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How to drive an ATV: step by step instructions, driving features

How to drive an ATV: step by step instructions, driving features
How to drive an ATV: step by step instructions, driving features

Quad bikes are getting more and more popular year after year. People have felt very well all the advantages of this technique and now they buy them (ATVs) without fear. The prices for this category of equipment are very biting, but this does not stop lovers of cross-country driving. But there are some nuances in all this. How to drive an ATV? Today we will learn everything about this issue, and not only.


The law states that an A1 license is required to drive an ATV. Many here may be indignant and say that they have heard that it is possible to drive an ATV with the category "B1", and not with the category "A1". This is not true, this is a confusion, as the "B1" category is for driving quads and tricycles, not quads. One letter - and such a big difference! If the ATV has a small engine (power plant capacity less than fifty cubic centimeters), then an “M” license category is sufficient.

To completely dispel the confusion, let's answer the question of which ATV can be driven with category "B"? Let's say right away that the category of rights is not “B”, but “B1”, and not an ATV, but a quadricycle and a tricycle. Now is the time to decipher these concepts. A quadricycle is the same ATV, only with a different landing (not a motorcycle type, but an automobile one). And the steering wheel of the quad bike is of the automobile type, while the quad bike is of the motorcycle type of steering wheel.

Riding a quad bike

The basics of management

In order to curb an ATV, it is enough to be able to ride a car or a motorcycle. The analogy is seen. In fact, there is nothing complicated or special in managing such equipment. And the answer to the question of how to drive an ATV is quite simple.

First you need to learn how to start and stop. After that, you can master the turns and reversals. The problem is that quad bikes usually drive over rough terrain, and you have to not only watch the road, but also try to stay in the saddle.

ATV riding


When you overcome bumps on an ATV, you need to constantly change the position of your body. In front of an obstacle, you should move your body back (to soften the impact of the wheels on the obstacle), then when driving over a bump, you should move your body back forward (preventing excessive lift of the front wheels from the ground). After that, when the rear wheels are already trying to get off the ground,you need to move back again (this will also protect you from being thrown out of the saddle). You can already begin to understand that there is nothing particularly difficult in the question of how to control an ATV. There are just nuances, but they are everywhere.

Green ATV

Drive Stands

There are three basic driving stances that ATV riders use. Consider them in more detail:

  • The center post is used for driving on straight roads. The center of gravity of the body is evenly distributed on the ATV. The driver's legs are slightly bent at the knees, the back and arms are relaxed. Hands slightly apart.
  • Front strut (displaced center of gravity of the body towards the steering wheel). This stance is needed when accelerating hard, when climbing mountains, and to load the front wheels when needed.
  • When braking, the rear rack is used. It is also needed for descending from the mountains and for loading the rear axle.

Often you have to combine racks and change them quickly. This is especially necessary when the speed is high and the terrain is not entirely flat. For such "rides" it is desirable to already have a good experience of driving such a technique.

ATV jump

Typical mistakes

Now is the time to talk about the typical mistakes in the question of how to drive an ATV:

  • It is considered wrong to stand on straight legs while driving technique.
  • Also, do not lean on your hands and keep your back in tension at all times.

These errors will cause you to receivesignificant shock loads when driving, and when overcoming an obstacle, you can simply fly out to the ground.


Is it difficult to drive an ATV? If you know all the subtleties, then no. Well, experience comes with practice, there is no escape from this rule. When you are driving in a straight line at less than 40 km/h, you can afford to relax.

If the speed is higher or you are going through turns, then the body cannot be relaxed, you should move very actively behind the wheel. The short base of the ATV and its high center of gravity, coupled with the small width of the equipment, do not add stability to either you or the ATV itself.

It is also worth remembering that in most cases, when falling, the ATV tries to cover the driver with itself. You should not check the veracity of this rule on yourself, it's all been tested and proven before you.

Laws of physics

When you turn the ATV, you need to use your own weight to fight centrifugal force. After all, tilting an ATV by analogy with a motorcycle will not work. Your task is to shift the center of gravity of your body to the side (inside) of the turn. This is necessary on the turns at serious speeds. If you are moving slowly, just turn the steering wheel.

The same rule applies when driving on any bevels. You should shift your body's center of gravity to the opposite side of the slope to prevent both you and the ATV from falling. If the bevel is serious, then you will even have to get up from the seat in order to move the body as much as possible intoopposite side.

Also, don't forget about the laws of physics when accelerating and decelerating. When you accelerate, the ATV will try to jump forward from under you. When braking, he will try to throw you forward through the steering wheel. It is worth knowing about this and you need to be prepared for such situations.

red quad bike


If you do not have a sports ATV, then it is better to give up jumping. First, it can damage the ATV. Secondly, for ATVs to jump, the motors must have traction and instant response to the accelerator handle.

If, for some reason, a jump on a non-sport ATV cannot be avoided, then you need to prepare for this. Landing is in the middle stance, but at the same time be ready to move to the back. When the wheels of the ATV touch the ground, you need to smoothly add gas. It is advisable not to get into jumps on full drive.

Remember that the right to drive an ATV does not give you the skills to perform any tricks on it (ATV). Experience will come with time, just practice and you will succeed. If you have any questions about how to operate the quad bike, the instructions we provide should help you with this.

ATV racing

Driver's view

When riding an ATV, you need to train yourself to look into the distance. This is necessary to develop the habit of evaluating the trajectory of movement in advance. New drivers often do not have time to track their way, and sometimes find themselves in difficult situations that canend with collisions with objects or falls.

It's easiest to start riding easy routes and take your time. It will be great if a more experienced driver will drive ahead of you on some route. You will be able to focus on him and try to repeat his maneuvers if necessary.

blue quad bike


Can I drive an ATV with little experience? Yes, but don't make yourself a driving virtuoso. A quad bike is a technique that forgives minor errors at low speeds, but is very strict with the driver when the speed increases. Learn to ride an ATV gradually, preferably under the supervision of experienced drivers.

You should not immediately after buying your first ATV try to drive it through the mountains and forests at maximum speeds. Nothing good will come of it. Hone your driving skills at minimum speed and somewhere on the plains. It is safe for you and your ATV. And already when you start to feel confident, go conquer the routes more difficult and do it a little faster. Experience will come to you with the kilometers traveled. There is no other way, just take your time - and everything will work out for you.

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