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Motorcycle Honda Hornet 250: review, specifications, reviews

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Motorcycle Honda Hornet 250: review, specifications, reviews
Motorcycle Honda Hornet 250: review, specifications, reviews

In 1996, the Japanese motorcycle concern Honda introduced the Honda Hornet 250 motorcycle. The model was mass-produced until 2007 under two names. These are Hornet 250 and Honda CB 250F. The motorcycle was created on the basis of an in-line four-cylinder engine borrowed from the Honda CBR250RR sports bike, which has undergone deforcing and has a power of 40 horsepower and a peak torque of 16 thousand rpm.

Honda Hornet 250 Features and Review

The Hornet 250 was designed for the Japanese domestic market only and was not exported to other countries. Among the main features of the model, owners and experts noted a steel frame, standard suspension, represented by a telescopic rear fork with a monoshock, a front single-disc brake, timing gear drive and a six-speed transmission.

japanese motorcycle honda hornet 250

The main competitors of the Japanese motorcycle Honda Hornet 250 are classmates from the Land of the Rising Sun - Kawasaki Balius 250,Yamaha FZX 250 Zeal and Suzuki GSF 250 Bandit.

For the entire period of serial production of the model, from 1996 to 2007, the motorcycle was not subjected to a change in the technical component. The main adjustments affected only the design of the bike and body colors.

Fuel consumption

The manufacturer claims official fuel consumption of three liters per 100 kilometers. In practice, it turns out that the motorcycle consumes five to six liters. Consumption may vary depending on the technical condition of the motorcycle and the riding style chosen by the rider.

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A Honda Hornet 250 model without a run in the Russian Federation and in excellent technical condition can be purchased for 180-200 thousand rubles. The minimum price for versions with mileage in Russia is from 120 thousand rubles.


Combination of simple and elegant design, Honda corporate identity, small displacement engine and excellent performance - Honda Hornet 250 is considered to be the ideal model of a classic SUV. The motorcycle is considered one of the best in its class, and rightly so, as it is perfectly balanced, light, compact and powerful. In terms of performance and convenience, it is in no way inferior to the Honda CB400 - everyone's favorite.

honda hornet 250 reviews

The four-cylinder engine is built into a steel frame and is equipped with a liquid cooling system, a modern six-speed transmission and carburetor power. Paying for the good parameters of a small-capacityengine becomes a need for its promotion: peak torque is reached at 11 thousand revolutions, maximum power of 40 horsepower - at 14 thousand revolutions. Given that the Honda Hornet 250 is an urban classic, these figures are quite good.

Ergonomics and ride quality

The compact dimensions of the Hornet 250 in no way affect its ergonomics: a comfortable and comfortable fit is provided even for tall motorists. Motorcycle instruments are highly informative and hidden in chrome-plated "glasses", the main controls are located at hand. The curb weight declared in the specifications of the Honda Hornert 250 is 150 kilograms.

The suspension design is classic, represented by a rear monoshock absorber and a front telescopic fork. In the presence of a passenger, the motorcycle noticeably sags, but this does not affect the suspension parameters - it perfectly conceals the unevenness of the track. The Hornet 250 is not intended to carry a passenger, but this does not preclude carrying a second person for impressive distances.

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The 16 liter fuel tank provides good autonomy of the motorcycle and allows you to travel long distances without refueling. The braking system is represented by disc mechanisms and is highly effective, however, the front disc is too grippy, so you need to control it when stopping. The braking system allows you to quickly stop the motorcycle even at high speed.

BenefitsHornet 250

  • Powerful 250cc engine.
  • Engine thrust is maintained at high rpm.
  • The large dimensions of the motorcycle, characteristic of more expensive and powerful bikes, make it more comfortable and convenient.
  • Excellent acceleration dynamics.
  • High peak speed.

Motorcycle Disadvantages

  • The braking system of the Honda Hornet 250 does not match the acceleration dynamics.
  • Lower and mid-range revs lack proper traction.
  • No wind protection.
  • Difficulties in finding Russian-language manuals and some motorcycle parts.
  • Primitive chassis design.

Honda Hornet 250 reviews

For its compact dimensions, the Hornet 250 is equipped with rather large tires: tires are 120 in the front and 180 in the rear. thanks to cylinders with a stroke of 48 millimeters. With a sleek frame and compact powertrain, the Honda Hornet 250 looks elegant and slim. The dashboard is largely similar to those on roadsters.

honda hornet 250 specifications

The engine choke is located on the steering wheel, with sufficient work of the throttle handle, you can start the motorcycle at any time of the year. The operation of the engine is uniform throughout the entire speed range, without third-party noise and vibrations, which are typical for situations with an increase in power and traction.The engine oil level is controlled by a special dipstick. The Honda Hornet 250 has a cable-operated clutch that is fairly light and soft. The six-speed transmission provides crisp and precise shifting.

The maximum speed developed by the motorcycle is 201 km/h - an excellent indicator for this class of machines. Hornet easily enters tight turns at high speed, obediently responds to the pilot's commands on any road surface. The braking system and suspensions are reliable and highly efficient.

Great handling and clear motorcycle-rider communication are the undeniable advantages of the Honda Hornet 250, indicated in owner reviews. The dashboard is ergonomic, all controls are at hand. The energy-intensive suspension and seat height are ideal for pilots weighing 90 kilograms. Although the passenger seat is somewhat high, it provides a comfortable and comfortable ride.

honda hornet 250 review

The brake system of the Japanese motorcycle is disc type, equipped with a four-piston shock absorber at the front, and provides excellent and fast deceleration. The brakes are highly effective even on slippery and wet road surfaces. Hornet 250 has excellent autonomy: with a consumption of six liters per 100 kilometers, it can go 250 kilometers without refueling.


Hornet 250, equipped with a 250 cc engine, has rightfully earned the title of one of the best motorcycles in its class thanks to its excellent acceleration dynamics, chiccontrol, compactness and convenience. The only thing that causes criticism is the difficulty in finding spare parts for a motorcycle, a decrease in traction after overcoming a speed barrier of 120 km / h and the need for regular gear changes to maintain dynamics in urban operation, which, however, does not spoil the brainchild of a Japanese company.

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