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Front shock absorber struts - device, varieties and functions

Front shock absorber struts - device, varieties and functions
Front shock absorber struts - device, varieties and functions

Shock absorber struts play an important role in the suspension of each car, because it is on their “shoulders” that the main function of damping shocks and ensuring reliable grip of the wheels with the road falls. Therefore, every self-respecting automaker pays special attention to shock absorbers and tries to supply their cars with the highest quality racks. Moreover, their development is not carried out by the concern itself, which produces cars, but by a separate company. For example, most Japanese cars are equipped with Kayaba racks, which are officially delivered to the conveyor. Today we will take a closer look at what functions the A-pillars perform and what they are.

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The front racks and their functions do not fundamentally differ from the rear ones. Therefore, regardless of location, they perform the following functions:

  • Provides damping of vibrations and forces when the car hits a bump.
  • Play a critical role in vehicle safety - a reliable guaranteedirect contact of the wheels with the road. Because if the rear or front struts are faulty, the disk simply will not return to its original place when hitting a pit. Thus, upon impact, the wheel “compresses” a little relative to the body and does not return back, thereby provoking a loss of control and maneuverability.
  • Reduce stress on other suspension parts. You have probably heard that if you neglect the replacement of shock absorbers, it will be bad not only for you in terms of comfort, but also for the car, or rather its parts. In this case, the rack does not provide normal impact damping, and their balance falls on other suspension devices.
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Thus, the main essence of the operation of the rack is to dampen vibrations, that is, to convert vibrational energy into thermal energy. And how much energy will be absorbed by the shock absorber depends on the mass of the car, speed and, of course, road conditions.


Currently, there are several types of car racks:

  • Oiled.
  • Gas and gas-oil (often classified in the same category).

The first type is the most common and, accordingly, available on the market. Oil front struts are equipped with the vast majority of cars. It can be a passenger car (the same Hyundai Accent or Daewoo Nexia), a minivan (Mercedes Vito), a minibus (Ford Transit) and even a truck (all saddlers, 5 and 10- tons). By virtue of itsthe prevalence of front oil struts (including the 2110th VAZ) are not only the most affordable, but also the cheapest compared to gas-filled and gas-oil ones. The second type is most often used on sports cars. Their rigidity and 30 percent increase in price are not the best factors for their use on ordinary cars, especially in Russia with pits and potholes on the roads.

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Front struts: price on the Russian market

The cost of this spare part today in Russia can vary from 900 rubles to 4 thousand or more.

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