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Front shock absorber for UAZ "Patriot": purpose, specifications, tips for choosing

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Front shock absorber for UAZ "Patriot": purpose, specifications, tips for choosing
Front shock absorber for UAZ "Patriot": purpose, specifications, tips for choosing

The UAZ "Patriot" car with a capacity of up to 9 people and a load capacity of up to 600 kg has a high cross-country ability. This car can be used for different purposes. Convenience, comfort of movement on any surface depends on the suspension, which bears the main load. It directly depends on the shock absorbers. Consider the features of these devices, how to replace the front shock absorbers of the UAZ Patriot, and which ones are better to choose

The essence of the shock absorber

Auto UAZ-3163 ("Patriot") is a Russian off-road vehicle, in which it is comfortable to move on the roadway of any quality, as well as off-road. The body is equipped with both foreign and domestic parts.

Shock absorbers are gas-filled double-acting telescopic. Equipped with auto dependent suspension. Front composedof two springs and a stabilizer, thanks to which stability is achieved. To improve the quality of the suspension, it is worthwhile to thoroughly approach the choice of the front shock absorber of the UAZ Patriot. These small details make a difference in ride comfort.

Replacing shock absorbers on UAZ "Patriot"

Defective shock absorbers often cause discomfort while riding, namely, the braking distance is lengthened, and acceleration slows down. The task of the shock absorber is to ensure smooth contact of the wheel with the roadway. In case of malfunctions at high speeds, it is difficult to drive a car, in addition, other components begin to wear out.

Hard damper causes the body to wobble even on small bumps, too soft - completely compresses during impact. The choice of this part primarily depends on the characteristics of driving and operating the machine.

Varieties of front shock absorbers UAZ "Partiot"

Varieties of shock absorbers for UAZ

Shock absorbers that are installed on the UAZ "Patriot" can be oil or gas. On the Russian market, such components are represented by several large manufacturers.

Shock absorbers for the UAZ Patriot SUV from leading manufacturers:

  1. "Plaza" (St. Petersburg). This is a budget option, which has many disadvantages. The owners note that the shock absorbers are stiff and quickly fail. There is also the "Plaza Trophy", more advanced components, with the use of which the car drives smoothly even at maximumloading. They come in two types: for standard and lifted suspension. The cost is from 1 thousand rubles.
  2. "Reef". They have a large margin of safety when compared with the previous version. The drain thickness is 18mm, and the body is made of high-strength steel. The front oil shock absorber on the UAZ Patriot is wear-resistant (up to 100 thousand kilometers), since the oil is contained in a special reservoir. This protects the part from overheating. The cost varies from 2.8 thousand for the front to 3.2 thousand rubles for the rear set.
  3. "The Ranch". High cost - from 3.5 thousand rubles - and a bright design. If the shock absorber is equipped with adjustable bypass valves, its price almost doubles. Such components are distinguished by ensuring a high quality ride, regardless of the roadway.
  4. "Kayaba". The cost is from 3.5 thousand rubles, according to the characteristics of such shock absorbers are similar to the previous version. The features and disadvantages of this model include the fact that the UAZ Patriot front shock absorber bracket is M12, and the bushing diameter is designed for the M16 bolt. You can't do without the help of a turner.
  5. Shock absorbers from Gazelle. Budget option, the price is from 1 thousand rubles. Such shock absorbers work well on an SUV, and are also easy to install.
  6. Components from GAZ-53. The car rides smoothly with such details, it is convenient for them to maneuver, but they are not applicable for lifted SUVs, because they are too long. The advantages include the price, which is about 1 thousand rubles.


UAZ "Patriot" choose shock absorbers

Some SUV owners prefer not domestic products, but imported components. Most often, motorists, when choosing UAZ Patriot front shock absorbers, trust companies such as Monroe, Kayaba, Ironman, but it is important, as noted in the reviews, to select according to size.

Components for UAZ have close parameters to parts intended for such imported cars:

  • front - Toyota Land Cruiser (J60, J70-J73 and J75 series) and Toyota 4Runner (N130 and N185 series);
  • rear - Toyota Hilux (YN/LN60 series), Toyota Dyna (YU60/70) and Nissan Terrano WD21.

If necessary or if it is impossible to choose suitable shock absorbers for the Patriot, you can make them to order. To do this, the master needs to provide the parameters of the car, but such a kit will cost much more.

Shock absorber settings

Replacing front shock absorbers on UAZ

It is precisely the adjustment of the suspension and front shock absorbers of the UAZ Patriot that causes particular difficulty for car owners. They need to be set up so that the machine performs well both on tarmac and off-road.

There are several damper adjustment options:

  1. "Standard". The softest look is designed for those who appreciate the quiet movement of the car and the smoothness of the ride. This setting is suitable for those who use the car for city driving and daily use. She is most similar tofactory and is considered suitable for driving on Russian roads.
  2. "Comfort". Quiet or active riding within the city and on high-speed highways is available, which provides good handling and a smooth ride.
  3. "Highway". Such adjustment and fastening of the front shock absorber of the UAZ "Patriot" allows you to move at a considerable speed through the city and country roads. Handling is good, the car runs smoothly.
  4. "Sport". The shock absorbers are fixed tightly and rigidly, which allows you to use the car for different road surfaces and under different weather conditions. The car is well controlled, has a sufficient ride and provides full control over the car.

Replacement shock absorbers

Shock absorbers for UAZ "Patriot"

The front shock absorbers of the UAZ Patriot are replaced in the event of a leak of the working fluid or a decrease in the smoothness of the car, that is, when driving even over small bumps is felt. It is important to change these components in a timely manner, as they affect the operation and rapid wear of other parts.

When replacing shock absorbers, you need to know certain rules:

  1. The front racks are different from the rear ones in size. Also, their appearance varies depending on the body type of the UAZ "Patriot" (classic, pickup or shortened sports version).
  2. Shock absorbers are always changed only in pairs (front or rear) or as a set. It is also important to choose one manufacturer.
  3. The case should be marked, which indicates the authenticity of the product.

Important notonly choose the right components, but also pay attention to the nuances regarding replacement. In order to change them, you can leave the wheels on the car.

How to rearrange shock absorbers:

  • in the opposite direction of the part that changes, the steering wheel is turned;
  • rear wheels are fixed with stops;
  • with the help of a jack, you need to slightly raise the front of the car in order to slightly unload the suspension (the wheels can not be torn off the ground);
  • first, the nut is removed from the lower shock absorber, then the bolt, then the upper mount, thrust washer, rubber bushing and the part itself are dismantled;
  • A new shock absorber is installed in the same way, only in reverse order.


Shock absorbers in the UAZ "Patriot" play an important role, since the quality of driving a car and the ability to drive it depend on these small details. When choosing, you should pay attention to the quality and variety of components, as well as the manufacturer. It is quite easy to change shock absorbers that are out of order by following the above points.

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