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"Chevrolet Niva" 2 generations: specifications, description, photo

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"Chevrolet Niva" 2 generations: specifications, description, photo
"Chevrolet Niva" 2 generations: specifications, description, photo

The 2nd generation Niva-Chevrolet was expected almost from the moment the 1st modification was put into serial production. Back in 2002, the leadership of the automaker promised its customers to develop a completely innovative project that would preserve the useful qualities of the original, the first ChevyNiva.

First premiere

The prototype of the new 2nd generation Niva-Chevrolet first appeared before the audience on August 27, 2014 at the Moscow International Motor Show. It was distinguished by brutal design, which can even be called defiant. Abundant presence of angular curves, narrowed optics and 16th alloy wheels, complemented by factory plastic body kits - all this made a tremendous impression.

What to expect

The launch of the new 2nd generation Niva-Chevrolet was postponed several times due to recurring difficulties. It is possible that at the time of going on sale the model will be obsolete and will not be a success.However, there is information that the model will be put on the conveyor at the beginning of 2019.

what to expect…

At the moment, problems with the financial component of the project are being solved. The management of the joint venture "GM-AvtoVAZ" declares that negotiations are underway with Sberbank, which is ready to provide a loan for the first start in the presence of state guarantees. Since they have not yet been received, the decision is postponed. Thus, the development of the concept is carried out at the expense of the automaker's own financing, which is sorely lacking, which explains the long process of introduction into mass production.

What will be "ChevyNiva-II"

As mentioned earlier, the first show of the 2nd generation Chevrolet Niva took place at MIAS 2014, where it won the audience award and was recognized as the best prototype of all presented. It is expected that the car will be designed on the basis of the first generation model, but at the same time it should differ from its predecessor for the better. You can follow the modification development technology based on the presented photos, most of which were made illegally.

Appearance of the novelty

A photo of the 2nd generation Niva-Chevrolet confirms the information stated earlier: the car has become more daring and predatory.

test drive in extreme conditions

Moreover, the overall parameters have not changed:

  • length - 4 104 mm (longer by 260 mm);
  • width - remained the same, 1,770 mm;
  • height –no data, but visually the 20th generation car seems taller;
  • wheelbase - increased by 150mm.

From the model of the previous generation, the Chevrolet Niva 2 inherited the hinged tailgate with a spare wheel attached to it and the silhouette of the window sill line familiar to car owners.

Tuning elements, attachments

As for the additional equipment, here the manufacturer has given free rein to his flight of fancy. The model presented at the showroom is equipped to the maximum.

new Niva model - Chevrolet 2

It has everything you need for a pleasant ride on any off-road:

  • snorkel;
  • 2 tow hooks front and rear;
  • factory expedition trunk painted in body color;
  • extra spare tire;
  • off-road paraphernalia: rope, mud shovel;
  • fog optics on the roof.

Thus, the acquisition of a 2nd generation Niva-Chevrolet with such uniforms allows you to set off on the very first day to conquer the forests and swamps of your vast homeland.


Internal photos of the 2nd generation Niva-Chevrolet, presented at MIAS 2012, at that time inspired not only fans of the model, but also other motorists who were not indifferent to the domestic auto industry.

interior trim

First of all, it concerned the dashboard of an SUV. Back in 2012, the appearance of a console with vertically arranged ventilation nozzles lookedimpressive. However, over time, its analogue appeared on new AvtoVAZ models (Lada Vesta and Lada Xrey), so now it no longer produces such an effect.

The designers planned to place in the dashboard not only everything that is necessary for driving a car, but also to add an electronic compass here, allowing you to navigate in the backcountry.

Main Knots

It was tentatively planned that the 2nd generation Chevy Niva would be upgraded with a 1.8-liter petrol aspirator belonging to the EC8 series.

new SUV

It was supposed to be produced in Russia under license from the French concern PSA. A 16-valve 4-cylinder engine and distributed gasoline injection are capable of developing power up to 132 horsepower at 172 Nm of torque. With such characteristics, the Russian SUV could well compete with the French Duster.

However, the ideas of the designers were not destined to come true due to the sharp depreciation of the Russian currency. As a result, a decision was made to use a “modified version” of their engine with almost identical parameters, inferior only in terms of horsepower: there are only 122 of them.

After the start of sales, Togliatti plans to introduce several more innovations into the model, which will increase the demand for cars and create competition for the 1st modification. Among the most significant ones mentioned in the media are:

  • replacement of the standard mechanical 5-mortar with an optional "automatic";
  • removing the transfer casebox, replaced by an electronic control unit, made in the form of a round console located between the front seats:
  • installation of a diesel power unit;
  • release of a series with the presence of factory equipment for LPG.

"Niva-Chevrolet" 2 generations "with gas" should be a success. Such a conclusion can be made in view of the fact that almost a third of the cars of the previous modification are re-equipped by the owners with propane or butane. Factory equipment allows the car owner not to waste time on the illegal purchase and installation of equipment in third-party services.

What to expect

At first glance, it may seem that a project that has dragged on for a long time may turn out to be a failure for the concern. On the other hand, with good cross-country performance, high-quality assembly and an affordable price, it has the right to exist. The release of the first Russian car into assembly line production always remains a mystery until the moment of sales and start of operation.

There is a chance that the 2nd generation Chevrolet Niva will be in demand due to the fact that the niche of budget SUVs is practically free in the domestic market. If you do not take as an example the morally and technically obsolete "Niva" and "Chevrolet-Niva" of the 1st generation, there are no competitors except for the "Duster".

segment leader

Of course, the Frenchman confidently took his leading position, and it is unlikely that he will be moved. However, it costs 700,000 rubles, so Chevy-Niva has 140,000 in reserve, separating the first from the eminent foreign car. And if you investin them, it may well turn out to surpass the concern Renault.

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