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Yamaha Serow 250 motorcycle: review, specifications

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Yamaha Serow 250 motorcycle: review, specifications
Yamaha Serow 250 motorcycle: review, specifications

Japanese motorcycle company Yamaha has released a lightweight enduro Yamaha XT 250 Serow, almost for the first time paying attention not only to the technical component, but also to the design of the motorcycle. Of course, the appearance of the motorcycle is classic and standard for this class, but it is not deprived of the nuances that distinguish the model from its main competitors.

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Yamaha Serow 250 review

The frame around which the entire motorcycle is built is a frame encased in steel and plastic. Lightweight, attractive and moderately aggressive design won the hearts of a huge number of motorists, providing the Yamaha Serow 250 with great popularity. The designers of the world-famous Italian studio Pininfarina worked on the appearance of the enduro, who managed to breathe into it a drop of bright interest and their own zest, which favorably distinguishes the car from its analogues.

The model is available in two versions - motard and enduro, differing only in suspension settings and wheels. Motorcycles are created on the same basis - a steel frame, a carburetor, an engine of 249 cubic centimeters, a systemair cooling and chain drive. The transmission is five-speed and quite loud, which is typical of most Yamaha air-cooled machines. At the same time, the gearbox is very reliable and has a clear gear shift.

At 6500 rpm, both maximum torque and maximum power are achieved, which is very interesting, unusual and excellent proof that the bike retains its momentum at peak power. Yamaha Serow 250 not only starts off briskly, but also accelerates at full speed, leaving behind many classmates according to these parameters. Engine power - 21 horsepower - is more than enough for this behavior, especially considering the fact that the curb weight of the bike is a maximum of 120 kilograms, depending on the model year.

One of the most important characteristics of the off-road enduro is its suspension, represented by a 35 mm telescopic fork at the front, a preload-adjustable monoshock at the rear. Of course, the Serow is not designed for high ski jumping, but the bike can withstand the slalom or a long race with a bang.

Lightweight construction for excellent handling and excellent power handling. Of course, you can find more powerful enduro models, but the compact Yamaha Serow 250 is able to outperform many of its competitors.

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Model history

Serial production of the Yamaha XT 250 started in 2005. Two years later the modelreceived an injection power system that replaced the carburetor.

In 2015, Yamaha released a limited anniversary edition of the model, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the model line. The special version of the Serow 250 featured a unique grey-orange color scheme.

At auctions and the Japanese domestic market, the Yamaha Serow 250 is divided into two generations:

  • First, produced from 2005 to 2006.
  • The second one, which has been in production since 2007.

The difference between generations is only in the power system - injection or carburetor, since no other differences, both external and technical, were noticed.


Yamaha XT 250 is equipped with a single-cylinder four-stroke engine with a displacement of 249 cubic centimeters, peak power of 21 horsepower and a maximum torque of 20.5 Nm. The chassis, as well as the power unit, is almost completely borrowed from the previous generation - Serow 225 - and is represented by a front telescopic fork and a rear adjustable monoshock absorber. The most serious changes made to the technical component of the motorcycle was the introduction of an electric starter and the elimination of a kick starter. Since 2007, it began to be equipped with an injection power system that replaced the carburetor.

yamaha serow 250 specifications

Specifications Yamaha Serow 250

The technical component of the Japanese motorcycle is much superior to most analogues in the enduro class.The steering system is almost perfect, and the wide range of settings allows you to adjust the car to a specific driving style and make it incredibly responsive.

Yamaha Serow 250 consumes about 2-3 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. Consumption can vary depending on the type of road surface and riding style, but remains incredibly economical for a motorcycle in this class.

Main specifications:

  • Steel frame.
  • Single-cylinder, 4-stroke, 249cc engine.
  • Compression ratio 9, 5:1.
  • Air cooling system.
  • Two valves per cylinder.
  • Carburetor fuel system for models manufactured before 2007; after - injector.
  • Ignition type CDI, since 2007 - TCI;
  • Peak engine power - 21 horsepower.
  • Maximum torque at 6500 rpm - 20.5 Nm.
  • Five-speed transmission.
  • Chain drive.
  • 245mm single disc front brake with dual piston caliper.
  • Rear single disc brake with single piston caliper.
  • Front telescopic suspension fork with 226 millimeters of travel.
  • Swingarm rear suspension with monoshock and rebound adjustment, 180 mm travel.
  • Dimensions - 2150x805x1160 millimeters.
  • Height at saddle level - 810 millimeters.
  • The volume of the fuel tank is 9.8 liters.
  • The curb weight of the motorcycle is 132 kilograms.

Yamaha Serow 250 is considered to be one of the most compact, light and elegant in its class. Enduros tend not to be particularly attractive in design, but this model is an exception to their rule: an aesthetic exterior with chrome steel elements and thoughtful details cannot fail to attract attention.

yamaha serow 250


Owners note several features inherent in Serow at once:

  • Reliable suspension with a wide range of settings.
  • Efficiency when driving off-road.
  • Peak power and maximum torque are reached at 6500 rpm.

Moto enthusiasts pay special attention to the last point: the motorcycle maintains dynamics during movement due to the coincidence of torque and maximum power at the same number of revolutions. Thanks to this, the Yamaha XT 250 is considered one of the best motorcycles among small-capacity bikes.

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Serow 250 is equipped with a five-speed chain-driven transmission. The gearbox is very noisy, which, however, is typical for all enduros equipped with an air cooling system. The undoubted advantage is fast, easy and smooth gear changes.


The curb weight of the motorcycle varies from 110 to 120 kilograms depending on the year of manufacture. A full 9.8 liter fuel tank increases the weight of the bike to approximately 130 kilograms. At a consumption of about three litersat 100 kilometers, Serow is able to travel a long distance and has good autonomy. The bike is 2150mm long, 805mm wide, 1160mm high and 810mm seat high.

yamaha serow 250

Brake system and running gear

The frame of the motorcycle is completely steel, which fits perfectly into the overall design of the motorcycle thanks to the efforts of the specialists of the Italian studio Pininfarina. The bike's neat wheels and enduro-standard handlebars are perfectly calibrated and not only add elegance to the look of the machine, but also provide perfect handling and obedience.

Serow rear suspension is a monoshock swingarm, front suspension is a 35mm telescopic fork.

Braking system is 203mm rear disc with single piston caliper and front 245mm disc with dual piston caliper.

Years of production

Yamaha XT 250's predecessor, the Serow 225, was practically no different from the new model that replaced it in 2005. Both bikes were equipped with small engines, but the novelty received an improved and elegant design of the plastic body kit, exhaust system and optics, modified brakes, motorcycle tires and became somewhat heavier. Otherwise, the 225th and 250th models are almost identical.

Serial production of both the Yamaha Serow 250 and spare parts for it is still underway, due to the popularity and demand for enduro. Almost perfect technicalcharacteristics and elegant appearance make the motorcycle one of the most interesting in its class.

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Classmates and competitors

The main competitors of Serow 250 are considered to be two models - Suzuki Djebel 200 and KL 250 Super Sherpa from Kawasaki. Despite the fact that both bikes are technically identical to the XT 250, and even surpass it in a number of parameters, the Serow 250 surpasses them in elegance and visual appeal.

History of revisions

During the entire period of mass production of the Yamaha Serow 250, only a few changes have been made: in 2007, the carburetor fuel system was replaced by an injection system, and in 2015 the company released a limited anniversary version of the enduro, which received the original body colors and a new rubber tread pattern for motorcycle.

Yamaha Serow XT 250 is one of the most beautiful, powerful and dynamic off-road enduros, virtually unparalleled in its class.

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