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Honda CBF 1000 motorcycle: review, specifications, reviews
Honda CBF 1000 motorcycle: review, specifications, reviews

In 2006, sales of the classic Honda CBF 1000 road bike started. A versatile bike with a modern and stylish design, suitable for both high-speed driving on country roads and off-road conquest, which cannot but attract the attention of motorists.

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The manufacturer produced two versions of the road bike:

  • The first generation, the Honda CBF 1000, was produced from 2006 to 2009. The version was equipped with a 98-horsepower engine, a steel frame, a 19-liter fuel tank and an analogue-type instrument panel.
  • The second generation produced since 2010 - Honda CBF 1000F. The motorcycle received an aluminum frame, a 106 horsepower engine, a 20-liter fuel tank, a digital instrument panel, more advanced suspensions with adjustable front fork preload and HMAS rear shock absorber rebound adjustment, a 4-in-2 exhaust system. The model is still produced and offered by officialdealers in European markets.

The classic modification of the Honda CBF 1000 with round optics and without a plastic body kit was created on the basis of the steel frame of a younger classmate - CBF 600.

The second generation went on sale in 2010 after a major revision. The steel frame was replaced by a light-alloy one, a plastic fairing appeared, the engine settings changed, the volume of the fuel tank increased and fuel consumption decreased. The second-generation Honda CBF 100, unlike the first-generation models, received a digital rather than analog instrument panel and became significantly lighter due to the reduced frame weight.

The second generation CBF 1000F, equipped with a plastic body kit, is most often referred to as sports touring motorcycles. Despite the fact that such a classification is very doubtful, many motorists and experts in reviews of the Honda CBF 1000 still recognize that the Japanese bike is ideal for the title of road bike. It has good autonomy due to low fuel consumption and a decent volume of a gas tank, and excellent wind protection, a comfortable classic fit and the ability to transport large loads allow you to cover long distances. The naked version of the CBF 1000N is much less suitable for the role of a touring motorcycle due to the lack of wind protection as such.

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Engine and specifications Honda CBF 1000

The motorcycle engine was built on the basis of a 1-liter in-line four-cylinder power unit with a liquidcooling borrowed from the Honda CBR 1000RR. The sports engine has been retuned and derated in order to increase traction and shift the optimal speed to the lower range. The task set by Honda engineers was achieved: the engine power increased significantly - in the first generation it was 97 horsepower with a peak torque of 93 Nm, in the second - 108 horsepower with a torque of 96 Nm. The maximum power is gained at around 8-9 thousand revolutions. The smoothness of the ride is achieved by increasing traction at lower speeds. The acceleration dynamics is 3.8 seconds, the maximum speed is 230 km / h according to the data declared by the manufacturer.

The technical characteristics of the Honda CBF 1000 make it one of the most powerful motorcycles in its class. The bike's engine, in comparison with the sports version, was derated, but retained good power.

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Honda CBF 1000 is equipped with fairly stiff suspension with short travel, adjustable in a wide range of settings. The front telescopic fork is adjustable in preload, the rear monoshock is adjustable in both preload and rebound, allowing the owner to adjust the motorcycle to suit their individual riding style. The braking system is effective, corresponds to the dynamics of acceleration and is complemented by ABS.

The main advantage of the bike is its versatility: it is an ideal motorcycle option for a beginner. The classic and dimensional CBF 1000 behaves confidently on the track, where withoutspecial problems can accelerate to 200 km / h, and in dense city traffic, where maneuvering among cars is required. Roomy wardrobe trunks allow you to go on a long journey with a lot of luggage, but it is advisable to lay the route on asph alt roads. Without refueling, a motorcycle for a beginner can cover about 350 kilometers.

Transmission and dimensions

The drive of the Honda CBF 1000 is chain-driven, which increases the efficiency of the engine due to the absence of power losses inherent in the cardan. The six-speed transmission with hydraulic clutch is the best option for a bike of this class.

The wheelbase of the motorcycle is 1480 millimeters, the seat height is 795 millimeters. Body length - 2210 mm, width - 780 mm, height - 1220 mm. The curb weight with a full fuel tank is 242 kilograms. Average fuel consumption is five liters per 100 kilometers.

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Brake system and running gear

The frame of the Honda CBF 1000 is all-aluminum, which gives the motorcycle a spectacular design and emphasizes its belonging to a particular class. Smooth lines of the body enhance the aerodynamic characteristics of the motorcycle. Cast wheels, classic dimensions are installed on the steering wheel.

The rear suspension is represented by a pendulum mechanism with a monoshock absorber, the front suspension is a telescopic fork with a stroke of 41 millimeters. A 240mm disc brake with a single piston caliper is installed at the rear, a 296mm twin disc brake at the front.mechanism with four-piston calipers. ABS is available as an option.

Main competitors and classmates

The first motorcycle model Honda CBF 1000 was released in 2006. The bike has been in production for more than ten years, which is a kind of confirmation of its reliability.

Among the main competitors of the CBF 1000 there are other Japanese motorcycles - Sudzuki GSF 1250 Bandit and Yamaha FZ-1. Both bikes are very interesting models, making excellent competition for the brainchild of Honda.

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Motorcycle Benefits

The model, which has been in production for more than ten years, has not undergone any changes. In 2010, the second generation CBF 1000 was introduced with the following features:

  • Smooth and smooth engine power delivery.
  • Excellent acceleration dynamics.
  • Strong and smooth traction throughout the rev range.
  • Soft and secure suspension.
  • Large capacity fuel tank.
  • Versions fitted with a windshield provide excellent wind protection.

Flaws of the model

  • Regular use of the motorcycle with a passenger leads to rapid wear of the front fork bearings and oil seals.
  • Suspension can't handle aggressive driving.
  • Heavy weight for a sport bike.
  • Deterioration of motorcycle handling at high speed due to too soft rear suspension.
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Reviews about Honda CBF1000

Japanese motorcycle owners note its durability, but some parts still fail - sprockets, chains, pads, discs and rubber, which is very typical for powerful bikes.

The working life of the chain during normal operation is 20 thousand kilometers and depends entirely on the regularity and thoroughness of the maintenance. Pads are changed every 20-30 thousand kilometers, rubber - depending on its quality and softness.

The engine resource, provided that high-quality engine oil is used, exceeds 100 thousand kilometers. The owners of the Honda CBF 1000 note that this motorcycle has a run of 15 thousand kilometers in three seasons, since the bike was created for long trips and everyday use.

The motorcycle, fortunately, does not suffer from factory sores - it is enough to carry out regular maintenance and change consumables. The model also has ample opportunities for tuning. The manufacturer produces a line of accessories and original spare parts, which greatly facilitates the maintenance and repair of the motorcycle.

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The minimum cost of a Honda CBF 1000 with mileage in Russia is 300 thousand rubles. Given that the second generation of the bike is still being produced, you can purchase a completely new model from official Honda dealers at an affordable price and without mileage in the Russian Federation.

The versatile Japanese motorcycle Honda CBF 1000 is one of the best road bikes suitable for daily use asprofessional motorists and beginners.

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