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TTR-125 off-road motorcycle: specifications, photos and reviews

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TTR-125 off-road motorcycle: specifications, photos and reviews
TTR-125 off-road motorcycle: specifications, photos and reviews

"Irbis TTR 125" refers to off-road motocross motorcycles. This excellent machine is perfect for beginners who dream of motocross and crave to experience a lot of adrenaline. From the article you will learn about what off-road motorcycles are in general and Irbis crossovers in particular, about the advantages and disadvantages of the TTR 125 model, as well as what should be done when you have just purchased the device.

Off-road bikes

You need to understand that the division into road and off-road motorcycles is rather arbitrary. Meanwhile, most of the models that are classified as the latter are also all-season.

Among SUVs, there are:

  • cross shoes;
  • enduro;
  • motard.

Cross and enduro, although outwardly similar, but somewhat different from each other.

Enduro, meaning "endurance", is an off-road touring motorcycle. It is heavier than the cross, and therefore less powerful. In swamps and deserts it is more difficult to wade with him,but the city and standard roads are quite convenient. And if you consider that on the track you can easily get off the asph alt and drive through potholes, stairs and other “interesting” places, this makes this type quite attractive. These motorcycles, of course, are not suitable for everyday riding, but they will be an excellent choice for recreation and sports.

Motard can rather be attributed to a modification of the enduro type. Usually they have seventeen-inch wheels, more powerful braking system and suspension for a comfortable ride both on asph alt and off-road. There is also a "supermotard" from manufacturers, which characterizes a more powerful motard motor.

Separately, we can say about the concept of a pit bike: this is a miniature motorcycle equipped with a gasoline engine. However, despite its mini size, this baby is not at all childish and easily accelerates to fifty kilometers per hour.

Crossovers "Irbis"

ttr 125

Cross bikes are designed for cross-country racing. Most of them are equipped with a two-stroke motor. These are light, with a reinforced frame, long-travel suspension and a powerful power unit, motorcycles. Usually they start with a kick starter and do not have lighting equipment. Among them there are smaller versions for teenagers and even children.

The Irbis crossover line is represented by TTR models.

  1. TTR110.

  2. TTR 125.

  3. TTR 125R.

  4. TTR 150.

  5. TTR250.

ttr 125 reviews

Motorcycle TTR 125

Thismoto is ideal for lovers of extreme sports and free movement. It is perfect for young athletes who want to drive through terrain with pits, potholes and similar off-road features. The maximum speed is 80 kilometers per hour, but in the capable hands of an experienced mechanic, the motorcycle can do much more.

ttr 125 parts

TTR 125 is a "Chinese" that can compete with the "Japanese". The chain of the Irbis is thinner, and the landing is more rigid. But the rest of the characteristics are up to the mark. These include, for example, a reliable frame and powerful optics.

The motor was created with an eye on the Honda CUB. A frisky motorcycle is easily placed on the rear wheel from first gear. This is achieved through an excellent engine: despite its small 125 cubic centimeters, confidently moving over rough terrain is easily achievable for the TTR 125. Reviews from many fans of driving confirm this. Thanks to the brakes and tires, off-road riding is a breeze for a motorcycle.

pitbike ttr 125

As for the wheels, it is worth noting that they are equipped with disc brakes. In addition to the excellent appearance and lack of need for special care, it can be noted that they are easy and effective to brake off-road. Drum brakes won't perform as well in mud and snow, but they will overheat quickly when driving on flat roads.

Despite the fact that the TTR 125 has the characteristics of a motocross bike, on which lighting is often not put, the developers added a headlight to it ona case of wanting to drive in the dark.

For public roads, this crossover is unlikely to fit. Its direct purpose is entertainment and rides. In addition, where it is impossible for a passenger car to pass, this vehicle will cope with the task easily.

motorcycle ttr 125

Flaws of the model

First of all, the criticism concerns the seat height, which reaches from 820 to 830 millimeters, depending on the build.

For many riders, 50 mph would be too slow, but if you overhaul the motor, you can get to 100 mph.

The carrying capacity according to the specifications is 150 kilograms. However, in reality, it turns out that such a load is too heavy for this motorcycle. The suspension may simply not withstand. But the crossover is not designed for two people. So don't try it.

Shifting gears can be tricky at first but get used to them over time.

Training on the Irbis

TTR 125 pitbike is perfect for beginners. On it, various tricks of motocross are well mastered. After it, you can safely move on to more serious bikes. All the skills that can be learned on the TTR will come in handy on the road and when driving in the city.

Before the first trip

After purchasing this wonderful crossover, you should not immediately get into the saddle. It is better to examine it thoroughly and, perhaps, even sort it out. If this simple principle is neglected, something may fall off the motorcycle already in the process of testing. ButNothing terrible will happen, because everything can be fixed. It is best, of course, to check the elements in advance, including the reliability of the fasteners. Be prepared for the fact that the bolts may be loose. It is advisable to lubricate the parts, fill in new oil.

It is also recommended to put protection on the rear shock absorber so that it does not immediately become clogged with dirt. For this purpose, a tire or a simple reliable fabric will fit. Some use linoleum for this. Also it will be good to increase the wings. Then it will be more likely not to get completely dirty when driving through mud. In addition, dirt will overcome the engine, and its cooling system may not be able to cope with the problem.

It is also advisable to check the presence of a hole in the gasket, which is located under the gas tank cap, and also adjust the sensitive carburetor.

After these steps, you can start the test. A hard cross for a mote would of course be overkill. But with some tweaks, it can work. To this end, new bushings are machined for the suspension, which should be twice as thick as the previous ones, the steps are fixed, and with high growth, the steering wheel is placed more.

Many move on it and on public roads. To make riding more comfortable, it is advisable to put on road tires, mirrors, a bike computer and make a brake light.

And if you replace the sixteen-tooth sprocket with a seventeen-tooth one, the speed of the motor will increase, and the torque will decrease.

Possible breakdowns

As with any technique, something can break in the TTR 125. Spare parts for it, however, will not be foundlabor. They are sold in any store. Often problems happen with candles. They need to be cleaned regularly. But if the motorcycle does not start at all, then you will have to change them. With a constant leak of fuel, you need to change the fuel filter. The sprocket is also often clogged, and active driving can cause clutch failure. The chain should also be replaced.

ttr 125 characteristics

In general, reviews of the TTR 125 are almost always good. You just need to know that this mot has its own characteristics. And if you fix some flaws, you have a great opportunity to try yourself in motocross for minimal money.

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