmobile taiga attack characteristics


Advantages of the domestic snowmobile "Taiga Attack":

  1. Easy access to parts of the suspension unit without the need to dismantle the elements.
  2. Comfortable ergonomic seat, which fits the driver with an adult passenger without any problems.
  3. The presence of a spacious luggage compartment, as well as a tow bar for hitching. Such equipment makes it possible to tow equipment and its maintenance for agricultural and tourist purposes.
  4. Modern optics guarantee excellent illumination of the road at night.
  5. From hypothermia of the driver's handsa heating system for the trigger and handles is provided.
  6. Pad-shock absorber, located on the front edge of the fairing. This element is quite appropriate when driving through the forest and rough terrain.
repair snowmobile taiga attack

About motor

As evidenced by the feedback from the owners of the Taiga Attack snowmobile, the capabilities of the machine have been seriously expanded by an engine of the RMZ-551 type. The characteristics and features of the motor are as follows:

  • in-line arrangement of a pair of cylinders, which made it possible to place a compact unit in a limited space;
  • liquid cooling with two snow radiators, which slightly complicated the design, but ensured the machine could function under high loads;
  • simplified two-stroke cycle, making it easier to set up and maintain the system, although gasoline consumption has increased slightly;
  • separate oil supply from a special tank with a capacity of 2.5 liters;
  • reed outlet valve;
  • optimum air/fuel mixture is ensured by quality float carburetors, one for each cylinder;
  • electronic programmable ignition system that guarantees the operation of the engine in any mode;
  • an electric starter that simplifies starting the engine, while it is possible to start mechanically.

Among other characteristics of the Taiga Attack snowmobile, the following points can be noted:

  • Working capacity - 553 cu. see
  • Parameterpower - 60 liters. s.
  • Dry weight 320kg
  • Speed ​​threshold - 100 km/h.
snowmobile taiga attack reviews

Suspension and brakes

The equipment in question, in comparison with its predecessors, has a modernized suspension design. The rear side remained slippery, and the front counterpart was made in a lever configuration. This solution provided good cross-country ability and controllability at high speeds.

The gas-oil shock absorbers perfectly absorb vibrations, the suspension travel is 205 mm in front and 370 mm in the rear. The snowmobile "Taiga Ataka" is securely held on the chosen road thanks to the wide ski track (0.99 m). Hydraulic disc equipment is responsible for braking reliability, which allows you to confidently stop and start on loose snow and off-road. Even jumps over considerable distances do not cause deformation of equipment and damage to riders.

Transmission unit

The power unit transmits torque to the propulsion mechanism using a stepless variator. This element has several operating modes: neutral, reverse, low and high range. Unlike a traditional gearbox, this design increases the life of the motor, ensuring its optimal performance.

Despite the apparent perfection of the system, it is she who often causes complaints from the owners. The parameters of the springs and weights of the assembly are not always equal to the calculated characteristics. You can improve performance by self-fitting parts. In general, intendedthe system, when working properly, is very convenient and productive, which is good news.

Snowmobile Tracks

Reviews about the snowmobile "Taiga Attack"

Users in their responses highlight several features of this technique:

  1. Reliable and energy-intensive suspension that allows you to move where other analogues cannot.
  2. Speed ​​parameters do not always provide sufficient dynamics due to the large weight of the machine.
  3. The need to get used to the placement of controls, which not all owners consider successful.
  4. Snow radiators not working well enough. This is especially noticeable when moving on ice. Many note the advantage of versions with an electric fan. In any case, the developers still have work to do.
reviews of snowmobile owners taiga attack

Repair of the Taiga Attack snowmobile

The advantages of this technique also include low price and high availability of spare parts. In addition, the machine is easy to repair and maintain. Even if some damage is received, it will not be difficult for an owner with a limited financial position to repair the all-terrain vehicle on their own, with a minimum set of tools and initial repairman skills. There is no need to wait for parts for a long time, since most of the components are produced in Russia.

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